Junoon 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 15th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Meera picking up the photo in which Prithvi’s side has been burnt. She’s thinking of all the attacks on him and wondering who is it who doesn’t want to see them together and wants Prithvi out of the way (if only she knew).

1) Prithvi brings the chaddar and pillows and spreads it in the living room (arre, woh chat ka plan kaa hua, no rrromance yaa khule aam romance? ) and Meera tries to help him. He notices her mind is occupied and tries to comfort her by touching her face and pushing her hair back (awwwww, how sweet 🙁 <3): ); she's caught by surprise and drops the photo and then tries to hide it below the chaddar. Prithvi sees that she's still not talking to him and wonders if she too is thinking that it's because of him that problems are cropping up; when she gives him the AS IF looks........ he's optimistic these problems won't last long.2) Pati-Patni ki nok jhok: Meera tries to walk away when he holds her by the hand and pulls her asking if she’s happy marrying a junglee like him and she sushes him by putting on finger on (actually close to) his mouth (shhhhhhh ) and gives him a piece of her mind ; ......no ulta pulta talk, she was adhoora without him in her life and now she’s sooooo happy to be married to him. When she calls him Rambo singh and he gets upset, she tells him this temper is no good pati parameshwar (suna tumne pahalwan?). Prithvi says he’s always been that way, what to do, now she’ll calm him down (yes bitiya, give him a kissi and he’ll calm down, no qoshions asked ). Meera asks him why it took him so long to admit his love and of course he’s not as courageous as her (gotta like him for admitting his shortcomings). He puts his head in her lap and sleeps and she she’s lost in her thoughts about the photograph.3) Akash is still looking at the photograph where he cut out Prithvi’s head and put his own photo (he's beyond obsession now). He really thinks this jodi is the best and kisses it. Prithvi and Meera are seen sleeping next to each other and are woken up by a child’s laughter. It’s chotu saab asking questions and doing his chitter chatter; now that Prithvi bhaiyya is married he wants to get his super hero married too . Meera’s in the bedroom; she sees Prithvi’s clothes on the bed and hugs them, just then she notices another photo on a side table; once again Prithvi’s head is removed and a knife (a real one) is piercing through his heart in the photo ( , man, this was sooooo tacky but dramatic at the same time). Meera is shocked and wondering who’s doing all this. She’s really worried for her husband’s safety and prays to her bhagwan ji.4) Prithvi is handing over something to the servant when wicked bua takes a shot saying how some people can sleep peacefully while others are so restless. Prithvi tears the paper she’s hiding her face behind and when she’s enraged. Whatever you want to say, please say it to my face and not behind my back. He tells her he’s quiet because of his wife; she should count her blessings. When she asks if she’s threatening him, he says JHUSHT JOKING .5) Prithvi sees Meera’s worried face and enquires if something is wrong; she just pushes her worries aside and says nothing and that they should get ready soon. Prithvi is busy with his exercise routine when Meera comes all dressed up and looking as fresh as a daisy; of course Prithvi pehelwan is entranced by her. As she sits in front of the dressing mirror and is getting ready, slowly his exercise speed drops to 0 and he turns towards her and watches her every single move giving her his total 100% attention ; she’s totally aware of her effect on him and smiles. She’s still caught up in this exchange and puts the sindoor without noticing what it is. Prithvi sees that it’s ash and not sindoor. When they check the sindoor ka dibba, it’s full of ash (wah bhai Akash, what a nice touch to show you want bhaiyya ji dead).6) Prithvi gets really upset and Meera is crying. Prithvi shouts that whoever is doing this behind their back, please come in front. Dadi, bua and Kiran ji come and find out what happened and everybody has their own say. Akash comes to support the couple, but Prithvi walks away in an angry mood and Akash follows him. Prithvi is seen by the pool side with his back to Akash; so Akash decides to walk without his limp, all confident (got to admire his guts, or may be he’s getting too confident). He pretends to slip and Prithvi helps him and ask why he’s taking all this trouble, why bother. Akash's true feeling comes out and he says he truly understands how it feels when someone comes in between you and your lover and how painful it feels when someone tries to spoil your relationship with your lover (of course Prithvi is only hearing him and not noticing his anger and jealousy filled reactions, warna khel khatam). As soon as Prithvi looks at him, his facial expressions change and he says he understands what Prithvi is going through……… he’ll help him and find out who’s doing all this. Prithvi tells him he’s the best brother .7) Meera is looking for Prithvi to give his chai and comes to Akash’s room. Akash who’s looking at his and Miu’s photo, hides it. Meera is stunned to see the wedding photos spread out on Akash’s bed and he tells her Bua gave it to him. She remembers how bua is always telling her maybe her relation with Prithvi is not meant to be etc. Meera leaves and Akash is talking of his love for her because of her innocence; how easily she believed all his lies. Wish the whole world were like this (yeah right, just you wait mister until someone finds out the truth ).8) Kiran ji and her SIL (wicked bua, Komal) are talking in the kitchen about Prithvi and how this gawar is trying to teach them lessons about sindoor; it's all Rajiv's fault. Kiran enquires if Komal is the one who replaced the sindoor with ash and she denies it. Miu, who’s passing by overhears this conversation; now she begins to suspect bua? (hai ram, do both wife and husband suspect bua, the innocent one? ) Though Meera wished otherwise, Prithvi, while taking out his shirt from the wardrobe sees the photograph where his head has been cut out.Precap: Akash’s monologue about showing his junoon to Miu and it’s Prithvi’s time to lose all that he got. As he’s talking, he turns and notices pappa raj in looking at him and he’s not happy. Did pappa hear all and if so what’ll Akash do to him? Shall we wait and see.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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