Junoon 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 17th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Akaash is in his room & watching his & Meera’s old photos & by coincidence Meera sees & feels guilty & cries thinking she unknowingly has hurt Akaash but Prithvi come to Akaash’s room & Meera is overhearing Akaash & Prithvi talking.

Scene 2

Akaash notice Prithvi standing & he gets nervous & gets up but Prithvi asks him to sit comfortably & Prithvi informs Akaash that he’s spoke to godown workers so he’s going to their office godown.

Akaash says he’s bad that because of him he is facing all the problems but Prithvi says what is he saying as he not a stranger but his younger brother & he’s doing all this for him coz as he’s done much more favours & help & fought with family members for them & its not at all a small matter.

Akaash replies he did what he had to & ( says with evil intentions) i mean if infront of my vision something wrong is happening to meera & him how could he be silent & watch without reacting.

Prithvi sits & tells Akaash that all that happened because of his anger & coz he just doesn’t have control over his anger & he can’t help & meera also told him to try & control his anger but what do i do coz when someone tries to come in between him & Meera then he just loose his mind & if someone tries to harm Meera then his blood boils seeing tears in Meera’s eyes & he’s not able to express to anyone about his feelings that how special Meera is for him & everyone feels he’s trying to show off his feelings & maybe this the reason i have not been able to show Meera about his feelings even till now.

Akaash is showing as if he cares & prithvi says whatever his natures flaws are but still he’s responsible for Meera life & he’ll do anything to protect her.

Akaash says to Prithvi that what he did was right & looks at his & Meera’s photo on his laptop with hatred for Prithvi & says, that who are in true love can only understand this feeling & he knows how it hurts when a relationship breaks & when some third person tries coming inbetween two lovers then obviously a person feels like doing something destructive in anger & tells Prithvi that his anger is justified & others understand his feelings or not but he understands him.

Meera thinks in her mind that komal bua was right that after so much happened to Akaash but he was suppressing all his pain all these days & even after what i did to Akaash he’s still helping her & Prithvi, & she needs to talk to Akaash about it & that too today.

Prithvi leaves the room & Meera sees Akaash closing his laptop & going outside his room & before going outside he smiles evilly.

Scene 3

Akaash is near poolside on the terrace & Meera comes there to talk to Akaash.

Meera asks Akaash ways he doing here? Akaash gets surprised for a second & replies nothing he was just thinking, so Meera asks what is he thinking about? Akaash says he was just thinking that how life is so unpredictable that when what will happen no one knows & we don’t have control over our own lifes isn’t it? Meera says she agrees that life maybe unpredictable but one thing she knows that always good things happens to good people & tells Akaash that he’s worlds most good human being.

Akaash says his heart is telling him to believe in her talks but what to do what these eyes have witnessed that no one can deny & truth is that till now he’s been loosing & who ever he loved just went far from him & that’s why her talks are good enough only to make ones heart happy but not in reality.

Meera tells Akaash not to say all this as she knows something that a person wishes not all happens in reality but that doesn’t means life comes to end just think that maybe God has better things for him in future.

Akaash says its easy for her to say all this but just answers to his questions that prithvi whom she loves so much one day just disappears & leaves you then what will she feel like & can she ever forget him? or can you sit & wait all your life that all will be alright? & Meera stands quietly & Akaash tells Meera that he’s sorry but don’t feel bad but coz she asked him so he told her his hearts secrets & he didn’t intend to put her in dilemma & leave me, & what about him & not worry & just concentrate on her marital life & about to leave but meera tells Akaash to wait but suddenly she slips in the pool.

Scene 4

Akaash gets panicked & leave his walking crutches & tries saving Meera & pulls her hands to take her out from the pool & finally he pulls her up & coughs & in asks her if she’s alright & Meera mangalsutra gets unhooked & Akaash’s cleverly grabs it & keep in his trousers pocket.

Akaash asks meera to wait & bring a towel & cover her & Meera is feeling awkward & tells Akaash that again he saved her or else she didn’t even knows ‘s’ of word swimming.

Akaash smiles & says why would not he have saved her coz he’s her best friend (my foot) Meera says she’ll go & change her clothes & leave.

Scene 5

Akaash is talking to himself in his mind that how sweet & innocent meera is as shes thinking he has saved her but & pulls out Meera’s mangalsutra & smiles & says today he has put Meera in such a deep trouble that now angels also cannot save her.

