Jodha Akbar 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha is sitting on stone while khaibar is sleeping, she tries to grab her saree which khaibar has tucked in his hairs, jodha finally gets successful, she thinks that this is the time to run from here, I wish I find some village, she starts walking and says that I will walk by the bank of lake so that I will find some village, jalal on other hand says to his soldiers to walk by bank of lake as that beast will be around it, khaibar wakes up and doesn’t find jodha there, he shouts in anger. jodha looks around lake and says no village can be seen here, maybe its on other side of lake, she tries to cross the lake and thinks that its not deep, I will cross it, she is walking in lake and suddenly falls, she starts drowning in it and ask for help, kahibar is finding her and jalal too. jodha shouts for jalal, jalal and his forces come to lake side, munim says that we didn’t find any clue about them, jalal says I feel we should starts seeing from the start of this lake, they go there. khaibar on mountain end shouts for jodha’s name, jodha is drowning in lake, one person takes her out from lake and his is not shown.

Scene 2
at night, jodha is lying unconscious in some hut, she gets conscious and thinks that finally I have come in some village, maybe someone saved me and brought me here, khaibar comes there, jodha ask did you take me out from lake? khaibar says yes and is angry on jodha, jodha around in hut, she thinks that this not a village but only hut, but who lives here? she says food is also cooked here, maybe khaibar has threw them out, she says to khaibar that how many homes will you destroy, jalal is right, you are beast not a human. khaibar gives her some clothes, jodha thinks that this is not good to wear someone else’s cloth without asking but my clothes are wet and what if that affect my children, I have to save Mughal heirs so I will wear clothes, she takes clothes from khaibar and ask him to go out as she has to change, khaibar ask what, she says go out, I cant change infront of you, go out, khaibar understands and go out.
munim says to jalal that soldiers are tired, I think we should stop the search and will start tomorrow, jalal says I don’t want to stop but we cant find anything in night so we will rest here.
soldiers make tents, maan singh comes to jalal and says that people are gossiping about jodha, I know I cant take her side after what she did but she is like this, for truth, for innocent she can go to any length ti save them or to give them their rights, she used to do this in amer too, jalal says I know that but she took side of a criminal, just because of her ego and stubbornness, there is bitterness in our relation but I will remember your point too.

Scene 3
jodha wears common dress, khaibar looks at her and is mesmerized by her beauty, khaibar sees food and is about to eat it but jodha takes it from him and says don’t know for this beast I have become criminal of people, jodha brings out food in plate, khaibar is happy and eats the food, jodha says I feel like you never ate cooked food, I cant understand how can anyone force you live in jungle, you could have been a better human, you saved my life 2 times that means you have goodness but you kidnapped me for 2 times that means you have no snese as human, if you are good then why you do this, its not good to kidnap anyone, are you understanding, ok forgive me and have food.
in morning, jodha and khaibar are sleeping in hut, hut owner comes and sees them, he goes to jalal tent and informs him that he saw khaibar and jodha together in his hut, jalal and all Mughal goes to hut but khaibar has already left from there with jodha, owner says that jodha wore my wife’s dress and made food too, jalal comes in and sees food plates and jodha’s clothes, owner says that they were together whole night, jalal gets angry and looks at jodha’s dress, he says I don’t think they went far away, lets find them.

scene 4
khaibar is dragging jodha, jodha ask him to leave her, jodha gets tree branch and starts beating khaibar with it, khaibar gets wounded, jodha stops and feels bad, she says try to understand khaibar, i couldn’t see you in pain in jail so i made you run from there but now i have to give you pain, please let me go, my family must be worried for me, let me go, jodha cries, khaibar comes closer and tries to wipe her tears but jodha moves back and ask him to let her go, khaibar listens some horses sound and takes jodha there, jalal comes there and says that beast will be alert by listening the horses sound so we will walk from here, jalal sharif and soldiers starts walking in jungle.
khaibar is looking around in jungle, he sees jalal coming and says no, jalal sees him, kahibar comes to jodha and lifts her up and goes from there, jalal says who was he, maan says he cant be khaibar as he cant speak but who ever he was he now knows that we are in jungle, jalal says ok we will travel by horse but will go from other side of junle.
khaibar is taking jodha, jodha sits and says i am feeling hungey, khaibar says ok and goes to get some food for her, jodah goes from there, she sees some men and comes to them, she tells them that i am jodha begum of Mughal saltanat, one beast kidnapped me, you just take me to agra than you will get reward, they ask jodha who dared kidnapp her, jodha says leave that but just take me from here, they take jodha from there.
jalal comes to some village people, one man says we got afraid that robbers came here, some robbers are there in jungle and they come , take our everything, jalal ask sharif to go in jungle and finish that robbers, he ask how these robbers look like?
jodha is walking with group of men, they look lustily at jodha, jodha ask why did you stop here? one man says that before selling her in market, we should enjoy her, they says that we are robbers not any village people, they surround jodha, jodha says don’t come near me, stay away from me.

