Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Manik comes out of the swimming then tells Nandini to follow her to his bedroom. Nandini says that why does she has to go there. Manik reminds her of the rules and says that no questions. In the bedroom he tells her to clean it up and that he’ll be back. Nandini is disgusted to see the room but has no choice therefore starts to clean it up. Manik comes and tells her that he’ll be back in an hour and that it would sad to leave her.
Navya is angry at Manik and an ideas comes to her mind and says to Mata Rani to forgive her. She takes the money out of the box and starts counting and then starts thinking about Harshad. She recives a call an is amazed to see that it is Harshad. Harshad has invited her for coffee and she cannot control herself. Navaya has cleaned the room and decides to play the guitar. Manik comes and says that if the 25 lack wasn’t enough then she shouldn’t touch anything else. Manik says that he is impressed to see and says that this means you have done work as maid before. He gives her some money and tells her about rule 4 that is not to talk until told. He says that he is hungry and gives the signal to Nandini to follow him. Nandini is furious but has no choice.
Navaya is waiting anxiously for Harshad and when he comes she loses herself. He asks if she is okay and she replies and says that she is fine. She tries to talk in English and says that how do you do? Harshad replies and says that he is fine and asks her if she wants coffee. She tells him that she wants the coffee and tells him of the amount of sugar and coffee in it. Harshad says that you drink light coffee unlike him who drinks strong coffee. She says that from today she’ll drink coffee of his style. He wakes navya from her dream.
Manik is eating dinner and tells the buttler to go away as Nandini is there. Nandini asks the thing Manik wants to eat and he refuses them one by one. He asks her if she is hungry and when she says no he tells her to keep standing. Manik gets a cough while eating and Nandini gives him a glass of water. Harshad thanks Navya for coming to meet him. The coffee arrives and after drinking it Navya tells her of why Nandini is doing Manik’s work. She tells him that Nandini does not have the money that’s why is working as Manik’s spot girl. Harshad says that he will deal with Manik as he can expect such an act from Manik.
Dhruv gets an attack and his mother calls Manik. Manik tells nandini to pick up the phone but when Nandini says the name Dhruv and attack Manik quickly runs and grabs the phone. Dhruv’s mother tells him of the situation and Manik quickly runs with the guitar to Dhruv’s house while Nandini yells sir. Manik arrives in his car and Nandini follows him in an Auto she sees that what Manik is doing. Dhruv is breaking things in his bedroom and Manik starts to play the guitar from outside the door. Dhruv unlocks the door and Manik goes inside and calms Dhruv down.
Nandini comes inside the room and Dhruv moms say to Manik that why did that night came in their life. Nandini sees the star and remembers it all. Manik looks furiously at nandini. Harshad and Navya are talking about the Fab 5 when Muktii and Cabir come and mock them. Cabir starts making a video of the two and almost they get in a fight and Navya stops them. Harshad says that as long as he is here the Fab 5 can’t harm her and Nandini. Manik comes out and throws Nandini and asks that what she is doing here. She asks that what happened to Dhruv he says that it is none of her business. She tells him that she is following him just a shadow as he said. Manik says that you are dumb and tells her to get out. He leaves the place and comes back and tells her to stay away from Dhruv.

Precap: Navya asks Nandini that why she is talking about Manik all the time. Nandini says that she is very badly trapped in all of this. Nayva says that she and Harshad had made a plan to teach manik a lesson by using his weakness that is Dhruv. Harshad takes Dhruv’s guitar and breaks it in front of him.

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