Jamai Raja 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Naani and Mona reaching Roshni's house. Mona sadly tells this was their house once. Biji greets them in. Naani asks her to forgive for earlier mistake. Biji says what mistake and to forget the past. She asks where is here daughter Durga Rani. Naani says Durga Devi. She then asks where is Meena's daughter Upma. Naani says it is Mona and Pratima and Mona's daughter's name is Sam. They all sit on sofa. Ugly vamp Kritika acts as fighting with her loafer husband Rajveer. Roshni goes there and sees Kritika asking Raj to help and he yelling at her. She says she will help. Kritika thanks her. Loafer Rajveer picks her phone, calls Yash and switches on her recorded shouting when she panicked seeing rat. He reminisces how his ugly, filthy wife put rat in Roshni's room to record her shouting voice and says he will make Roshni fall in front of everyone's eyes and gives his ugly smile.

Sid sees Sam with her boss who is holding her back tight and telling he is going on official trip with Sam. He thinks boss will harm Sam and he should do something.

Biji grees her neighbour/rival lady in and ask her to hold the trophy to get a feel of winning. Jealous lady holds trophy and acts as being happy. Another neighbour tells her Gurjati bahu did wonders by winning in Punjabi competition. Kritika calls everyone for dinner.

Rohsni after helping kritika sees her phone missing. Rajveer locks her inside door and switches house's lights off. Yash reaches there calling Roshni. Roshni bangs door and calls papa/Raj. Kritika asks guests to wait until goes and checks what happened. Neighours start feeling warm due to summer and power cut. Rajveer comes there and purposefully drops drinks on guest/rival lady and takes her to washroom. Another lady also joins her. Roshni slips and falls on down and gets up. Yash comes there, opens door, slips and falls down with her on bed. Rajveer brings guests to the same room. Everyone are shocked to see Roshni in bed with another man. Roshni tells there is some misunderstanding, someone locked room door from outside and she due to dark she slipped on bed. Rival lady tells her explanation is not valid and tells Biji this is what her bahu is doing with strangers. Yash says he got Roshni’s call, so he came here. Roshni says she did not call him. Rival lady vamp starts badmouthing Roshni and taunting Biji that her bahu is characterless. Yash asks her to stop her drama and says Roshni’s character was less before and even now. Vamp’s bahu asks her not to yell at her saas. Raj says roshni is his bahu and daughter and he knows she is clean. Simramn asks him to stop taking Roshni’s side and says now she will not tolerate it. It is her house and not a lodge that anyone will come, enjoy here and leave. She has decided that this girl will leaver her son forever.

Precap: Simran asks Naani to take her granddaughter home and pushes Roshni on floor. Sid comes, sees roshni on floor and asks Simran what is happening.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. come on people its time they be happy raj and his wife needs to go to hell

    1. Achha ji…Jaise aap hi director hho

  2. yaa nikeita atleast some happy moments should come always there is fight between simran and roshni what will happen now?/

  3. Hate this episode
    Plz get rajveer n this wife out of here it getting annoying

  4. so what dd..never got her house back??????? where is this leading…makes no sense writers are obviously confused..exactly why i prefer korean soaps….confused idiots

  5. I cannot understand why Rajveer and Kritika still on this show .They are just two useless pieces of tools.How can a neighbor come into my house and make sarcastic remarks about my family.Sid was right to put her in line.Simran is so cruel and her daughter is just like her.Birds of a feather flock together.Simran did not even find out the truth before pushing her daughter to the floor.Rajveer you will never look good trying to make someone else look bad.

  6. how convenient that yash reach the house so soon and end up in bed with roshini look I am so fed up with all these games in these serial this is just a lot of shit do not worth watching at all

  7. Bakwas..chutiyapa hai sara. Simran, jo Roshni ko beti se bhi jyada pyar krti thi ab apni hi maa chuda rahi hai.

  8. Can anyone please tell me where I can download finished starplus series
    U see I really love iss pyaar ko kya naam doon n I had all episodes downloaded but my phone wiped and dey got deleted now I have been looking everywhere for it n can’t find it the old website I used n each n every other website including YouTube deleted their episodes and replaced them with iss pyaar ko kya naam soon ek bar phir
    But I really want the other one so does anyone know where I can download it from

    1. U download hot star app..it wil be useful..

  9. This is getting soooo boring..

  10. Surprise, surprise, the evil dou win again…….who writes thes stories…..witches…. Is that why ‘evil’ wins all the time????? SHAME on me for watching this RUBBISH!!!!!!

  11. Yash character i just don’t get is he a hero or what?! Maybe he’s superman trying to save a damsel in distress or maybe even spiderman… Yash why you didn’t try calling back the number?! first of all you are not welcome at Sid’s residence he doesn’t like you why you go over there in the first place such a shameless guy. Kritika you are going to get what’s coming to you first of all your husband is a crook who is milking your parents money, he’s going to dumped you like he did Sam

  12. Hi guyz
    Now it is getting to boring !!

  13. When will sid catch rajive… This is getting a little boring… We want to see that.. Directors need to attention that…

  14. simran has become so cruel lyk her daughter then she is cruel to roshn who she once loved her lyk her own. i feel lyk hating her now.

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