Jo bhi kahenge log tum sirf meri hai abhigya ts part 4

Abhi was crying saying pragya why do u love me so much I feel I’m not worthy of ur love pragya sat beside him n took his hands in hers n said no abhi pls don’t say ur not worthy I always love u abhi saw pragya with intense emotions racing up in his mind a wave of guilt passed in his heart

Here purab wiped his tears n went to his home he thought to spend sometime in ashram where he used to go with bulbul he went to his car n drove towards that ashram.
That girl in ashram says I love u too purab but my situation makes me far from u yes purab I love u unconditionally suddenly air blows that girls face is revealed to be bulbul she was having tears in her eyes
Thodu vanam thodukingra velai tholaivinil pogum athu tholaindhida pogum song plays

Here abhi hugged pragya both remained in that peaceful embrace abhi shared his pain with pragya n pragya too both were relieved now abhi face still had a tinge of guilt pragya understood it she immediately crushed her lips on his abhi responded passionately. Pragya made abhi lie in her lap abhi was feeling somekind of peace engulfing his heart so he drifted into dreams.pragya was now happy as God answered all her prayers n her kumkum bhagya will always be with her with his both drifted to peaceful n colourful dreams

Purab reached ashram he saw someone covering their face with a hood when that girl brushed past him he felt it was his bulbul he turned to see her but she disappeared out of blue so brushed his thoughts aside n went inside n played with children here bulbul was crying thinking after how many days she saw purab she wanted to hug but couldn’t do it.

Precap abhi proposing pragya n bulbul n abhigya meet

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Saranya di I feel proud of u as u took part in jalikattu protest. I too whole heartedly support jallikattu as tamilians it is our duty to preserve our tradition nn sorry if I had hugged anyone.

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