Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 14th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Meera hugs Prithvi. Meera back to her senses and she’s in tears.Prithvi looks at her from far away. Dadi asks to start the rituals. Mithvi depressed. Dadi asks Prithvi to come near. Dadi says they all will give the ritual gifts together and asks Prithvi to join in as well. Sudha gives it to Meera. She takes it hesitantly. Music starts.

The girls dance. Prithvi looking at Akash and Meera. Bua asks Akash and Meera to dance. Akash tries to shoo her away but fail. They both join in the dance floor. Prithvi approaches towards them. He takes Meera’s hand and places it on Akah’s hand. Meera tries to control her tears. Prithvi tries to leave but his bracelet gets stuck with her chunri. (Junoon BG) He frees himself and leaves. Everyone continues to dance but DT goes to Prithvi’s room and asks him why he left from there. Prithvi in tears as DT says he knows well that he is still angry with him.

Meera leaves from the hall followed by Sudha. Prithvi says he is small but DT is old enough then why he let him come here between unknown people. DT says its his family but he apologizes to him if he had hurt him him. Prithvi apologizes to him for his past rude behaviour and hugs DT.
Meera in her room and Sudha asks what is wrong with her.

DT says the reason for his lonliness his Akash and Meera’s engagement; then why is he hurting himself and Meera.
Sudha tries to convince Meera that Akash is the best for him.

DT says that Meera and Prithvi are made for each other and that’s why they got married twice. Bua overhears.
Sudha asks her to go downstairs. DT says he broke this relationship as he was angry with him. He explains him that he saw the love for Meera in his eyes . Prithvi confused about his feelings. Bua listening.

Dadi asks what’s wrong with Meera while Bua intervenes saying she will tell whats wrong. She says Meera is just like her name. Dadi asks her to clarify. Bua says u love someone and marrying someone else. She blurts out about Mithvi’s marriage. Everyone shocked. She says here comes Prithvi; Meera’s forgotten husband. She asks Meera to clarify why she takes care of Prithvi more than Akash. Dadi scolds her but she says she hid the truth and said that thank God! she overheared DT and Prithvi’s convo. She says she has doubt on her character. Prithvi says ENOUGH! She asks him about their marriage when Akash says that yes they hid the truth but they hid it as he asked them not to tell. He added he knows everything and RK agrees as well. RK’s wife is shocked and scolds him for bringing Prithvi and for hiding the truth, RK tries to explain saying that they were waiting for the right time and asks her to understand. She says she cannot allow her son to marry to a girl who is already married.

Part 2

Prithvi asks not to question about her character.
Meera goes to her room and cries when Prithvi comes. He couldn’t c her crying. He is sad as well (God! his expressions so cute!! ). Meera feels his presence and turns around. Prithvi has tears in his eyes. Meera goes to hug him but he moves away. He tries to leave but she doesn’t let him.

Part 3

Meera asks him why did he come? cuz he can’t c her crying? Why did he stop Bua from insulting her? cuz he feels for her? She asked him to stand in front of a mirror as his feelings can be seen in his eyes. Prithvi frees his hand from hers and leaves.

Meera says to dadi though he broke their relationship but she knows that he still feels for her.

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