Mayavi Maling 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhumali reprimands Pranali

Mayavi Maling 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhivan and Eshwarya talking about Madhumali accepting defeat, but influencing Angad. Angad sits sad. Pranali comes to cheer him up. She asks him to forgive Madhumali. She teases him. They romance and hug. She asks do you choose me or your aim. He gets away from her. Haran comes to Madhumali. She says I need your help. He says I don’t want to help you and don’t want you to help me, you fooled your own son. He goes. She gets angry. Garima asks will Angad go against us now. Pranali says its not easy for him. Garima says he knows his truth now.

Pranali says she is his mum, her tears will matter to him, he has changed a lot, he will need some time. Eshwarya says yes, we can’t turn him in our favor, we have to get together first, our unity shouldn’t end, we have to make some plan and fail Madhumali. Pranali asks where is everyone else. Chegu says when Angad places the weapon, listen to me what will happen and watch this. He pours the water in the bowl. He says just think this is the lake, and this is the weapon which Angad will place, the demonic rays will spread and fall on the lake, Paramdev’s effect will end, then Marekasur will appear and create havoc everywhere, he will poison the Maling lake, Marekasur will then catch Pranali and….. Adhivan stops him from saying. He shows the princesses watching. Chegu says I didn’t know when did they come, sorry Maharani. Pranali says don’t be sorry, you said the truth. Madhumali comes and says Angad is my son, he won’t come in your words, Marekasur will be taking you away from here soon forever. Pranali worries.

Haran comes there. Garima says I won’t let anyone touch Pranali. Pranali says Angad is your son, he would have bad qualities, but he has good qualities as well, you gave him hatred, but he is finding love, you take help from me. Madhumali strikes her in anger. Pranali stays unharmed. Everyone comes in between to save Pranali. Chegu makes a fire bolt. Pranali says you can attack, I have everyone to support me. Madhumali says fine, I m going, I want to ask Pranali, does she know where is Angad now.

Angad worships and gets inside a storm. Pranali and everyone come there and see Angad in between the storm. Madhumali says this is Marekasur, Angad’s dad, who is preparing Angad himself, Angad will win, congrats for your end Pranali. Pranali says Angad needs me. Chegu says this is Marekasur, he won’t let anything happen to his son. Pranali says no, he needs me. She goes to Angad and gets stuck in the storm. Eshwarya asks Pranali to stop. Pranali calls out Angad. Vaidehi and everyone get shocked seeing the storm. They worry seeing Pranali. Pranali tries hard to reach Angad. She jumps and holds his hand. He sees her and hugs. Madhumali smiles. The storm ends. Angad and Pranali fall in the lake. Everyone worries. Pranali looks for Angad. He comes out of the lake water. Pranali and Angad smile and hug.

Angad says I refused to become part of dad’s battle, dad took my powers. Pranali gets happy and hugs Angad. He stays a demon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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