Nach Baliye 5 17th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Nach Baliye 5 17th March 2013 Written Episode, Nach Baliye 5 17th March 2013 Written Update

Each jodi performs a little on different songs to open the episode. Bipasha Basu scares Bade and Chote She promotes Aatma.

First performance is by Arvind and Neelu

Song: Chumma
Shilpa: What can I say? This performance was super se bohut upar.
Terrence: Hawa tight performance! Very impressed.
Sajid: You’ve kept the respect of NB’s title. I could see the fire of proving that you can dance.
Bipasha: Wow! Both of you are very charismatic.
They have a friend to support them (sorry didn’t catch the name)
Next performance is by Ravi and Sargun

Song: Hai Guzarish
Shilpa: You are deserving of a place in finale. I can proudly say that. Super se bohut upar.
Terrence: Sargun, standing ovation! What a transformation. You had ups and down but you’ve nailed it! Hawa tight performance.
Sajid: Today was the finale performance and the way you’re determined, I can see it now.
Bipasha: I’m glad to see this not on TV but live!
Sargun’s co-actor Mohit and friend Himashu have came to support them.
Next comes Jay and Maahi

Song: Saibo
Shilpa: You put so much in your performance! You guys are winners whether you win or not. Super se bohut upar.
Terrence: Your target remind me of Mahabharat and Arjun. If you win, I will be happy because you’re deserving. Hawa tight.
Sajid: I like them both because since episode 1, they give blockbuster performances.
Bipashu: My favorite couples from beginning till now. Very beautiful.
Gurmeet and Debina have came to support them.
Fourth performance by Jaisheel and Suhasi

Song: Mai Aisa Kyun Hu
Comments: Man Mohini
Shilpa: To only be fair, this performance was super se bohut upar.
Terrence: You can surely dance in my company! With respect 😉 Suhasi, you’re unmatchable in classical and till a limit, Jaisheel, you leveled up with her.
Sajid: This was the best performance till date.
Bipasha: Classical Indian is one I enjoy watching. The beginning was stunning.
Dhrashti, whole family and few from Suhasi’s show have came.

Next, grand finale!

Update Credit to: Khushii

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