The Name Written in my Tears (Episode 5)

sry frnds , yest. day i was a little busy . so i cant update . silent readers pls com. atleast once so that i can know my writing skill . where r u frnds ? nowadays many of u r not com. thax sana and raji akka for com. and all others too …. tu sir pls update it in matsh swaragini and yhm page .

epi starts with atharkush runs into the restroom anttd locks it up . they had dairy in their hands . they just watched it randomly and at the last page ranveer’s family photo with their names and relationship is writen . both of them sees that and argue who is pretty and goodlooking . then atlast they came to a result that ishveer is best … and again opened it they watchedit randomly and they r not interesed to read those then they opened a page where it started that

this day i cant able to forget in my life !

this whole passage is writen in the point of monotony . but for my sake i wrote it like this ….

a boy wrotes the dairy . he is 23 yrs old . he is non other than my ranvi .

feb 10th 2008 ,
a bright morn. it was . sweet little birds r wandering here and there . they sounds beautiful . the sun ray peaks through the screen of the window …. a charming prince awakes and again sleeps on bed by pulling the cloths . he again awakes and thinks . oh god ! now time is 5.00am and no one will be awakened . so i should reach now my queen’s room …and smiles naughtly … they he comes out and searches here and there for anyone and reaches ishu’s room . he saw her thrugh the window . she is sooooo beautiful that he could
not take his eyes off. she was fast
asleep . he watches her with love and care . then the hairs on her face moves as she moves aside . he sees her without blinking his eyes and thinks god still 3 days more for her bday . i should make it more beautiful like her . she murmers ranveer , ranveer in sleep . he hears this and smikes happily . background music plays aathe ena ne ( kathi )

precap …. ranveer kiss lashimi his chachi ang gets shock and had fever . ishu laughs seeing ranvi . full masti ….

guys get ready for a funny epi ….
sry sr and yhm fans they too have loads of romance tomorrow . hole u guys will like it …..

  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode Amrita sissy! And i love Aathe ena nee song a lot.eagerly waiting for next.

  2. I loved this episode and am VERY eager to see what happens next!! Awesome job dear!!

  3. Amazing epi! Loved it <33

  4. I loved this episode very much because I am ishveer fan eagerly waiting for the next Amritha dear?

  5. Rookey really awesome episode dr…..waiting for next one…..

  6. I loved tag epi very much… sry for not comment these days… but ur ff is suuperb… eagerly waiting for ur next epi….

  7. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    sana dear , raji akka and satya akka for u guys only i added athi enna ne song . same pich sana dear .
    neelam dear i too know inly ishveer and love only them . i dont know any other series . by some of my frnds ff only i came to know yhm and sr …lol…
    juliana dear thax for com. and how r u ? where is ur ff dear .
    thax all others . where r u prince bro shalini dear satya , arham akka , sumi dear ?

  8. Wow it’s interesting. Hopefully waiting for the next episode

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