Someone’s POV:

Two long years it has been. I have not seen him. I have don’t have him. I am away from the love of my life, just living my life but no reason to live. I want to hug him and cry out but no I can’t. I cannot even tell him how much I love him. I want to shout out that I have never ever loved anyone so much in my entire life.

I am here staying in this motel from last two years just to hide myself and earning just to pay y my bills. I have not gone out from my room since a week. I am feeling so depressed and weak. I can’t take this anymore, I can’t sit like this anymore. I need some fresh air.

The girl gets dressed and leaves her room to get some fresh air. She goes and sit in the coffee shop when she heard someone calling her name from the crowd. She turns and looks around from where the voice was coming from. She could make it out that the voice was familiar and she knows whose voice it was but still once she just wanted to be sure, it is him only.

Finally, she saw the face and after a long time a cute and beautiful smile was lingering on her lips.

Girl- UV, how are you? It’s been so long I have not seen you. I have missed you all so much dear.

UV who was genuinely happy seeing her, hugged her tightly and both were not able to hold back their tears. She also hugged him with all his strength as she was feeling so weak at that time. After so many days she was feeling warmth of someone who really cares for her existence.

UV- Twinkle, where have you been? You know we all searched for you so much? I am quite sure whose mistake it would have been, but at least you should have come to me or Chinki. But you, you suddenly vanished.

UV after a brief pause seeing her weak condition just wiped her tears with his thumbs- Twinkle don’t cry, please. I am here. You are just like a sister to me and you know that. Tell me what happened. Why you left without saying anything. Why you decided to di…divorce him?

Twinkle after listening his words and questions just hugged and cried taking all the pain out, making his shirt wet with her tears.

UV at that time realized it’s not a good time to ask something like this as she was already broken and his questions will break her more so he just tried make her calm down and took her inside the coffee shop where she already had ordered her coffee. UV joined her and both of them kept quiet and were having their coffee, only just in middle UV was asking about her and about her health. She just answered in word to his questions. It was very clear from her face that she was suffering a lot and too much from a long time.

After sometime of silence Twinkle finally spoke- UV, please, take me from here. I don’t want to stay here anymore.

UV- Ok, sure. Tell me where you are staying. From now on you are staying with me and Chinki. She is at home and she will be so happy to see you.

Twinkle- No, please UV. I can’t come. Twinkle said as she was not in any condition to face him.

UV very sternly like a big brother ordered rather than requesting her- Twinkle, don’t worry it’s only me and Chinki and no one else. You won’t meet the person you are afraid of.

Twinkle- But….

UV- I told you, that’s it, and stop crying now. If she will see you crying like this she will attack me and will finally kill me, so my game will be over. UV tried to lighten the mood but there was no effect on Twinkle.

During her old days she had developed a very strong bond with UV and Chinki. Twinkle really trusted them. Chinki had become her partner in crime, if Twinkle was angry with him, Chinki used to teach her all wifey tantrums to throw and would follow the same with UV. They use to enjoy each other’s company a lot.

Twinkle do try to smile for him as she knew that they both worry for her a lot and Chinki will definitely kill him when she will see her in this condition.

UV asked her to wait till he gets his car. Everything went on quite fast and UV didn’t ask any further questions. He simply went to the motel and grabbed Twinkle’s luggage and reached UV’s house. During the car journey he just told her that she won’t find him there, so she can relax and stay with them.

Twinkle was confused at first but then she decided she dot want to talk about him with UV. They reached and the doorbell was answered by Chinki. As soon as she saw Twinkle she was so happy. Before Twinkle could say anything she quickly held her by her waist and hugged her tightly. There were tears in Chinki’s eyes as she was seeing her friend after so long time. She made Twinkle come in and asked her about her where about and her health and everything. Before she could ask anything about her past UV signaled her not to ask anything about her at that time as he thought that when she will feel she will reveal herself only why she left everything behind.

