Gustakh Dil 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo answering all the girls. She asks the girls to leave as she also has to get ready. Sagar comes and sees Lajjo in same clothes. He scolds her and gives her 5 mins. Lajjo says I was getting ready. He says 4mins 50 secs, no excuses and leaves. Lajjo thinks he won’t hear all talk. The girls think how to rag Lajjo. They say we will show her how to respect seniors. Sagar teaches them some steps. Lajjo is asked to do it. Lajjo also does so. She does wrong and Sagar scolds her again. They laugh on her. Sagar asks her to focus, with mind and body in sync. Sagar gets a call and leaves. The girls sign each other to teach Lajjo a lesson.

Thye start dancing again. They make Lajjo fall. Lajjo gets hurt. Sagar comes to her and not knowing everything, scolds her. Lajjo cries. Sagar asks everyone to leave and trains Lajjo. The girls laugh seeing Sagar scolding Lajjo. Sagar asks Lajjo to practice till she gets well. Ratri’s car breaks down and she stands to take a taxi. Nikhil is in the taxi and stops seeing her. He says you here. She says thank God, its you, actually my car broke down, I was scared being alone. He says I understand mam, this place is not safe, come I will drop you in taxi. She says please kets eat something, I m hungry. He says its late. She insists. He says fine, come.

Ratri gets happy. Sagar asks Ahuja about Mili. Ahuja says Mili met with an accident and she is hurt. Sagar runs to see her and is shocked. He asks Mili what happened to her and cares for her. Mili says Lajjo says I m very brave, she did not make me cry. He asks when did she come to meet me. Mili says I called her at the hospital. Ahuja says Lajjo was with Mili taking care of her. Sagar thinks how he scolded Lajjo fro coming late and thinks this was the reason she came late, but I did not hear her. Lajjo dances alone and thinks about Sagar’s scolding.

Sagar comes to Lajjo and sees her practicing. He says that’s enough. She says I can do. He says its enough for today, but practice with this focus. She asks can I go. He says I….. actually, never mind, keep practicing at home. She says yes, I know, I will practice. He says listen, what happened yesterday I came to know today, that you helped Mili. She says so you know it now, I tried to tell you but you did not listen to me. She says so you want to say me sorry. He looks at her.

Sagar says you know in a way I think……. Sorry………. He says I know I m rude, arrogant, but not that bad. He says I got angry so did not let you speak, I was wrong. He says Mili is my responsibility, I did not take care of her, thanks for taking care of her, when she needed me, you were there. Lajjo says I m her tuition teacher, but she needs you, no one can take your place, see I have grown up, but I still need my father in every phase of my life. Sagar says he understands.

Lajjo practices English with Rancho. Lajjo finds it tough and cries. Rancho supports her and makes her smile. Lajjo lights the diya and prays. Rancho prays for Lajjo. Its morning, Sagar trains Lajjo. He gets a call and she practices alone. She then tries to walk on high heels. Music plays…………….Sagar sees her and says very good. Sagar says lets have lunch and teaches her to have food with fork. He asks what are you looking for. She says lock the plate by keeping the spoon and fork in it, showing you are done with the meal. She learns pretty fast.

He says go home now. She says I want to practice more. He says don’t worry, you are doing well. She asks I understand to change all this mannerisms, why did you change my name. He says your family will know as Lajjo, for world you will be Trishna. She says fine, but I was thinking the name is strange, why don’t you keep my name Chandni. Sagar smiles seeing her silly talk. He says you have to trust me. She says you are my Guru, I trust you.

Lajjo practices more. Sagar leaves. Mili comes to see her and asks her to tell her a story as she has to go to sleep. She says I had food too. Lajjo sees the time and says I got late, I will tell the story sometime else, I will go. Ahuja asks Lajjo why did you not go home. Lajjo says I was practicing, I will go. Ahuja says its raining a lot, how will you go. Mili asks her to stay. Lajjo says I have to go, aunty will scold me. Ahuja says I will bring umbrella. Lajjo goes to change. She walks on the road in rain. She does not get any taxi.

A goon comes in the diamond shop and aims at Nikhil. He shoots and Mamta screams.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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