Junoon 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 18th June 2013 Written Update

Shalu brings bed tea for Prithvi and tries to touch him but the latter gets angry and irritated. Shalu flirts with Prithvi to his discomfort and bewilderment. Chachi jee calls her and asks her why she is looking so elated. She replies that her happiness knows no bounds as she has finally got the love of his life. She is even ready to die today as her wish got fulfilled. Chachi jee asks her if she is sure about Prithvi loving her and she replies in the affirmative. Prithvi goes in his room and finds everything scattered on the floor. He gets furious shouting that who has dared to tamper with his belongings. Mishra jee comes and Prithvi shouts at him but Mishra jee asks him about the lipstick mark on his shirt. Prithvi gets stunned to find it and is puzzled. Mishra jee warns him not to misbehave with

Shalu and ill-treat her but Prithvi dismisses him saying that he cannot stoop to that level. Shalu happily decks herself up in front of the mirror and thinks about the previous night spent with Prithvi. She praises her beauty and says that she can make anyone fall crazily in love with her but Prithvi has made her crazy in love for him. She opens the almirah and finds a gift box inside. She opens it and finds a short s*xy dress inside. Shalu thinks that Prithvi has bought it for her and remembers how he bought a similar dress for her last time also. She feels excited and wears it. Prithvi is still wondering how he got that lipstick mark and in his anger flings the shirt which lands on Shalu’s face as she walks inside. Prithvi is stunned to see her that way and Shalu lovingly asks her how she is looking. Prithvi gets angry and asks him what type of shamelessness is this. Shalu asks him why is he reacting like this when he himself gifted her the dress. Prithvi tells him till last night she was madly in love with Ishwar Pandey, how did she change all of a sudden? Shalu tells him that he is the one who has changed. He took her in his arms last night and they did all that a married couple does. Prithvi gets furious and tells her that he loves only Meera. Shalu says that he broke all barriers between them the previous night. Prithvi fumes and tries to slap her but she catches his hand and recalls someone beating and whipping her. She leaves the room crest-fallen and Chachgi jee gets worried seeing her depressed. She goes behind her but Shalu enters her room and shuts the door. Mishra jee also comes and both he and Chaci bang the door but Shalu pays no need. She picks up a knife and again recalls someone whiplashing her. She opens the door and goes towards Prithvi’s room all the while getting flashbacks of Prithvi’s rude behavious with her. Prithvi has a headache and he muses over whatever Shalu said about the night and thinks where he is getting trapped. Meanwhile Shalu comes and tries to stab her with the knife but Prithvi catches hold of her hand in time and asks her if her shamelessness was not enough that she has now come to stab her. Mishra jee asks her not to hurt Shalu but Prithvi holds the knife in front of her neck.

Precap: Shalu shows Prithvi a red mark on her neck and tells him that he did this. Latrer, Mishra jee asks him where he kept the suitcase containing money. Shalu tells him that he has 24 hours to admit where he kept the money and to accept whatever happened the previous night! :

Update Credit to: sue

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