Author’s POV

UV and Chinki have moved from Sydney to Melbourne in last two years. UV has started his own firm and his company is successful. Chinki has also started her own interior decoration business but at a smaller level, so that she can also give time UV as well. UV broke from his one and only best friend Kunj because of Twinkle. He blamed him for Twinkle’s sudden disappearance as he thought that Kunj was more into sorting out his business deals neglecting Twinkle. At that point there were few issues in his business due to which he shifted more of his attention in his business and started neglecting Twinkle. UV and Kunj used to have lot of arguments regarding the same as UV was supportive during his difficult times in business but he never wanted his friend’s personal life to suffer. But, after Twinkle left him one day without speaking to Kunj or anyone and just left the divorce paper signed by her, Uv and Chinki only blamed him and left him without listening his side also. UV was so attached to Kunj that he doesn’t even want to stay in the same city where Kunj was, so he shifted Melbourne where they settled themselves.

End of Author’s POV

Chinki UV and Twinkle were sitting in the living room where the maid has served them with coffee when Chinki very carefully raised the topic in front of Twinkle. Just by taking Kunj’s name Twinkle couldn’t stop her tears.

Chinki- Twinkle, please don’t cry and tell me please where were you these days?

Twinkle was not saying anything just sobbing.

Chinki was shattered to see her friend like this and just wanted her to relax but she needed to ask this, why she went all of a sudden and if she wanted to leave Kunj also why she was staying here and working to live, why she didn’t go to her parent’s place and the biggest question why she divorced Kunj?

Chinki Just relax Twinkle, please relax.

Twinkle- I am fine. I just want to sleep just once so that my brain can get some rest, but my heart is breaking into pieces when I try to sleep. Twinkle spoke clearly to Chinki and UV for the first time. She clearly meant with her words that how frustrated she was from her life.

Twinkle was actually correct. From these two years she has not slept for a single second. He was always there in her dreams whenever she closed her eyes and when she opened she just saw her already finished life.

Twinkle- I tried but he can’t love me even if I try my best. I saw there…….

Twinkle’s POV

I woke up being panicked when I was about to drift through all over the past again. I am sweating and feeling very weak. Time flies like anything. I signed those divorce papers and left without even saying Good bye to him or anyone.

At that time, I was so shattered that I didn’t know what to do and whom to share my feelings with. When I realized he don’t love me anymore and I was just staying as a burden with him. I decided to leave him leaving behind those papers on the bed which was supposed to be ours but not after that day. I just grabbed my luggage and left for the airport and took a flight for Melbourne. I blocked all means that can be a possibility to reach me out.

After 3 months

Twinkle- I woke up at 5 AM so that I can prepare breakfast for my lazy friends who must be sleeping till now as they were busy making love last night. I don’t know why they have made the walls so thin as I could hear them making noise. Anyways that is not a new thing for me, from last 3 months I am listening these noises continuously. Thanks to UV who helped me in getting a job as a personal secretary in one of a company. The CEO of that company was UV’s friends through business. He referred me and am working there. He gave me a month to learn all the work, also being a thorough professional he also judged me whether I will be a good employee for him or not and by God’s grace I proved myself. He is a kind person and a true gentleman who knows how to care for all his employees. So, finally overall my life is in peace and I hope it remains the same.

With all those thinking Twinkle got ready and left for her work.

Twinkle- Good Morning, Mr. Liam Carlos.

Liam- Good Morning Twinkle. I told you many times to call me Liam only or Li.

Twinkle with a smile- Ok Liam.

Liam- That sounds good. And now, please I need to have a look at the weekly reports and a coffee for me please.

Twinkle- Sure.

Twinkle left his office and got did the work told by Liam. This has become her daily routine to complete his work and leave for work and head back to UV and Chinki’s place where she spends time with them. She has made herself so busy in her life that she doesn’t want to remember her past. But somewhere, in her heart she still misses him, her Kunj. She dreams of him every night. All the happy moments they had spent together. She can never get over that feeling…. never in her entire life.


Finally, I could post a chapter.

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It is just a continuation with a leap of two years.

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