Savitri 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 15th April 2013 Written Update

Savitri reaches to a courtyard which is full of snakes and red spotted lines ..she takes careful step towards a box, she is scared , slowly picks up the box the moment she picks up the box everything become normal, the snakes disappears she walks out of the cave with that Box, the tribal woman who was waiting for her , tells her by seeing the box in her hand , this means your husband is live and safe ..Savitri is happy to hear that

she tells Savitri not to open that box here and says she should open the box where they(savitri and satya) become united Savitri gets the clue that its kolkatta ..she comes to the hotel room with that box and hopes that the box will take her to satya hotel room she finds Leena and her husband with Dev ..Leena was in distress , Savitri tells Leena not to cry satya will be back ..Dev says no savitri he is no more ..Leena and her husband become very upset ..Savitri tells Dev you have to believe me Satya is fine because i have proof with me , Dev asks her about the proof she thinks and decides to keep it a secrete until she finds Satya ..

there satya comes back to his senses and found himself in a cave full of scull he recognizes the place ..this is the place where he was brought and kept by pisach ..
he tries to find his ways out but realizes that there no way out ..

Rahukaal feels happy to see Satya suffering and trapped ..

Savitri takes her in laws to the airport ..Savitri is missing her romantic moments with satya ..there satya who is sad hears a voice and recognizes its savitri’s voice ..he follows the voice and finds its Gulica making fun of him ..he become angry seeing Gulika who tricked him .. Satya says i can understand Rahukaal but what kind of woman you are ..hearing that Gulica become angry tries to strangle satya ..Satya stop her ..He says your brother is a rakshas but who are you ? .. Gulica says how bad , veer can only remember Damyanti …I can understand Rahukaal who lost his body , his body destroyed into 52 pieces and as of now he found only one piece that is his head .. She ask Satya why can’t you like me ..and tries to poke her nails ..

Rahukaal comes there and ask Gulica to stop it ..Satya tells Rahukaal , savitri will come looking for me I know she will because of our true love Rahukaal laughs and says it will be wonderful to sees her .. ..

Rahukaal tells satya that what he thought about him..he is not like that .. Satya says I am not a puppet and I am not scared of death you can do nothing ..Rahukaal tries to scare him..

There the ladies at Kolkatta tries to brake savitri ‘s chudi as per ritual they do this with a widow ..Savitri tries to resist that ..

Update Credit to: cheena

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