Mere Sai 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Changes Thief’s Life

Mere Sai 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Champa falls down while fetching water from well. Jhipri holds her and asks if she is fine. Champa says she is fine. Jhipri says she has gone so weak and fetches water for her. Champa lifts water pot with great difficulty. Jhipri walks behind her and seeing her walking with great difficulty makes her sit and offers her jamoon fruit. Champa says she cannot take anything as she is on medicines. Jhipri asks why she is taking medicine when she is getting weak each day. At home, Kamla’s friends come to meet her. She cries that even after 1 month of treatment, Champa did not get pregnant. One lady says when Sai suggested to be patient, she should not go against nature. Kamla says she trusts Sai, but cannot convince her mind. Another lady suggests to get Chamapa’s kundali checked and see if it is compatible with Bhairav’s kundali as she has seen Champa’s nature and not her kundali; if Champa does not have children in her fate, she should get Bhairav remarried. Champa returns home and hearing lady’s words drops water pot in a shock. Kamla notices her and scolds her friend that Champa is sarvagun sampanna and does not any kundali check, she will support her bahu always, what if her daughter’s MIL speaks same. Lady walks away yelling. Kamla then walks to Champa and says she need not pay attention to lady’s words and then says why don’t she consult astrologer. Another lady asks then why did she scold other lady. Kamla says there is no harm in consulting astrologer and convinces Champa.

Thief takes Sai to his house and tells his son that his friend/Sai wants to question him. Sai calls boy and asks if he will take his father’s sins on him. Boy says his mother told sinners will go to hell, so he will not. Thief says his son is a kid, his wife will support him for sure. He takes Sai to his wife and says his friend wants to know if she will take his sins on her. Wife says she would be happy if he leaves stealing and working hard for earning, she will not take his sins on her. He angrily fumes that he stole for her and got her so many jewelries and luxuries. Woman says she will be happy even if he feeds her only once in a day. Man then walks to his parents and asks if they will take his sins. Father says he worked hard whole life to feed his family and expected his son to take care of him in old age, but he is ashamed to see his son stealing and fear his life, now he wants to die peacefully and cannot take any sins. Thief cries seeing his family’s selfish nature. After sometime, father cries in front of bahu that his son stole huge gold today and he fears police will catch him, he wants his son’s safety. Sai shows it to thief and says his family cares for him, so he should leave stealing and start a right path. Thief agrees and asks what he can do. Sai gives him bansuri. Thief says he does not know to play bansuri. Sai asks him to try, and he plays bansuri beautifully and smilingly thanks Sai for showing him a right path and asks what is his name. Sai says people call him Sai.

Kamla takes Champa to astrologer who checks Champa’s kundali and says she got a defect and explains in detail about 3 defects and it is difficult for Champa to bear child or will take lots of time. Kamla requests to give some solution. Astrologer says he will perform havan and Champa has to chant mantras loudly early morning. Kamla agrees. Champa thinks she gets sleep early morning after taking vaidya’s medicine and even her husband sleep early morning, and if she chants mantras loudly, her husband will not get sleep.
Back home, Bhairav confronts his mother that he has wrestling competition and she wants Champa to chant mantras loudly, how will he sleep. Kamla says he has to bear it for child’s sake. Early morning, Champa chants mantras and seeing her husband’s disturbed sleep prays Sai for help. Sai listens to her. She reminisces Sai that she should do what her heart says in dilemma. She sings bhajan. Her husband falls asleep and she continues singing bhajan whole night.

Precap: Kamla’s sister says she needs feast with a variety of dishes, will Champa be able to prepare so many dishes. Kamla asks to freshen up while Champa prepares food.

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