Jhansi Ki Rani 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar and Manu get married happily

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The Episode starts with Gangadhar telling everyone that God has chosen Manikarnika to save him and that’s why she snatches him from death everything, being stubborn. Laccho Bai sees the locket tied to the man’s hand and thinks this is the same jewellery which I found in the Dolchi and thinks Rani Saku bai is involved in this conspiracy. Saku bai comes there and says I thought I will die without seeing you all. She asks Gangadhar about his injury. Gangadhar says I am fine. Ross comes to Palace and tells Gangadhar that they couldn’t reach on time, says sorry. Gangadhar says no problem, today I have understood that I can fight my own war and Manikarnika has proved that if one try will get either victory or experience and asks him not to worry for them. Manu asks Gangadhar to come and says you need to get treatment. They go. Peshwa and his wife smile and happy. Ross looks angrily. Manu applies lep to Gangadhar’s hand. Gangadhar says you will treat my injury only and asks what about your injury. He applies lep to her injury. Gangadhar says I am thinking how to thank you. Manu says I did my duty. Gangadhar says I can apologize to you. He says whatever happened during the premarriage puja and says you was right.

Manu says that thing happened due to Captain Ross and says british insulted our customs. Gangadhar says you have changed my blind faith into self confidence. Manu says how did Bundels come here. Gangadhar says many are against us and tells that I have understood that you are wellwisher of Jhansi. He asks for forgiveness. Manu says whatever happens is for best. Gangadhar says I am always thankful to you for saving me and Jhansi and wants to make you my rani and Jhansi’s Maharani. He asks if she would like to marry him. Manu is about to go. He holds her hand and says I will not let you go without giving answer. He asks will you marry me? manu smiles and goes shyly.

Later Manu gets ready for marriage with Peshwa’s wife help. Moropant says your Aai had asked me to make you wear nat and says marriage day has come. Manu wears nat. Peshwa’s wife tells that his mother would be very happy today seeing moonlike daughter. Moropant asks her to come for marriage. Gangadhar and Manu stand infront of each other and smiles. Manu makes Gangadhar wear the garland happily. Gangadhar smiles and makes her wear the garland. Janki and Saku bai are upset. Laccho Bai smiles looking at Gangadhar and Manu. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Peshwa and his wife does her kanyadaan. Gangadhar says I promise that I will give the highest position to my wife and will give dharm, dhan and equal rights in marriage. Manu smiles. Pandit ji asks Gangadhar to make Maharani wear mangalsutra. Gangadhar makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks Raj Guru Tatya Dikshit to tie ghatbandhan. Tatya Dikshit ties ghatbandhan. Manu asks why did you tie loose knot and says she will tie tight knot so that it don’t opens for seven births. Gangadhar, Tatya dikshit and others smile. Gangadhar and Manu stand for the rituals. Manu and Gangadhar take rice pop/murmure and puts it in the havan. He holds her hand and takes rounds with her. Pandit asks them to respect each other all life. They give promise to each other. Tatya guru asks Maharani to do wife’s duties well. Manu says she will do even Desh dharm with Patni dharm. Janki, Saku bai and Ross get angry and upset. Moropant, Peshwa and others smile.

Pandit ji says maharaj has named Maharani’s marital name as Rani lakshmi Bai. Peshwa says our manu will bring prosperity and happiness in Jhansi and will make Jhansi better. Janki thinks she will destroy Manu. Saku Bai thinks she would have been become queen today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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