Savitri 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 17th April 2013 Written Update

Savitri opens the box to find some bangles, a sindoor tin and a scrolled up letter. She opens the letter to read it. It says if she has found the box it means she will always remain a suhagan. Savitri is very happy on reading this.

At Khalibhoom, Satya, Gulika and RK are watching Savitri, they see Savitri put on the sindoor. Satya is happy that Savitri didnt listen to anyone and believes him to alive. He says its the strength of their love which angers RK and Gulika. Gulika calms RK down and tells him its time for RK to get his body back and transforms into a hawk and flies off.

At the house the pandit says its time for the puja and to bring Savitri. Leena and Maasi get up to get Savitri, they see Savitri coming down dressed as a married woman with the sindoor and bangles.

tells them there is no need for the chautha as Satya is alive. Leena gets angry with her and tells her to come to her senses as Satya is no more. Savitri says he is alive and she will bring him back, she tells them about the box but Leena doesnt believe her. Leena tells her she (Savitri) came into her sons life and he is no more. Savitri is deeply hurt on hearing this. Aashis tells Leena not to blame Savitri and maybe what shes saying is the truth. Leena tells him she just wants her sons soul to rest in peace. She gets angry on Savitri and tells her to be quiet. Savitri who is upaet runs up to her room crying.
The pandit says the chautha cant be done without the wife and anyway the auspicious time is also over. Everyone leaves. MS asks maasi if they should tell Leena the truth about Savitri being able to see the dead. Massi says its not the right time and Leena might think they deceived her. MS is worried about a rift occuring between Savitri and Leena.

Savitri is crying, she tells Satya she couldnt support his parents when they really need her. She thinks maybe what she learnt in Andaman from the tribal people was not the truth and just her imagination.
She goes down where Gulika appears and turns herself into human form. A scared Savitri asks who she is. Gulika tells her she saved Satya today by stopping the chautha, otherwise they would never be able to meet. She tells her Savitri Satya is alive but to get him back she will have to get RKs body parts back. Damyanti cut him up into 52 pieces and only she can get his parts back. Savitri tells her she does not have the power to do that, she is not strong enough. Gulika shows Satya to Savitri, when she goes to to touch him he disappears. Gulika gives Savitri 7 days to get RKs hands and she can do it as she is Princess Damyanti. Gulika disappears.

Dev is driving when he sees RK. Dev shoots a bullet into RKs eye.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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