Junoon 17th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 18th March 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Miu at Prithvi’s bedroom door and Prithvi still in shock at the thought of losing her, realizes it was just a dream and he shouted out her name for the first time. Miu knows now that he has listened to his heart at last. Earlier, his eyes spoke the truth, but his words lied, but now, the truth is reflected in his words too. A happy Miu leaves him and twirls away to her room and Akash watches her. A man in shown in dark shadows who’s talking about revenge against Prithvi (yes, you already guessed right, it must be Akash, though the voice was modified).

Next morning, Prithvi is pacing the floor, reflecting back on his life with Miu, their fights with each other, yet how close they were and got married under difficult circumstances. He knows he loves Meera and has just a few hours to speak what’s in his heart. He can’t wait to see her and goes looking for her, can’t find her anywhere and checks Dadi’s room. He shyly tells Dadi he’s looking for Meera (he never calls her Miu, it’s MEERA for him). Dadi asks a servant to bring her framed photo with dadaji. She explains to Prithvi how when they didn’t have much money, she and his dadaji supported each other lovingly and built up things from there; it’s a hint that Prithvi and Meera can do it too. (It’s funny that usually it’s Miu who’s always following him around and bothering him, but this time when he goes looking for her, but she’s nowhere to be found).

Prithvi meets Akash this time and when asked tells him he’s looking for Meera. Akash tells him she must have gone to the parlor. Prithvi decides to trust Akash and tells him, though it’ll break Akash’s heart, he cannot be quite………. He loves Meera and so does she ….. he’s going to tell her about his feelings. Akash’s expressions change a tad bit , but he recovers, congratulates Prithvi and asks him to go buy a gift for Miu and even gives him money . Innocent Prithvi is sort of ashamed for ever doubting Akash previously . He goes off on his mission to buy a gift.

Miu comes home and finds out from Dadi that Prithvi was looking for her. She starts searching for him and can’t find him anywhere. Akash tells her that Prithvi went out to buy her a gift and will be back soon. Miu is extremely happy and walks into her room, but she brushes against a flower vase which falls and breaks; for a split second she’s worried about whether it’s a bad omen.

A masked man trying to loosen the screws of Prithvi’s SUV tires; Prithvi who’s in a happy mood, walks towards his SUV with a gift in his hand, but doesn’t notice anything wrong and starts heading back home. While driving, his mind is all on Meera and their time together in the village. He opens the gift box; it’s a beautiful pearls set for his lovely Meera. He cannot stop smiling and continues to drive; the tire is slowly getting unscrewed.

Miu is dressed for the engagement and comes down. Akash is beside her, but all she does is watch the entrance door restlessly for Prithvi’s arrival; she’s anxious as the engagement time is drawing closer. The house is full of guests, people are dancing and some of Miu’s friends ask her to dance, but she’s not in a mood and refuses. She right away dreams of being all alone with Prithvi and they are hugging each other and he’s twirling her round and round while they are dancing together.

Meanwhile, Prithvi stops at a place and hands over something to a person (I wasn’t clear about this scene) and proceeds on his way only to get stuck in traffic due to an accident. The tire is close to being unscrewed completely. Prithvi is anxious to reach home and is driving fast. Akash is trying to reassure Miu that Prithvi will be home soon. Raj Khanna decides it’s time for the exchange of rings; three people get all anxious, Miu, Dadi and Ramdhari; everyone else is happy. Prithvi loses control of his swerving SUV and hits a tree.

Oh! Let’s not forget Sanjana’s boyfriend who was complaining earlier about not being invited for the party and when Sanjana tells him she cannot do it while Prithvi is home, he says I’ll take care of him. But strangely, he does make an appearance and when chotu Aryan complains about not receiving any gifts, he even gifts him a cricket bat (was this is a googly or do we have two villains here? ).

Too many obstructions:

Dadi is asked to bring the engagement ring and she does, but she stops just for a bit, looks and Miu’s anxious face and decides to help Miu and Prithvi…… she pretends that the ring is not to be found . Everybody is searching for the ring and Miu is praying to God to help her out and in walks Prithvi who’s looking for only one person, his Meera. She seems him and her face takes on a glow and she’s smiling happily . As he’s about to walk towards her, he’s stopped by Sanajan’s BF asking for maafi for talking badly earlier; he’s temporarily distracted and tells the BF, let’s talk later. As Miu is about to come to him, someone stops her. So, Prithvi calls Aryan and sends a note to her. Unfortunately, bua gets hold of the note and takes it, but Akash stops her just at the right time and he’s shown giving Miu the note and telling her it’s from Prithvi.

Miu reads the note; it talks of how Miu already knows his feelings, but he wants her to say it first before he admits his feelings and can they meet by the poolside. Miu immediately runs to the pool side and hugs the back of the guy who’s in dark and expresses her love, thinking it’s Prithvi (hain?? this was a bit too much, firstly, what happened to the height difference between the two guys and doesn’t Miu know the difference between hugging the man she loves and hugging a friend, didn’t she also notice the kurta color was totally different and why on earth did she have her eyes closed and that too for so long?). Anyway, moving on, Prithvi walks in, sees his lovely girl hugging Akash and telling him she loves him and always loved him and no one else. He’s initially shocked, then extremely upset……….. he found it so hard to admit his love and now, it’s being thrown back in his face again, his trust is completely broken……he moves away a bit, silently curses himself for believing in her and crushes the gift of pearls feeling totally deceived.

The villain finally emerges:

Akash for sure sees Prithvi, but doesn’t utter a word . When Miu finally opens her eyes and sees Akash, she is shocked and wonders what he’s doing and where is Prithvi. Akash tells her he must be somewhere around and when she runs to find him, he turns to Prithvi and says, what you saw is not true at all, Miu does not love him (Akash) etc. Prithvi walks away angrily and thence starts the monologue of Akash about how he planned all this. He takes out the original letter written by Prithvi where Prithvi tells Meera how much he loves her and cannot live without her and can they meet by the pool side in 10 minutes……..Akash burns it and lets out all the poison in him. How dare this gawar get close to his Miu, the one whom he truly loves. Not only did he feel betrayed by that, but when he found out this same guy also happens to be his step brother, it was like a double whammy. At that time, he controlled himself and was waiting for just the right time. Now, he’ll be the master game player and use all of them as his pawns.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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