Punar Vivah 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 14th March 2013 Written Update

Gayatri asks Aarti to be quiet..

Aarti says.. when its about my husband’s prestige.. i will question and u will have to answer… Why are u doing this mummy ji.. answer me..

Gayatri says.. i dont find it necessary to answer you..

Aarti says.. i wont let u go till u answer me.. tell me.. how can u differentiate like this.. the son u loved for 30 years.. how can u differentiate..

Gayatri says.. i am not differentiating.. why cant u people understand… i am getting rights for my son.. the son who hasnt had luxury for 30 years.. i am just giving him happiness.. i am not doing wrong..

Aarti says.. its not wrong to give ur son his happiness.. but how can u take away the happiness of ur son who u have loved for 30 years… till when will u let go of Akash bhaiya’s mistake…?

Gayatri says.. i will keep doing that…

Aarti says.. alright.. if Yash ji’s gets too angry on something and raises his hand on Akash bhaiya..

Gayatri says.. he wont do that.. he has promised me.. and if he goes against the promise the world will know that bad blood remains bad.. gutter’s water can never me pure and holy water…

Aarti says.. i got ur answer.. blood took over 30 years’s love…

Aarti leaves.. Gayatri sits down on her bed broken..

Vidhi, Paridhi and Aarti are in the kitchen..

Paridhi says. this is limit.. if any of us woudl have done this.. mummy ji would have sent us out and also have told off our parents also..

Vidhi says.. u r right.. this is all going wrong..

Paridhi says.. the way things are going… i wont be surprised if mummy ji doesnt find it nice of Yash bhaiya living here also…

Vidhi says.. we shouldnt thinkk bad…

Paridhi says.. what else should we think.. cant u see how on the cricket match day, mummy ji made Yash bhaiya out and gave the necklace to Ishita.. we should take out things from mummy ji.. we should also think of our future and that Ishita isnt as nice as she portrays herself to be..

Ishita hears it and all see her.. and Ishita leaves angrily..

Paridhi says.. see how she listened to our talks .. now she will go and complain to mummy ji…

Just then Gayatri calls all three of them.

Paridhi says.. see.. she has complained.. now letz go and hear mummy ji’s foul words..

All four daughter-in-laws are in Gayatri’s room..

Gayatri says.. now say Ishita what u want to say…

ishita says.. this is ur heriditary necklace.. then how can i have full right on it.. ur relationship with Paridhi, Vidhi bhabhi and Aarti is older so it wont be nice if i keep it… i dont want money to disrupt the relations of this house.. u keep it.. of any of us would want to wear it.. we will ask you..

Gayatri says.. may all get good intelligence like you..

gayatri asks Aarti to keep the necklace inside and gives her the key..
Aarti hesitantly takes the keys and keeps the necklace in the safe..

Aarti says.. i have kept it..

Aarti forwards the key to Gayatri when Akash comes in and forwards his hand to snatch the keys from Aarti.. he says.. i want money…

Aarti says.. fi u want the money.. ask mummy ji.. why r u snatching the keys like this..

Akash says.. maa is also mine and the money also.. i dont have to ask for money.. i have understood that blood is blood and non-blood is the same… lets ask Maa.. Maa, u only say.. do i need to forward my hand to ask for money..

Gayatri says.. no.. take whatever u want to..

Akash takes the keys and goes to take the money..

Night time..

someone enters Gayatri’s room in a black robe and take the keys from under her pillow..
the person opens the safe and takes out the heriditary necklace..
The person closes back the safe.. keeps back the keys on its place and leaves the room…

The person comes out of the room and takes off the hood of the robe… Its Ishita…

she calls someone and says.. now listen to me carefully.. outside the Scindia house, the photo is kept for you and also the money… but remember u dont have to kill the person.. u have to punish..

The person on the phone says.. what punishment..

Ishita says.. u have to pur hot water on his chest.. near his heart…

Ishita keeps the phone and says.. the work is done and now the wait is till he morning..

Morning Scene..
Bua comes to Gayatri and asks for some money for bhoj preparations…

Gayatri opens the safe and gives the money and she opens the necklace case and sees the necklace missing and gets shocked…

Gayatri checks the money and tries to search necklace in the case but doesnt find it and says.. OMG.. where did the necklace go?

Bua ji says.. check properly..

Gayatri says.. i have checked it.. its not there..

Bua ji says.. OMG.. all the bahus had their eye on the necklace…

Gayatri says.. they wont get it so they will steal it… letz go..

Gayatri goes to the kitchen and remembers Paridhi’s words…

Gayatri says.. i know u had ur eye on the necklace but u didnt get it so u will steal it?

Paridhi says.. u are elder doesnt mean u will say anything.. and accusing me of stealing is henious..

Vidhi says.. Paridhi.. mummy ji is asking u not accusing you.. let me check it.. where will the encklace go..

Gayatri says.. no its not there..

Ishita says .. but u keep the keys with you right..

Gayatri says.. yes.. i keep the keys with me only and i remember last time i gave it to Aarti..

Gayatri stops speaking and looks at Aarti…

Aarti looks at Gayatri…

Yash is driving his car when he sees the goons throwing hot water on Akash..

Update Credit to: AbbyluvsMaan

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