Jodha Akbar 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salim comes to Fatima bi’s house, she opens gate and says prince you, Salim says someone kidnapped me, please save me, she takes him in her hut, she makes him sit and ask Wadir to get water for him, Salim says they will kill me, Jalal didn’t come to save so I ran from there, Fatima says don’t worry, I wont let anything happen to you, Qadir gives him water, Fatima wsays you are safe here, I will take you to palace, Salim says I will not go there, I will not go to Jalal, he is bad, he didn’t even come to save me, Fatima says don’t say like this, she says I will see outside if they are here or not.
Maan says to Jalal that I couldn’t find Salim, Jalal says where he could have been, I will go and see him myself, Dasi comes and says Fatima bi has come, Jalal ask to call her in, she comes in with Salim behind her back, she greets Jalal and says I have brought your asset, Salim comes out from behind, all are happy to see him, Salim angrily looks at Jalal, he recalls how Jalal punished him then how he made him stand under sun, then how Jalal didn’t come to save him, Jodha comes to Salim and caresses his face but Salim leaves from there and hugs Ruks, Ruks says you are fine my prince, she kisses him and hugs him and says I missed you a lot, Jodha thanks Fatima bi and kisses her hands, she says you have given me breaths back, I will be in your debt, Jalal says to Salim that you are strong, come hug me, Salim doesn’t move, Jodha ask him to forward, Salim hides behind Ruks and stares at Jalal, Ruks says Salim is in fearful state, I will make him eat something first, don’t know if he has eaten anything or not, Jalal yes yes go and make him eat, Ruks takes Salim from there, Jalal and Jodha are happy.

Scene 2
kids are playing, Haidar says I have got something very important, he shows them a drink (wine) and says I have seen King and his ministers drinking and becoming chill, it must be good, Murad looks at it, Salim comes there, Murad says heir is highness so he will drink first, Murad says this is drink and who drinks it, feels good, Salim says really, Murad and haidar nods, Salim drinks it and says this is very bitter, Haidar ask him to drink more and it will look nice, Salim drinks more, then he gives Qutub, then Daniyal drinks, then Murad drinks, then haidar too drinks, they are inebriated, Salim says its bitter but good, they all started laughing.
Salim is going in drunken state, he listens music and goes to room, some dasies are dancing, they stop seeing SAlim, Salim ask them to sing and dance and if you love your lives then follow my order, he sit and pushes them to dance, you are my servants, dance, dasies start dancing, Salim finds wine there and drinks it, he finds fruits there, and ask dasi to bring it, she brings, Jalal is going from that way, he is talking with Todar, he finds Salim’s voice and says what Salim is doing there and music is also playing there, Jalal goes In and is shocked to find dasies dancing and Salim enjoying it, Salim says keep dancing, I am heir, Salim drinks wine, Jalal gets angry, all dasies stops seeing Jalal, Salim ask why did you stop, keep dancing, Jalal looks at Salim and slaps him hard, he says did you drink wine? who gave you wine? Dasi says he took it himself, we tried to stop him but he.. Jalal ask them to leave, Jalal ask Salim to come, Salim says I want to see dance, Jalal slaps him again and says now I will show you something else.

