Jhansi Ki Rani 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu succeeds to send Manjiri from Palace infront of Ross

Jhansi Ki Rani 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ross meeting Gangadhar and tells that he found the girl’s clothes in the palace and that’s why wants to search the entire palace. Gangadhar thinks to stop him else Manjiri will be found. Ross insists to search the palace and asks him not to interfere in his work. He says he is answerable to their seniors. Gangadhar gives him permission. Ross says I will start with Maharani’s room as her security is our top most priority. Gangadhar thinks if Ross sees Manjiri then..Kashi asks Manu how she will save Manjiri. Janki says once Manjiri gets caught, Maharani’s game will end and thinks she shall not tell anything to Saku and laccho Bai. Laccho Bai says we shall go and see what is happening. Janki bai asks her to sit quietly. Laccho bai asks if britishers are dancing on your tune even this time. Janki asks her to make her spy mind rest. Manu asks Kashi to go secretly from there. Ross and the guard see her and stop her. Ross asks her to lift the veil. Kashi says she is Maharani’s Dasi. Ross asks her to lift the veil. Kashi lifts the veil. Ross says that queen fooled me and says go to that room. Manu tells Manjiri that they shall go before Ross comes there. They leave. Ross and soldiers just come there. Ross comes to room and says they must be still in the Palace. Manu and Manjiri come to Moropant. They hide her in the fruit trunk. Dasi tells Janki that Moropant is keeping the fruit trunk ready. Janki gets doubtful. Moropant asks Manu to wait there till he brings Servants there.

Janki says lets go and check. Moropant and Manu are taking the trunk. Janki comes and asks what are they taking secretly. Manu says she had done a mannat in the dargah and that’s why sending fruits there. Janki asks since when you started going to dargah. Laccho bai gets impressed with her and prays for her. Manu thanks her and asks Janki to check if she wants. Janki says no need, I was asking for the information. Ross asks her to stop and says he will check. Manu asks him to check and says you will get only fruits here. He keeps his hand inside the trunk.

He checks the trunk and keeps hand inside. He takes an apple and eats it. He asks Servants to take the trunk. Manu thinks Manjiri shall marry without any problems.

Shiva thanks the God and thinks now we will have a happy life. Robb asks Ross why he couldn’t find her when she was hiding in palace. Ross thinks only the fruit basket/trunk went out of Palace.

Precap: Robb kills Shiva after his marriage with Manjiri. He makes Manjiri run for her life. Manjiri comes running and falls on Manu. She tells her that Robb made her widow again and killed her husband. Manu gets angry, beats him with hunter and finally is about to burn him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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