Jodha Akbar 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ruks is coughing, jalal and jodha comes there, jalal ask what happened, ruks says I am feeling restless, I am feeling dizzy, jalal takes her in arms and says nothing will happen to you, jodha says I told you to not take hookah this happened because of it, ruks ask jalal do you love me? jalal says I love you, I love you. jodha feels bad, jalal takes her to bed and says I am with you, jodha is with you don’t worry, ruks says I feel nice that jodha is with me, she takes care of me, she says I have headache will you prepare remedy for me, jodha agrees and start making remedy, ruks says jalal take me in your arms, she tightly holds jalal and hugs him while jalal makes her comfortable, jodha sees it and feels bad, ruks thinks whenever jalal will come close to jodha I will come inbetween.
shehnaz comes in adham’s room to find some proofs, she is tensed and says I have to take risk, she is searching when adham comes and hugs her from behind, she says who are you, he says for whom you came here, she says I came for doll, adham says I will bring many dolls for you, shehnaz pushes him and comes out of room. PRECAP. shehnaz starts laughing and says did you enjoy, jodha comes there, shehnaz says he snatched my dupatta, jodha ask adham why he did that, he says she came to my room not me went to her, jodha says that doesn’t mean you will snatch her dupatta, she gives dupatta to shehnaz, adham says she is mad who roam in others rooms, her freedom should be snatched, jodha says things are changing in this palace and if you want things to not go further, remember my warning to not do this again, she scolds shehnaz to not roam around, they goes.

Scene 2
all prisoners who were freed comes in palace to get official freedom, zakira sees Rahim playing in lawn, she snatches knife from soldier and runs towards Rahim, she attacks Rahim, Rahim becomes unconscious, jodha salima comes there and finds blood on Rahim’s face, jalal comes. jalal is stunned, jalal shouts on zakira that I freed you and you did this, he orders to put her behind bars, I will decide your punishment, zakira says my intention was not wrong, jalal takes out his sword, Rahim gets conscious, jalal sees snake in prickly plant, zakira informs jalal that I was waiting for you when I saw Rahim moving towards this snake, I was with snakes my whole lofe so I knew that this snake was very dangerous and time was less to save Rahim so I took soldier’s sword and attacked the snake not Rahim, jalal says oh I didn’t see it earlier, he ask soldiers to leave her.

Scene 3
in court, jalal thanks zakira, he says you took right decision and saved Rahim, zakira says you freed me, I did such a big mistake even then you forgave me, I took many lives when I was with Rahim but today I came to know its such I beautiful thing to save a life, I can even give my life for you. jalal ask what you need as gift, zakira says I don’t need anything but if you want to give me then take in under your support, include in your shahi bandhies in palace, atgah says says she was with Benazir for long time tried to take your life, we cant trust her. jodha gets up and says I second atgah, she was with Benazir and maybe she did all this to get our trust then she can come close and will do what Benazir couldn’t do, if she can snatch knife from soldier to kill snake then she can kill anybody else, she tried to attack jalal, how can I trust you, zakira says you gave me life, zakira says to jodha if you don’t trust me then you can even behead, jodha says if that’s the case then kill yourself, bandhi brings knife, jodha ask her to kill herself, zakira says I will be happy to give my life for you, she about to stab her but jodha stops her and says I was just checking your loyality you don’t nedd to kill yourself, she ask jalal to take her in palace, salima says jodha is right, she saved Rahim’s life, she did a big thing so we should take her as bandhi, jalal agrees, jodha says I want to take her under my control. jalal says you are very intelligent, 1st you checked her loyalty and when she was proved loyal you are taking her, jodha is stunned to see his taunt even in court, jalal says you want to take all loyal people under you, he gets conscious that he is in court and says okay she will work for jodha now, court meeting ends, jalal is about to leave but turns and smiles at jodha who smiles broadly.

SCene 4
ruks is in her, she sees jalal coming to harem, she says now jalal will only come to her room, she says jalal going to jodha’s room, she says what he should be with me.
zakira thanks jodha to take her under her support, jodha says sorry I had to take your test just to satisfy myself, jodha says now I will ask ruks to take back hoshiyar, hoshiyar has wrked for her many years, he knows her likes and dislikes, she will happy to have him back. jalal comes and says whose happiness? zakira and moti leaves, jodha says you here, jalal says do I need any reason to come to you, cant I come with a reason that I want to come to you,i want to spend time with you. jalal says now I should be afraid of you as zakira is with you who was once with Benazir, now you can trap me, jodha says if that’s the case then you should be, they laughs. jalal is holding his neck, jodha ask what happened, jalal says I have pain in neck, jodha says I will bring home cream, she comes and start massaging his neck, he says this cream is amazing, jodha says I learnt this cream from my amer doctor, jalal says I don’t know magic is in your hands or in this cream, jodha says its not in cream neither in my hands but magic in your thoughts, it is said that when you enjoy someone’s company, your pain also goes away with his company. jalal says I wanna ask you something serious, I am very busy in political matters as maham is not there and also ruks is not putting her inputs in politics so will you help me in political matters, jodha says how can I, I am taking care of ruks as she is giving birth to yur child, jalal says you take care of everyone bu doesn’t think about yourself, this is also talent of you, jodha smiles. jalal and jodha comes close to kiss but bandhi comes and says ruks is calling jodha, jalal says again, jodha says yes.

PRECAP- jodha says to jalal that I wanna give you one gift, jalal ask what, jodha says for that you need to close your eyes, jalal closes his eyes and ask should I open it? jodha is shy and says no, jodha comes closer to her to kiss him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ohhh I can’t bear it ruks comes in between romance

  2. sab k sab serial dekhne wale pagal log hai……sadeli serials k liye sab apna l future barbad kr rahe hai….1/2 hour k serial dekhte hai baki k 23hours next episode me kya hoga ye sochne me lagate hai……..2 or 3 saal me ye serials band ho jate hai tab tak ye idiots apni life aur career ka imp time waste kr chuke hote hai….stop watching these pakao boring serials

  3. @Ad… i didn’t understand half of what u said..(sorry dts my problem)…. but half of what i understood totally means that u are too refraining the indians from watchin stupid serials and wasting time… i heartily thank u bro… for i have been too trying my best to save my indians from all this crap!! thanks!!

  4. Hi @sania maha episode usually will b fr one hour on a select saturday. This may 31st this is between 7 & 8pm

    1. Ignorant Indians.. ^^

    2. It’s on Sunday June 1st 2230 MAHAEPISODE.

    3. Oh right thanx alooot

  5. Trolls…. What you choose to do or not is a matter of choice.

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  7. Di maha main episode or having a good twist in that 1 hour episode

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