Scene 3
Jalal brings Salim to weighing machine and says you know what it is? this is balance of justice, one side is humanity and other is faith, this qualities are needed for king, we all were great king and now you ruining our name, what was that, Salim says I was not wsrong, you find everything wrong in me, then you punishe me than you say it was learning, I am heri, jalal says you know the meaning of heir? he has powers but that doesn’t mean you will use it wrongly, power will be taken from you if you abuse it, Salim says you also used your powers to punish me, Jalal says yes because for king son and nations is equal, Jalal says king needs to learn how to help nation, he needs to know what justice means, Jalal says to Salim that you doesn’t even deserve to stand infront of weighing machine, you doesn’t deserve to be heir, Salim says you are bad, Jalal raises his hand to slap him, Jodha says what are you doing, Jalal says I would have done this before., jodha says look at him, he mistakenly drank wine but you deliberately raised your hand on him, Jalal ask dasi to take SAlim from there, Salim leaves, Jalal says to Jodha that come with me.
Salim in his room recalls how Jalal slapped him and how he gave lecture to him, Salim comes to weighing machine, he takes fire lamp in his hand.
Jalal says to Jodha that you are coming in my way, Jodha says its about my son, you are doing wrong see the results, Jalal says its because of your love that Salim has become stubborn, Jodha says what you think, if you will be biter with him then he will be more stubborn, love can be won by love only, Jalal says I have seen in his eyes, betrayal for me, hatred for me, he think he can do anything with power, jodha says but he is child only, he doent know how to use powers and your anger is destroying us, Jalal says I am just making him walk on right path, Jodha says I am worried if Salim lost the path.

PRECAP- Jalal says let Salim see the ground of war, he will now be no more son of Jalal so he will get no advantage of it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now Salim is also a drunker.

  2. at a later stage he will be compltly aganst jalal,jodha,,,,,,,,,will revolt aganst him n ruks take al d advvatge of dis situation

  3. Rukaiya is a filthy b*t*h

  4. Phir se 18th december ko ek leap……

    1. Kitne yrs ka leap aanewala h??

  5. Salim is going to face war like a common soldier…

  6. Posssibly Salim will meet Anarkali as a comman man.

  7. Jalal is trying to bring salim on right path bt jodha is shwng her mthrly love…

    1. I think she has a point.. love can win love. You give your children love and they will be highly motivated by love to give love. But at the same time don’t spoil them or else they will get rotten

  8. Now the focus may be on Salim Anarkali story..

  9. Ruks is succeding in her plans with so ease
    there will be grt difficulty to handle salim afterwards

  10. Yeah! Do u knw who will become salim n aanarkali??

  11. Ravi Bhatia as Salim but Anarkali ?

  12. Can i ask u 1 thing tumhare paas itna historical knowledge kaha se aaya??
    Me rooz yaha comments read karti hu…

  13. I do not like what is happening in this soap salim has become so rude to his parents and he is always whining about everything he is not giving his parents a chance to show their love to him he salim just jumps to conclusions all the time and that is because of ruks who instilled all this hatred in him salim did not even wait for jalal or jodha to save him he just jumped to the conclusion that they hate him so they will not come to save him he salim needs to know that his parents did come to save him I agree jalal took toooooooooooo long to go and get him but neverthe less he did go including jodha who put her life on the line for her son it is about time that they put salim to sit down and have a serious talk with him he is out of control for a child his age look how ridiculous he is carrying on drinking wine and looking at dancers and all the time using his power as heir to get what he wants I thing salim needs to be straightened out seriously he is a child act like a child and stop being so rude and stubbon and jodha please take hold of you child before it is toooooooooo late and stop letting ruks take care of salim I feel if ruks did not influence salim from the beginning he would have been a better child so jodha take charge from now on and jalal beating salim is not the answer talk to him sternly and show him more that you love him all better than life itself

  14. Oh poor child! This is really bad. And it’s all Ruks’ fault! Oh the injustice!! Daughter of Jezebel!!

  15. Hi guys …. N akira dear u here !!! So u come here ! Ok ok …. I m also an oldie of JA TU … Nice to c u here ! Hi shreya n all come fast guys ! N all the newbies welcome to this site …. 🙂

    1. Yes i come here sometimes…

  16. This is what Ruk wanted. I wonder when her cup will become full.

  17. Ruks is vry selfish….

  18. if ruk is selfish den jo……..nothing to say abt her……but i can say dat she doesnt desearvs to b muz… any rate…..!!!

  19. pooja pihal is anarkali

  20. Der r few mental retards here…a filthy b*t*h lik ryqaiya is a shame in d name of womanhood

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