Kunj’s POV

I came back from work and saw Twinkle busy reading a book, looking as innocent as always. I saw her for some time but didn’t wanted to disturb her so quietly made my way to take a warm shower as I was really exhausted. I came out only to find Twinkle there with a tray of food for me.

Twinkle- I made dinner for you today. I am seeing you are not at all taking care of yourself these days which is not all good for you.

Kunj kept staring her for some time. He always loved her hand made food but today he was a little frustrated because of the office work so he bluntly told her- Twinkle, who asked you to cook for me. I am not willing to have anything please. I have lot of work to do.

Twinkle- But……Kunj…. at least have some.

Kunj- Please Twinkle, you should have at least asked me before making all this. Kunj was talking but continuously staring her.

Twinkle with a sad face took the tray and was about to leave when Kunj called her back and said- Twinkle, keep it here, I will have it later. But please next time ask me before making it. And I have a call to attend so if you can please leave.

Twinkle nodded sadly but left. Kunj knew he had hurt her again and he seriously hated it man when he was doing it. Only he was aware when he was telling all this to her how much he was hurting her and him as well. Because of the business call that he has to attend from India he could not allow Twinkle to sleep there as he doesn’t want her sleep to get disturbed, that’s why he asked her to go and again today he won’t have Twinkle next to him. At least at nights when Kunj was having sleepless nights, but seeing Twinkle sleeping peacefully would give him some peace and he could stare her and for some time forget his problems that he was facing at that time.

Kunj POV

I heard a big thud sound which broke my sleep and I realized that it was a dream. I checked the time and it was just midnight. I thought that someone has barged in my house and definitely it would be the last day or him if he has done so. I came out of my room only to find that Tyson, my pet dog, the same which I gifted Twinkle on our first anniversary, my best and only friend now. Because of the noise the guards and other maids came out to see exactly what had happened. As I reached, I asked the guards to leave and asked the maids to clean the place.

As soon as Tyson saw me, he ran towards me and jumped on my lap. He licked all over my face leaving no space for anyone to admire. He was in the best mood to play at midnight and me after playing with him went to my room but sleep was nowhere in my eyes. So, I went take a shower and came back. I tried closing my eyes as I have a flight in morning for Melbourne. When I closed again I have a face in front of me and that was of none other than Twinkle. So, he decided to do something else to distract his mind from Twinkle for some time as he had a very important meeting with Eurekas for collaboration.

He was well aware about the profit he will be making with the collaboration as Eurekas were less in profits and TK’s profit were better than ever.

Anyways, it was almost time for Kunj to leave his home. He also took Tyson with him. He started his car with Tyson on the next seat putting his head out of the window feeling the fresh air all over his face.

As Kunj reached his office to collect documents, his secretary handed Tyson for some time and guided his manager about the work he will have to look over in his absence till the time he is in Melbourne for the project. After that Kunj left for airport. He was flying in his private jet so carrying Tyson was not a big deal for anyone.

He reached Melbourne and directly from airport left for his penthouse to settle Tyson as he has to attend a party thrown by Eurekas. Tyson was little disappointed at a new place and Kunj was also leaving him but still he was busy exploring the new house. It was a introductory party thrown by Eurekas is that before meeting and collaboration Kunj and his team knows well the people working in Eurekas.

When Kunj reached the party. He saw the people from Eurekas there to meet him and take him inside where the party was being held. Though Kunj had stopped going in the parties much but today when he was about to enter the party he felt something different, someone whom he is very close to is about to meet him, but it was a mere feeling for him. He was just roaming around not much mingling with the people around there. He was just standing at the corner when he noticed a girl with around 5 feet 5 inches in height, lean and thin came in. It was quite dark as the party was in a club, so Kunj was not able to see the face properly. When the girl every one noticed her, but Kunj was observing her from far as she has similar long hair and lean body as that of Twinkle. He was shocked if the girl was Twinkle only. But then he was not sure as she was a wearing a single piece dress with thin straps on her shoulder and was looking like a model with her bare legs as her dress was reaching till her knees. Before Kunj could reach and see her face properly she left the club.

Kunj- I don’t believe this. Was she Twinkle for sure? But my Twinkle never wears western dresses, she was never comfortable in those kinds of dresses. She always uses to wear traditional dresses that covered most of the body parts but she was a wearing a single knee length dress. Like This One

Girl- Liam, I am leaving please. The same girl shouted and left the place.

When Kunj heard the voice then he was more than 100 % sure that it was Twinkle only and he was more than happy that finally he saw his Twinkle and she is Melbourne. Kunj was now very determined that he will find about Twinkle and will take her back with him.



Twinkle planned a surprise for Kunj, so that he can forget some of his work tension for some time. She decorated the room and wore a s*xy night gown. She was planning to be really bold this time, but she knows the affect Kunj has on her. Whenever he is coming near to her also makes her shiver and she blushes in front of him.

