Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 40) season 2

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Thank u frnds for ur commands. here s one short update… hope u lik it.. dont forget to command…

Episode 40

Yuvraj gets call from somu, he came out of his unwanted flashback , he sees her name flashing in moble, he ignores …phone continuously rings……finally he attend her call…
“yuvraj!! wen u come… am waiting for u….” she said
“somu uuuuu….. cant u let me to drive.… whr s suhani?” I asked her.. “haan haan she s also with me…”
“r u mad y u took suhani with u…. u know tat temple s long….way.. u know its not safe for suhani to journey at this time..” – I show my anger on her ..”yuvraj!!! no need to remember about tat…. I promise u, I will take care of suhani… then y u r not understand me…..”
“I wil come 5 min…” I cuts the call…. Again flash back ……….
.”yuvraj and suhani were in car, suh in phone:
haan somu we will reach farm house…due to rain its get dealy…. U and All other were reach safe na….dont worry yuvraj s with me….. inform to maa also…she may get tension… ”she cuts the call..”somu bhi na…. she took over tension for me….pagal laadki.”she said herself..
I see her and thinks”I don’t thinks so she took tension for u… she s a liar…” I thinks to talk about her with suhani.. slowly I start…

“suhani…. I want to share u something, but before tat u must listen me…don’t talk in between ok!”
“mmm but u promise me don’t talk about somu…., yuvraj I told u na , she changed no need to doubt her,.. u think much, tat s y u doubt her…..”she was almost get wat I want to talk with her….
Yuv- ”suhani… u wont believe me right..ok I think somu behaving strange…. Cant u see …. She tries to came between us…she did anything and make us fight….” –I said.
“no yuvraj, she did lot for us , she make this farm house plan for us.. but rags bahabi spoiled and see now total family went there.. tats not somu fault…”
I start looking road….and thinks “its her fault suhani… I think this also her plan.. but u cant see tat…” she s also looking outside….. rain start heavily and I want to spend with my wife without any disturbance..especially without somu…”suhani, I feel let v wait for some time here, bcz rain s heavy its not safe to move ahead…” .she silently noded…
I saw one hut, just then I parked our car, she was still upset with me..she was standing in rain… v both completely wet… I hold her hand and took her inside hut, she choose one corner and standing there..
I found one towel and start dry my wet hair, I saw her shivering…. I headed towards her… and covering her with towel , she look at me blank… “still u r upset with me ah?- iasked her.
“haan, u doubt my frnd ? I accept she did bad in our past but…somu…”

she was about to talk..more..but I put my finger on her lips saying”somu somu somu…ful time u remember only somu? Cant u remember v got married and am ur husband…yuvraj birla..! bus ab nahi.. its only time for mr & mrs birla.. can u get tat..” – I get close to her.holding her hand….
. she was almost in rage of blushing ”tat s not lik tat yuvraj, I just make u understand somu s changed…mm par ab tume romance karne ka mood hai toh thik hain..wat happened to u today u r in romantic mood…?”-she widens her eyes to me… I was totally taken away by her talk…
“kya matlap hi suhani???”- I asked her, playfully…. “ab tum iss tara mere haath pakadne ka toh yehi matlap samaj aaya hume..”-she too playfully smiles thinking tat am an idiot not understand her talk..
“suhani… I don’t have any idea about to romance, but ab I got an idea… here s no disturbance , no one can come inbetween us…”
“acha. Kya karogi tum….mere haat pakdogi ya muje hug karogi?” she moves back saying tat…..
I too headed towards her, which makes her bp increased… I can see her tensed faced…
I hold her hand and pulls , “yeh kargi hum(I do this)” …i slowly took her duppatta and rolled it in my hands..
she gets kinda nerveous about my behavior and hide herself by her hands and wet hair, “ab tume kya laga tension mei ho(now u tensed right?)” she looks down… I get closed , I make her laying in floor, she was hold my wet shirt tight..
I buried my face in her neck hook, she rounded my neck by her hands, we both busy with each other without disturbance, wen I think tat word disturb, real distruubance call us, yes somu called us,

She pushing me little and forward her hands to took her mobile, I got irrited and grabs phone from her hand, “no suhani pls, let it be, this time on one come between us even this phone,” she noded with smile , I switch off our mobiles and I too smiled… she pulls me over her….and I traced her face, with mine….. v had a liplock, which was send high voltage current throw my body, tat vibration took my life from me and took into her world….. I was lost in her and she was lost in mine… v continued our rest of night…
Its mrng, wen I open my lazy eyes and realized her hand was around me lik child… I saw our dresses away from us, just then I remembered our last night, tat was d best night in my life… I don’t know life can also bring such a wonderful day in my life, I slowly corrects her hair which not allow me to see her cute charming bubbly, face… she slowly opens her magnatic eyes and look me…”ky hua yuvraj, wat u think…?” she asked me.. “I slowly shook my head as nothing, I wish to have a baby girl lik u…..”- I said

She smiles and getsup, she covers herself by tat towel and forwards her hand to took our dress
“yuvraj, I wish to have a boy baby lik u, but it not a matter, wat baby, but u r my first baby pati…” she said with her innocent love smile…”baby patiiii????”-I frowned.. “suhani, no one can beat u in idiotic talk, u r d queen of idiotic talk!!’I smiled teasing her,
”ha ha very funny, but I smile later” she gets up and changed her dress,saying “yuvraj see its getting late, maa will get tensed , come lets go…” I too getup and v left from there…
Precap: yuvraj reached temple and walks inside, he saw suhani holding her light big belly (she was pregnant 5 months)…. Suhani was rounding temple signals him wait 5 mins, yuvraj noded, suhani starts rounding temple, after suhani left….somu- yuvraj, did u read tat letter? Yuv- gives one tight slap to somu….Wat u wrote in tat leter..