Scene 6

Prithvi in his room & notice the dressing table drawer open & goes to close but sees a photo of Meera & Sudha & takes it out & admire Meera’s short dresses & old photos & sticks a bindi on her photo.(meera in a knee length pink dress)

Scene 7

prithvi was busy seeing meera’s pics & meera comes all wet & prithvi asks what happened to her so meera tells him that what does she tell him accidently she fell in the pool coz her foot slipped but was good that Akaash was there or else & she is trying to dry herself & prithvi is just speechlessly staring & meera says she didn’t get hurt but got all wet & (junoon music plays).

Mithvi have a romantic moment & after all the eye lock suddenly prithvi notice something & meera asks what is it?

Prithvi comes near & smiles & tells meera that he was thinking how leisure time God would have taken to create her.(is pal tum ho song from the movie Aaja Nachle.

Meera looks down shyly & turns but Prithvi holds her hand & pulls her & Meera twirls into Prithvi’s arms & Prithvi holds Meera from back & Prithvi asks Meera whats she thinking? so Meera replies that even shes thinking how much leisure time would have God taken to create him & especially made him for her & an intense hug happens where Meera faces a mirror & hugs prithvi backwards (Prithvi also facing mirror) & Meera just gets lost in Prithvi but suddenly in anger he asks Meera what is this joke & Meera asks what does he mean? so Prithvi replies when he has told her not to play with marital symbols then why did she do it? Meera asks whats he talking about she’s unable to understand, so Prithvi asks where is her mangalsutra???

Meera touch her neck to realise its missing & Prithvi asks her to reply as where is her mangalsutra?? Meera is too scared to answer.

Scene 8

Akaash in his room is playing with the mangalsutra & holding Meera’s pic & talk to the pic that this is that mangalsutra which is the reason that created rift between him & her so today he’s freeing her from this mangalsutra (symbol & bond of marriages) & then just watch how he’ll eradicate all things & people who are coming between them both.

Scene 9

Meera replies maybe it had fallen in the pool & Prithvi asks her how can she be so careless & leaves in anger.

meera calls prithvi & runs behind him & tells him that the mangalsutra is equally important to her as its for him.

Akaash is happy hearing Meera & Prithvi argue & he says right now this mangalsutra is with me & now watch how this symbol of marriage become a convicts hanging rope for you (phasi ka phandha) & keeps the mangalsutra in the cupboard & smiles.

Scene 10

Prithvi goes to the pool side to search for the mangalsutra & Meera is calling Prithvi to make him understand but he’s searching very anxiously & Meera asks him what’s he doing & that they’ll find it & Akaash is watching them & says “wow what passionate anger Prithvi you have & he got so angry over your wifes lost mangalsutra then what will happen when this very wife will leave you & be helpless to come to me but its making him feel bad thinking about it”.

Prithvi asks Meera where did the mangalsutra fall so Meera says in the pool so suddenly Prithvi dives in & Meera shouts at Prithvi to come out.

Akaash looks at Prithvi behavior & makes a face & Meera sees but unable to see him under water & asks Prithvi if he’s alright & asks him to come out as shes really feeling scared & Meera gets restless & inspite of not knowing swimming she also dives in taking Gods name.

Akaash wonders what is this Meera doing has she gone mad & in trying to save Prithvi is she planning to get drowned???

Scene 11

The moment Meera is about dive in Prithvi comes out of water & gets out & Prithvi stands up very tired & Meera asks if he’s okay? holds his face & tells him she had got so scared & never do this again & if something had happened to him?? & cries & Prithvi replies something happened to him it’ll make difference coz mangalsutra is not just an ornament but a sacred symbol & bond between them & this is more important than his life but Meera request Prithvi she agrees but never do this again & they’ll find the mangalsutra together & she never went out of the house & it must be inside their room.

Prithvi asks Meera to go & change & he’ll search for it but Meera insist she’ll also search together but Prithvi insist she go.

Meera was leaving downstairs from terrace & Akaash comes & asks her why didn’t she change yet?

Meera tells Akaash she lost her mangalsutra & so Prithvi got upset.

Akaash says his elder brother gets hyper in every matter & assures Meera that he’ll handle Prithvi & not to worry about him & asks her to go & change.

Scene 12

Akaash thinks that this moment is for him to take advantage of this tension between Meera & Prithvi.

Precap:- Meera tells Prithvi that she has found her mangalsutra & Prithvi helps her wear it but suddenly Akaash enters & tells Meera that all her tension should vanish as he’s found her lost mangalsutra.
Prithvi gets angry about Meera lying to him.

Update Credit to: abd

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