Savitri 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 19th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 19th April 2013 Written Update

episode starts ,Its the precap scene Dev shoot at RK but the bullets falls down then RK pick up Dev and tie him to to a tree seeing him in pain he says even i felt bad when you touched Damyanti ..Dev is confused and ask who is Damyanti ? RK tells him about Veer and Damanyanti story. Dev realizes that savitri was telling the truth ..Rk says yes she is right satya is with me .then .he torture Dev ..RK says I can’t kill satya but i can kill you, now she (savitri ) will get the shock by seeing you dead ..then he kills Dev ..

savitri is sitting with the holy book in her room and thinking what she should do to open the book then her trear drops falls on the book and it opens she reads the story ..its says savitri ‘s journey has begin ..there is a place near Bramhamputra and there is a temple near it she should go there when the temple is close for 4 days that time she will get RK hand over there ,Savitri opens her lappy and checks the detail and finds its in Assam kamakhya temple ..she has to go there and collect RK’s hand

its a promo for a new show coming …along with Savitri ..

Sad Savitri comes down stair and remembers satya she is missing him then her MIL bring FIL comes there and sits there ..Savitri calls dev police picks up the call, she ask how come you have his phone ..the police tells her to come to City hospital .. leena ask about the call and suggest to go along with her but she refused and says she can manage , She leaves alone for the city hospital

Rk tells satya that he has killed his friend Dev by hearing this satya become very upset ..

savitri reaches hospital there two police men tells her to identify a dead body , she become very nervous and tumbled they make her sit for sometime and then they take her to the room and tells her to identify the body ..she is scared shivering not able to open the sheet to identify …she sees the tattoo on the dead body’s hand and recognize its Dev , she runs out of the room sits on a bench and crying and talking to satya that he(Dev) believed me and ready to help me in finding you ..and thinking why would someone kill him so badly then RK in the background tells her the he got punishment for touching her ..savitri become very very scared .. and yells at RK go away from here ..every one over there is shocked to see her in that state ..

there satya is very angry , frustrated and helpless in kali bhoomi he over hears two pisach discussing about RK and his power , Satya comes to know from them that RK ‘s body is very fragile , only thing is his head if someone harm his head he will be killed

Precap – satya fighting with RK ..

Update Credit to: cheena

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