Jodha Akbar 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anarkali thinks that if have misunderstood Salim, she recalls how Haidar tld her that Salim has denied to help dancers, she says no he is bad person, she has many facades, he is something at one moment and something else in other, i dont know what to call him, a responsible person or stubborn king, Qutub and Salim are coming from behind, Qutub says to Salim that why dont you tell Anarkali that you didnt do bad to her, Salim says i tried but she is not ready to listen to me, Qutub says why dont you tell her that it was you only who helped his father and saved him from Agra’s people when they were throwing stones at him, anar is shocked listening this, she recalls how Salim’s soldier saved him that day on Salim’s orders only, she says i misunderstood him.
Joda does Salim’s aarit, has ask why this for? Jodha says when son works for others, then parents feel proud, you ae doing everything i wished for, Salim says you also worked for poor, you got ill but didnt lose hope, Jodha says i got husband like Jalal so have to help poor, she says Man bai is lucky to get you as husband, we will do your marriage soon, Salim is not happy listening this, Jodha ask Salim to do arrti of Kahna, Salim does it.
Jodha is talking with hamida, Aram bano comes and says hide me, that Shama is mad, she has eaten my mind Sham comes there, Aram hides, Shama ask Jodha where is Aram, Jodha tells her that she is not here, Shama first unable to listen then leaves from there, Jalal comes there, dasi inform that king of Iran of has sent some ministers, Jodha ask who is king of Iran, Hamida says he is great person, he has helped us difficult times, he is prestigious in Muslim countries.

Scene 2
H?aidar is angry that when he will take revenge from Jalal, his uncle ask him to be calm, not hurry in fulfilling yours dreams, be patient, Haidar says how much time will it take, he gets angry.
Jalal meets ambassador of Iran, they present him some gifts, Jalal ask them to attend the celebrations, they agree, he ask Fazal to take care of them, he leaves, one minister ask otehr why you didnt tell Jalal message of Iran’s king ti Jalal, other says that thing is important, we will talk to him after marriage.
all comes in Jashn, Jalal comes there, he says this Jashn is to celebrate peace, he ask to start the Jashn, Anrakali comes there and dances on Allah Ka karam rehe, Salim is curtly looking at Anar, he says to Qutub whenever i see Anar, i feel that she is in this state because of me, Qutub says why you are saying this, you cant change fate of anyone, Jalal praises anar’s dance, he gifts her some gold coins, anar takes it and thanks Jalal, she looks at Salim, he smiles at her, she leaves. Birbal says Jalal want to announce something important, Salima ask Jodha do you know about it? Jodha says this is first time Jalal have not discussed thing with me, i dont know about it, Ruks thnks but i know about it. Iran’s ambassadors come there, Jalal welcomes them, Jalal says today i want to give titles to my wives who helped me in difficult times, he ask Salima to come first, she comes infront of Jalal, Jalal says in my absence, Salima has seen finance of mughal Saltanat, her work is not replaceable so i give title of Koh-sultan, he says then i wanna call wife so was with me from childhood, she was always there with me, he calls Ruks, he gives title of Tartari Begum to Ruks, he makes her wear crown, Ruks thinks Jalal cant insult me like this, she finds another there for Jodha and finds special stone in-craved in it which Jalal shown her. Jala then call Jodha, she comes, Jalal says Jodha have touched my heart by her great works, and now in this crisis, she has worked day and night with me to stable things, so i give title of Malika-hind(queen of India) to her, he makes her wear crown, she smiles, ruks is angry, Jalal now one more gift is remaining, he says in my absence, Salim had controlled everything, he fought war in my absence and won it, i can proudly say that he can handle country after me, he says his gift is that after me he will King and owner of India, he is about to make him wear crown but Iran’s ambassador says first let us read message of Iran then make him wear it, its important, Jalal says ok read it, ambassador says first you have to ask women and non muslim people to go out from here, Jalal says they all are my own people, ambassador says sorry to say but we cant read it infront of anyone, Jalal leaves with them, Jodha says what message it can be.
Jalal comes in room with Ambassadors, he says you stopped me from giving title to heir but i bear it just cause you are from Iran, he ask them to tell whats problem is it. outside all are waiting, Todar ask what it can be that they didnt allow hindus, Birbal says not all kings are like Jalal, Jalal respect every religion. Jodha is worried about Jalal, Ruks recalls how Jalal gave title to Jodha, she cuts her hand, she screams, Jodha ask what happened, she says nothing.
Ambassador read letter of Iran’s king, it reads that your Nikaah with Jodha is illegal as she didnt accept Islam till now and this way Salim will be called illegal son so he cant become king of India, Jalal says enough.

PRECAP- Ambassador says to Jalal that you cant deny rules of Islam, marrying women of other religion is allowed in Islam but she has to convert her Religin to islam after marriage, Jalal says if i dont accept all this then what, Ambassador says if you dont accept this then no one from mughal saltanat will be allowed to go on Umrah or haj (pilgrimage to Saudia Arabia), Jalal is shocked

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ambassador issue will bewilder shahanshah…

  2. Lovely episode like salim n jodha moment
    So stupid of ruks dont have a brain if jalal was going to accounce that she is the malkia hind of india then he wouldnt show her the stone that he brought for queen of india to her because it was a special surprise for for the right person if its was for ruks then he would show it to jodha and not her

  3. what is wrong with this storyline come on writers do not make this serial shit toooooooooo and ruks toooooooo why she do not act like a grown woman now and stop all the jealously of jodha jalal and salim come on ruks act your age for once you are turning sides tooooooooo much and that is being childish

  4. Ambassador did not know this all the time.How can Salim be called that name when he came from an legal marriage.This is not digested properly by me at all .Jalal had promised Jodha that he will never stop her from keeping her religion ,so what now.It was the sperm of the Muslim that created the child in the Hindu so he is more Islam ,Look make the boy the king and do not cause him problem,Love the episode .LOve ,love it.

  5. It seems Shahanshah will shun his religion and embrace din-e-elahi, a religion introduced by him and containing good things of many religions.

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