PRECAP- jodha has fallen in deep dig, jalal comes in dig by tying rope around his waist, khaibar also comes in dig to save jodha, they both extend their hands to jodha to save her, jalal angrily looks at khaibar, jodha looks at jalal and tries to take his hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. will khabet die in accident or be killed is suspense, what is reaction of shahansha after meeting jodha is worth to see.

  2. Oh nooooo i think jalal will save jodha but nowadays kaibar is becoming hero…….

  3. Arun i heard that jalal will kill khyber not confirmr

  4. But ddeksa i read that its a confirmed news and kaibar death scene’s shoiting is also over…i pray jalal only save jodha not kaibar

  5. Ya rasia : that confirm but i was saying that did jalal will khyber or he will be died in accident by helping jodha

  6. Nice epi. Khaiber is taking care of jodha more than jalal loved it. But writers pls end dis crap sequence and make jalal and jodha 2gthr. We want 2 see more akdha romance.I hope jalal should save jo not khiaber so that they can share a nice moment.

  7. No jalal will kill her that ive read..

  8. precap is intresting
    but i felt very bad peoples rumours about jo

  9. Precap is awesome.

  10. jalal will kill her that ive read..

  11. Hope jalal will save her…oh i forgot its also confirmed news that jalal will save her…just waiting fr tomorrow…

  12. is really jalal ,angry on jodga or pretends

  13. is really jalal angry on jodha or pretends

  14. Khab will die I know for a fact on offscreen pictures

  15. in promo shahansha is ready to marry atifa, after khaiber’s death this track may start…

    1. Arun i think ita a dream of jodha when jalal will tell her that she is goung to marry aatifa…

  16. too much irritating track!!!
    too much disgusting promo!!!
    too much stupid khaiber!!!
    too much of everything is going on!

  17. What the scrap is this , they are re writing the history , they even not have minimum sense, they able to rewrite the ramayan and maha bharat also

  18. Hey loves
    Hey guys sorry to beep so late

  19. Hey can some1 plz tell me if jalaal is pretending to be in love wit atifa or is he really in love wit her

  20. unfortunately it seems that he is really in love with atifa! @sas

    1. Nooooooo plz dont tell this jalal cant be……. :-{

  21. Thanks for updating.

  22. I think khiber dies while rescuing jodha…
    Then jalal comes to know that khiber is an innocent creature.
    Then he comes to know the real intensions of jodha for protecting khiber.
    I think that jalal is pretending his love towards atifa to know some secret from her…

  23. Guys any1 there. Its raining nd i m getting bored. Plz some1 come online.

  24. Happy Independence day to u all
    Pakistan 🙂
    And and now back to serial
    I hated it personally
    No love shown
    No effect bw jalal and atifa damnnnnn !!!
    I wonder why jalal is behaving strange
    Though the under and over should love
    Of jodha the mother of his E heir
    But ohhhhh 🙁
    Why why u writer
    And ekta you r playing with our love fellings
    This drama has become the moral
    Of what is love
    And you have describe it only for girl not an importance of boYs

  25. Any1 there . Listen my thoughts about the promo: i think that jalal or jodha is dreaming that jalal marring with but there is a hint which i think that thats a dream . Let me tell you saw the promo in which jalal marring but where are others ruks
    ,atifas husband . In benerzis case there were all attending marriage then why not this time. It MEANS JODHA/JALAL/ATIFA HAS A DREAM

  26. Hi guys ! HAPPY InDePeNdEnCe Day to all who r in PAKISTAN ! And ya the epi was as boring as it was expected to be . Don’t know wat’s gonna happen !! And i heard somewhere that JODHA AKBAR is soon going to take a leap and will show salim anarkali track . Don’t know but if this will happen i m surely not going to watch this show further . Stupid Ekta and her cv’s .

  27. Ya i also think so deeksha that it is a dream . Because if jalal will save jodha then their misunderstanding will be clear also how this can happen . I think its a dream of jodha .

  28. I hope it will a dream

  29. And sorry not for commenting in last episode cause our net was cut brcousr of
    [email protected] [email protected]
    Where as I am happy today.
    And Aldo sad for today’s episode
    🙁 😉
    Panic situation

  30. I agree with aryan its just 2 much of crap being shown producers imagination working overtime

  31. Hi guys! Anyone there!

  32. Ya me but i am late

  33. Hahahahha
    I am going to see nearly
    Hot s*x oh f**k on
    http://Www.Hot couple s*x nude.daily motion

  34. Hi guys! Getting bored any one there !

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