She was blushing but also planning about the special moments she wants to create with him as it’s so long they could not get intimate with each other after their first anniversary, only because they were first busy in arranging things for UV as he has proposed Chinki the very other day for marriage. So, in arranging things for UV and Chinki, both wedding and proposal, they couldn’t find time for each other and after that Kunj’s work load.

Twinkle- When Kunj will come, what will do? Should I go and kiss him hard or should I stand here showing him that I am waiting for him to have her. Oh God, I am so nervous, what should I do? Yes, as soon as he enters the room I will for sure go and hug him tightly and they will kiss him, as I know he loves that. I will also tell him, how badly I need him to make love to me.

Twinkle was thinking about all this when Kunj entered the room but as usual he was very tired and before Twinkle could say anything or Kunj could notice anything he left to change and came back and slept. Twinkle felt really bad but again she let the thought go, as Kunj was looking really very tired which was very clear from his facial expressions. Twinkle smiled looking at Kunj’s innocent face and slept.

Twinkle woke up again dreaming about Kunj and her past. She got up with a realization that Kunj was not with her and this made a tear fell from her eye.

It was really early in the morning and it’s the day when she has to reach her office a little early. It was the day when TK’s team will come and discuss about the deal.

Twinkle- I want to really look confident and beautiful because it will increase the chances of collaboration by few percent’s as what Mr. Liam use to say. It’s funny how looks matter a lot even if you want to ignore the world.

Twinkle got ready and made breakfast and kept for UV and Chinki. She also left a note for them, telling about her office schedules and most important thing she did not forget to write was that she will be late while coming back from office.

Twinkle was really excited about the deal and of course she will be meeting the TK’s team and of course the founder of that company as he is one of the most famous and reputed businessman.

Twinkle reached office and she straight went to Mr. Liam’s cabin as she has to discuss few points from him about the meeting that was going to be held in after an hour.

As soon as Twinkle entered Mr. Liam’s room she found a person standing facing Mr. Liam and his back was towards Twinkle. She was suspicious about that man as he was looking very much similar to Kunj but the only difference was his hair style, it was quite different from Kunj.

Liam- My PA is here. As soon as Mr. Liam introduced her to the person her turned and it was the most shocking thing that Twinkle was expecting. It was Kunj, her ex-husband. Twinkle’s smile faded away but not to the extent that he can catch her nervousness.

Twinkle- Good Morning, Mr. Liam.

Liam- Twinkle, meet Mr. Kunj Sarna, CEO and founder of TK and Mr. Kunj, this is my secretary Ms. Twinkle.

Twinkle held her out for handshake and said- Nice meeting you Mr. Sarna. Twinkle said keeping her eyes locked with Kunj, not to let him realize that she was shocked and nervous meeting Kunj, after such a long time and her smile was also better.

Kunj also did the same and as soon as Kunj held her hand, she felt a shiver ran down her whole body which made it difficult for her to concentrate and Kunj was also no less he held her hand in a firm grip like he will never let her go away from his life again.

Kunj turned to Liam and said while he still held Twinkle’s hand- I must say Mr. Liam, you have a very beautiful secretary. This made Twinkle’s heart jump like anything, it was not the first time Kunj complimenting her, but with his intimidating looks and smile, it felt like first time to Twinkle.

Twinkle tried to pull away her hand but he held it in a possessive grip and to Twinkle’s utter shock, he kissed her knuckles and looked at Twinkle, much aware that by now Twinkle must be feeling butterflies in each and every inch of her body and smirked looking at her.

Liam- Yes, I know very pretty.

In the meanwhile, Twinkle managed to free her hand from his hold and she didn’t even say thanks to him and tried her best possible to ignore his presence.

Liam- Twinkle, please make all necessary arrangements as the meeting is going to start in next 45 minutes.

Twinkle- Yes, Liam. She turned to Liam ignoring Kunj’s constant stare at her.

Liam- Mr. Sarna, please make yourself comfortable and feel free to ask anything.

Twinkle was about to leave Liam office thinking that she will be out of Kunj’s gaze but before that Kunj asked a question which gave a shock of her life.

Kunj- Are you married?

Twinkle and Mr. Liam both were shocked as this kind of question is not expected and <r. Liam being a professional and protective about his all employees esp. Twinkle didn’t like him asking this but before he could reply anything Twinkle composed herself and replied- No, but most probably by the end of this year as my boyfriend is very eager to get married.

Twinkle left not before looking at Kunj who was by now very angry and jealous to what Twinkle has said.

Twinkle didn’t feel good but what she saw was he was really angry but why he was doing this and why now he wants to all of this. With this thought Twinkle left the cabin to make all the arrangement.

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