Authors note: sry for this short update frnds, fb continues,,in next update.. I hope u lik this episode and leave a command which s ur fav……am waiting…..

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    Sorry I haven’t been able to comment for so long… but this epi was truly beautiful. Their scenes were so hot and romantic… wow … I loved when they said they wanted children like each other that was so sweet. Looking forward to the next epi x

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla


  2. itz wonderful epi.yuvani scenes r cute nd very romantic.i like that line when they want children like each other its really very sweet.i loved this epi so much.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks sri dear…

  3. Its womderful episode di :-* :-*

  4. It was damn hot di.. I was blushing hard while reading it.. which hut was it di- pizza hut? 😀 Lucky hut 😀
    waiting for next epi..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      lol…napsha di… whatever the hut.. but u said right.. tat was lucky hut.

  5. A.Tejaswi

    It was a wonderful update.LOVED THE YUVANI SCENES SO SO….. MUCH.It was really too good

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u tejaswi…

  6. Avanikamdar

    It is wonderful…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks avani… tysm

  7. totally a romantic epi… girl baby, boy baby scene was too lovely.. loved tis epi a lot.. superb, superb, superb!

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks abi dear..

  8. Superb full of romance…. Yuvani ..??

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u somi. wat happened to bhargavi…

      1. Don’t know…. May b she is not coming in this site…. We too were chatting in this site n now after dat incident…. I don’t know about her

      2. Ya really…

    2. See rajshri rani …. Tellychakkar article…. She is saying to watch the show

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        ya… I read it. fans having time problem na.
        most of them can’t watch at tat time.. CLG time

  9. Neethu

    Loved the episode throughout!!! The YuvAni scenes were just fabulous:-) I’ve no words to describe this off coz its flawless!

  10. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks neethu…di..tysm..

  11. Aqsxxh

    wow this episode was so beautifullllllllll I love it! *soorry for not being able to comment*

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you aqsxxh di

  12. fully romantic episode.. superb di..

  13. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks anshi sharma

  14. fabulas epi fullon yuvaani romance heart touching moment when they want children like each other

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you ssel fans, I post tomorrow nxt epi.. stay connected…

  15. sarita sharma

    my heartbeat is so fast when i read yuvaani moment loved it yaar. yuvaani talking about baby girl and baby boys is cute

    1. Hiii…. How r u…????
      Today episode was boring…. But still ok…. Now they giving screen space to yuvan n baby…. So okay…. But they r showing illogical…. Baby was crying wearing dulhan dungdat…. Was really funny….

      I’ll not blame yuvan character…. From starting we know he can’t take correct decision…. In childhood coz of him… The sambhav came in life of yuvani…. So yuvan character seems to good n bad….

      He’s is insecure may he is thinking… Now suhani is going to shower her love for saiyaam… But I think yuvan will realize his mistake very soon

    2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks Sarita sharma… sure in upcoming also I make their love strong…

  16. Make a page for chat… @suhaniyuvraj birla…. If possible…. If it filled with kriyam ff… Atleast u try to make a page not ff for r just chat…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      whr to make a page!?? u have no account n fb na.. v have messenger group…fb group.

      1. No don’t make…. let it b… I’m not using FB n messenger

  17. Awesome episode. .
    I always like to read romantic scenes of yuvani. ..
    Just superb. ..
    Precap is also good … update asap. .

  18. sarita sharma

    i agree somi or ye cvs ki mistake h ki saiyam ko accha dikhane ke liye yuvaan ko bigaadate jaa rhe h bcs kriyam happens agar yuvaan ko brigáděnge nhi to krishna saiyam ke saath kaise settle hogi lekin cvs bhool gaye h ki issse yuvráj suhani ki image to kharab hoti h bs yahi cheej mujhe show m acchi nhi lag rhi cvs ne kriyam ko banane ke liye yuvaani ki spoil kar diya

    1. Janedo…. Hum kuch nai kar sakhte….. But baby must change…. N yuvan ka character ko thodi bahut polish karni chahiya…. Muje saiyaam n krishna kuch problem nai hai…

      Par jodi vote mai, Yuvraj n suhani ka naam kyu nai hai….??? Muje aisa lagre ki show jaldi katam ho jayegi….. Kyuki this show belongs the life of suhani…… If they r thinking to show Saiyaam n krishna as lead n give more screen space …. Its better ki show offair hi jaye….. Coz suhani is no more ladki….. Now she is mother of grown up….

      Yuvani be interview mai boli ki… Abh interesting tracks anne wale hai….

  19. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thanks vidya.. keep supporting.. upcoming also will make u happy

  20. @suhaniyuvrajbirla… U don’t have any problem na…? If we r chatting here

  21. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    no dear… I too connect with u all.. yuvani fans …am tooo happy

  22. sarita sharma

    i agree somi suhani is not ladki if kriyam as lead n more screen space i will definatily quit .yuvaani means yuvi suhani ya their daughter.interesting track to love triangle ke alawa kuch or ho nhi sakta acc to cvs pahle yuvaani somu ka lt tha ab kriyam yuvaan ka lt hoga ek baat sahi boli suhani is no more ladki .she is woman .ssel m title ke acc leap banta hi nhi tha hamesha ham yuvaani fans ko hi suffer kyu karna padta h

  23. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    sahi kaha tumne… phele title ko change karna padega.. ab shuru hogi suhani saiyam KI kahani… disgusting..

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