journey to love episode-6

Hi so today I am in some nicemood because I have walked for about 2 km and I am breathing normaly

So to start with

Adi ishi ma you know what this is the first time I am coming home after joining boarding school

Ishu now you will never go back

Arjun arnav adi come here I have chocolate for you

Adi really

As yes

He rubs and takes them

Adi thanks mammu

Aa say it again mammu

Aa hug him

Amaya adu see I have gift for you

Adi thank s mausi

Adi opens it it us remote car

Mantu adi I have photo frame for you

Adi sees it one picture of adi one of Raman one of ishu and one of ruhi and a pic of AAA and mrk

Radhika adi see I have new cloth for you to wear it in shadhi

Adi thanks chachi

Khushi see I have bought you a watch inshide ishraru

What is ishraru

All expert ishra ish means ishita ra means raman ru means ruhi

Adi ohh

Ishra OK go eat food and sleep tommorow is haldi

Gys function order

Mehandi 1st day
Haldi 2nd day
Sangeet 3rd day
Reception 4 the day
Marriage 5 the day

After eating all go to sleep adi ruhi raman
Ishu in one room so let’s go in

Adi ishi maa

I haan bacha

Adi I love you

Ishu I love you too

Raman someone is forgeting me

Ishu adi together we love you raman

Ishu adi call mantu as Prince papa and khushi as Ku maa

Radhika as chutki maa

Adi okay ishi maa

Raman eyes were filled
Raman said say arjun as aru papa
Arnav as chote papa
Amaya as princess maa

OK papa

Ishu okay come let’s sleep

Ruhi first time speak maa

Ishu go near her and sat it again maa

Ishu is so happy she calls everyone and all get happy

All go for sleep raman in left corner adi ruhi then ishu in right corner

At morning all wake but Adi ruhi raman ishu were sleeping

All went in and were happy seeing their bhai and babhi smile or di and jiju smile all went

AAA jiju get up

Raman go wake up other twovi will them in prince room

Aaa ishu di promise wake up

Raman suddenly woke up and found all six woke up and other three sleep in the bed Raman was shocked he this six woke up before them

Mrk babhi pls wake up

Ishu two mins and hugs ruhi adi and sleeps again

Ishu raman bahi promiae
Ishu woke up and asked the same
All by alarm

Raman adi wake up its late

Adi yes papa good morning ishi maa papa

Aru papa
Chutki maa
Chote papa
Ku maa
Prince papa
Princess papa

Who thought you this all six asked ishi maa Papa all went hugged them and waud thank you

All girls keep mehandi the mehandi girl ask ishu she say wright r a r

When the girl ask radhika she call arjun for something by mistake wrote arjun in her han same happens with khushi and amaya respectively give arnav and mantu name

The day goes like that

2nd day

Morning first all apply haldi on ramam and then ishu

Raman sitting with ruhi all apply haldi on them also

Ishu was sitting with adi all apply haldi on them also

When radhika us applying haldi on ishu play fully apply on radika face and hand
Same happens with all

Precap sangeet and marriage arjun to start liking radhika and wants to proposes her

Guys I known it us boaraing but I am writing for the first time soo

  1. It nice and lovely its not boring really love it next one please

  2. super……not boring .please conti……tc

  3. Can u giv me previous links…?

  4. Hey,its not boring yaar…I really like it very very much,comparing to other FF’s…Plz continue, and I am waiting for the next one,eagerly☺☺,Update fast yaar..
    And the love ishu shows for Adi and Ruhi is Awesome, Love it,…It’s simply superb????

  5. Its not boring yaar….Its really very interesting,.I like it very much comparing to other ff’s…Plz continue this,I love it…The love Ishu shows a for Adi and ruhi is awesome…I like it very very much…Waiting for next one,update soon and regularly yaar,its a small request☺???

  6. Thanks for the comment feel happy after reading I t

  7. Awesome, lovely. …keep it up. Love you loads

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