Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: People pray to bhagwan pondrik.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa doing Pooja and aarti of pondrik in his palace. Everyone throws flowers on pondrik. After the Pooja, kansa says bhagwan pondrik, you are great. Pondrik says my child, don’t worry, everything will be fine because I am bhagwan pondrik, lord vishnu’s avatar! Kansa sends bhagwan, please stop doing all this and first make those people believe that you are lord vishnu’s avatar. Pondrik says you call me bhagwan but done trust me? I will do everything right. Pondrik goes. Kansa says that foolish pondrik thinks he is vishnu’s avatar, even he doesn’t know that kanha is that vishnu’s avatar, we are just using this fool so that all people believe he is their god, then that kanha wont be able to do anything. Kansa laughs.
Sudhama is with his siblings and he says lets pray to my govinda, he will give us food. Sudhama’s brother says he will give us anything? Sudhama smiles and says yes. Brother then says I want malpua’s brother. Sudhama’s sister says I want anything, even a roti is enough as I am hungry. Sudhama and his siblings pray and then sudhama says we have to wait, let our govinda give us food, till then we will walk towards kashi.
In vrindavan, all people are sitting near the banyan tree and a man says we should go back now and do the Pooja of bhagwan pondrik, he is our god. Kanha comes and says what are you all doing? Pondrik is not your god. Damodar says we have seen it kanha, pondrik has divya powers, he is our god. Kanha says no damodar kaka, even kansa has powers but does that mean he is your god? No. Pondrik is a demon sent by kansa, kansa has planned this all. Damodar says if pondrik was a demon then he wouldn’t have helped us and he wouldn’t have looked divya with such good powers. Kanha says then where was pondirk when kansa always sent demons to vrindavan and gokul to kill all people? Why didn’t pondrik come and save everyone? A man says maybe you are also right kanha, but pondrrik is our god because he helped. We have to go and do his Pooja. The people go.
Kanha says I have to stop them otherwise they will make pondrik their god and kansa will be successful in his plan. Kanha goes.
There as sudhama walks ahead with his brother and sister, he sees some people near a cave and a man tied at the cave entrance. The man’s wife and children cry and say please leave my husband, please save him someone. The people turn a blind eye and they all go away leaving the man tied. Sudhama comes and says what happened? Why are you crying and why has this man been tied? The wife says he is my husband and he has been tied because a demon lives inside this cave and every Amavasya night he is offered a person from our village as his food, if we don’t then that demon will kill everyone in our village, today is my husband’s turn, no one can defeat that demon. Sudhama has tears. The children cry and say please save our father, please. The man says it is no use, you all go, today I have to die. The woman cries and says please save him. sudhama looks at the children as they cry at his feet and say save our father brother. Sudhama says mata, my parents died because of me, they left this world for me, I cannot see someone else’s father taken away like this, I will do something to save your husband. This demon will not trouble anyone from now.
In vrindavan, everyone is doing Pooja of pondrik. Kanha and radha come. Kanha says stop this all, this pondrik is a fraud, he is fooling you and he is no god. Pondrik says I am not fooling anyone, I am their god. Kanha says oh yes? If you were a god then you wouldn’t go everywhere announcing that you are a god. Pondrik says child, I am their god. Radha says you are a liar, you are wearing my gwala kanha’s dress and flute, you have dressed like him. Kanha says he is dressed as me. People say that is true. Pondrik says you are a fake kanha, where did you get your flute and your dress and this brass things and gold you wear? Kanha says I am a fake? I am not fake. Radha says I have given this flute to kanha. Kanha says and this brass was given to me by my father, it belongs to him, and my mother has given me my gold and dress. Kanha says what has pondrik done for you people till now? if you are their god what can you do for them? Pondrik says I can do anything. Pondrik closes his eyes and he starts raining wheat grains in vrindavan. Radha gets angry and kanha is worried for the people. All people get happy and say yes bhagwan pondrik ki jai, he is our god.

Precap: Sudhama prays to kanha to save the man’s life. Kanha tries to convince all people that pondrik is a fraud.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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