Humsafars 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zaki refusing to marry Samaira and says he loves Jahanara/ Arzoo. He says he will marry only Arzoo. Sahir gets shocked and angry. Zaki repeats that he will marry only Arzoo. Sahir asks what about Samaira’s baby. Zaki says she is lying and I will prove it. She wants to bind me in the relation. I loves Arzoo. He reminds him of his love and asks him to close his eyes and think. Sahir recalls his moments with Arzoo as he closes his eyes. Zaki says there is a love in Arzoo’s anger too. I didn’t ask anything from God till now, but now asking her. I will make her mine and no one can come in between us. Sahir gets doctor’s call. He asks him to come fast.

Kurti Apa and Anam come to Samaira. Kurti Apa calls her choti begum and asks her to rest as it is not good to sit in this condition. Anam asks her not to strain herself in this condition. Kurti Apa shows the balm and says it will relax you. Anam gives her favourite chocolates. Samaira thanks and hugs her. She says having a sister is a good feeling and calls Anam as her sister. Anam and Kurti Apa ask her not to worry. Samaira says Zaki is mad about Arzoo and asks who is there in her which is not in her. Kurti Apa says she does black magic. I have seen her keeping taveez. Samaira says that’s why Zaki has changed overnight. He used to talk to me so much. Kurti Apa says she might do black magic on you. Anam gives her taveez and asks her to wear it to keep off evil eye. Kurti says she got it from a big maulvi. Anam asks her to stay away from Arzoo as she is very dangerous. Samaira asks what about Zaki. Anam says he will be with you within 24 hours. Just see our moves.

Arzoo recalls Zaki’s supporting words that Arzoo is silent because of the house respect. Zaki comes and thanks her for her doings. He says sorry for the humiliation and insult which she faced for him. Arzoo says she supported him as she trusts him. She doesn’t want Sahir’s reputation to be ruined. She says I know that you can’t do that. Zaki says samaira is not ready to do the paternity test. Arzoo says I am ready. She says we have to take Samaira’s blood sample to the hospital for the test. Sahir comes to the hospital and sees Zeenat. He angrily tells her that you can’t make me lose this time. I won’t lose. I will fulfill the promise. Doctor comes and tells Sahir that Zeenat showed improvement and moved her fingers. He says he talked to the doctor and she can come out of coma. Sahir looks at her and says he don’t have time. He won’t waste even a second now.

Zaki asks Arzoo to come and get the blood sample. Arzoo asks him to come with her. They get Samaira’s room. Samaira speaks in sleep that you can’t do anything. Zaki says lets go. Arzoo says you have to prove yourself innocent naa. She says she will go after taking blood samples. Zaki hides. Arzoo takes the blood from Samaira’s hand using seringe. Samaira wakes up and thinks it is mosquito bite. Arzoo and Zaki hides. Samaira sleeps again. They run outside her room.

Sahir awaits in the hospital while Zeenat is still in comatose state. He calls Rahman and tells him that they will sign a new deal. He asks how much profit he wants. He says time has ended for game. Rahman says I don’t know that Sahir would bend so soon. Sahir asks him to cut the crap and says he is ready to sign the deal. He offers him 50 % profit. Rahman says he don’t have time as Zaki and Samaira’s marriage is not yet announced. He offers to give him deal and DVD and disconnects the call. Sahir fumes looking at Zeenat.

Zaki tells Sahir that he loves Arzoo and even Arzoo loves him so much. Sahir says she loves only money. Zaki asks how can you say that. Sahir says he will get the proofs and says she will say him I love you. Zaki gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. so quick. Nice n thanks to h hasan.

  2. precap- oh no!

  3. Sahir is starting to annoy me… like come on sometimes promises need to be broke or not fulfilled for the good of the people around you… Sahir wants to prove to zennat that he can do what she said he couldn’t but in the process he is ruining no only his own life but zaki and arzoo’s aswell… he needs to open his eyes and move on from the past no matter how difficult it may be… a little effort can go a long way… People who bring you down and tell you that you cant do something or bring you down do not deserve to be in your life or to be listen to… Going past all that amazing acting from the actors…

  4. Thank yo h hasan

  5. precap…Oh no…arzoo is gonna accept his proposal because she is also love with sahir … So duo bhai going to think bad about her… Bad time for arzoo…:-(

  6. oh ho no yaar.this not fair.duo brother r doing whatever they think.but no one of them is wt arzoo will go through.maybe sahir ur going act that u love doing this may be u can fullfill ur wife wish.but by doing this u make a innconet girl cry.arzoo will never forgive u both brother.thanks for update.

  7. Read in fb that Arzoo will not accept his proposal as Sahir has never understood Arzoo…if so he would have supported her during pregnancy drama but he didn’t thence Arzoo rejects…

  8. not happy about promo

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