Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi to organize Aaliya’s anniversary party

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The Episode starts with Purab getting down from his car and offers to drop her. Disha says you already left me. She sits in car. Rhea tells her friends that Anu aunty can’t shoot CM as I switched off the lights. She says I saved CM and also Prachi’s mum. Aaliya comes there and says if attacked haven’t happened on CM then you had ruined the event. Rhea says Dad was gaga over Prachi and says what I would have done. She says everytime Prachi is right and I was wrong. Aaliya says it is absolutely fine and says you don’t need to tell everyone about what you did there. Dadi calls Aaliya and takes her to inhouse temple. Aaliya asks what happened? Dadi says there is nobody in our pind who is educated and intelligent like you. She says God gave you talent, but you don’t use it properly. Aaliya says ok. Dadi asks her to give even a smallest happiness to Purab and says when you got him, you became careless towards him. Aaliya says I love him and take care of him. Dadi asks her to keep him happy being his wife and asks when did he smile last time. Aaliya thinks Dadi is right, she always gets angry on him and he bears her anger.

Disha and Purab are in the car. Kuch toh Hai….They think of their moments. Aaliya calls him and asks him to come home. He says ok. Disha sees Aaliya’s message on his mobile and asks him stop the car. He stops the car. Disha gets down from the car. Purab sees I love you message on his mobile.

Prachi calls Shahana and asks her to get ready to go for shopping. Abhi brings Vikram home and tells that Doctor suggested knee surgery. Ranbir comes there. Vikram says your birthday will be celebrated here and you will handle the business. Ranbir says if my age is to work now. Pallavi asks him to tell her seriously that he don’t want to work and she will talk to his dad. She says she understands him and believes that he shall live his life fully and asks him to think about his dad. She says he must be thinking who will handle his business. Ranbir says I don’t know how to handle it. Pallavi asks him to follow him and tells that he feels proud of you and have many hopes pinned on you. She says who will handle him. He says ok. Aryan comes and asks if she thinks Vikram hopes this from Ranbir. Pallavi says no and says Ranbir can’t do anything. Aryan is about to call Ranbir. Pallavi says Vikram has many hopes from Ranbir.

Shahana tells Prachi that they will shop without worrying about the money. She says they don’t need to bargain etc. Prachi reminds her of Hosiarpur incident. She sees the car and says this is the same car with which muddy water splashed on her. She says she will catch the guy who had splashed the muddy water on her. Ranbir sees her and thinks if she saw him then will give lecture for an hour. Shahana sees her and says hi. Ranbir says yes. Prachi and Ranbir have an argument. He is about to sit in car, but then stops and says he has to take taxi to go home. Shahana waves her hand. Prachi asks if she will drop him home. Ranbir calls Taxi and says bye…He sits in taxi.

Mitali asks Meera if she started loving Abhi and says she has a pay a price for it. Meera makes an excuse.

Precap: Sarita behen tells Abhi that Prachi’s mum and his jodi is best. Abhi hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wtf after their break up and how they sparated and all that years this how they met !!

    1. Well, it was a good reminder to Disha that the Mehra men Abhi and Purab remain solidly held in chains by the creature Aliyah. What an honour that must be!! P*ssy-whipped by a sort of female creature from hell, named Aliyah. No point in wasting your time with a ‘man-boy’ who is owned and chained by Aliyah. They will disappear anytime Aliyah rings her bell to call her slaves back. You don’t want to be near a man-boy who is owned by a she-devil. Disha did the right thing.
      Ekta’s past lovers likely have that one figured out.

  2. One of the worst serials ever seen. Abhi finds mistakes in Pragya for every possible thing. It was tanu who was responsible for dadi’s death. But he left Pragya for that. Now he starting blaming Pragya for Kiara’s death. She was jus concerned about her daughter like him. In fact more than him. One blunder done by Pragya is marrying Abhi. He ruined her life completely. He does not find anything wrong in Aliya n Tanu. Aliya being the main person for all the shit happened is still with Abhi. He forgives Aliya though she is a murderer, even if she snatches purab from Disha n Bulbul.

  3. So, Pragya is banished today. Not surprised. After checking out the latest vids on the show, I see that there are more videos, about Sriti Jha using words like pathetic and failure. Ekta Kapoor wants Sriti Jha to disappear. Could this be because she is coming back as Kiara? LOL. Doubtful. More likely that Ekta Kapoor cannot stand real talent. We also see that Mugdha has had some face work or even more attention to her makeup. She looks a couple of years younger. Not age 20. Yet. She looks like she is in her late 20’s for moments here and there. The cheap and tacky Rhea looks like she is in her late 30’s. Too much makeup, again. Aliyah’s outfit or blouse is hanging too low. It’s not proportionate to the whole look. Not that we often see her legs (excepting long dresses)… the camera avoids her legs especially in shorter skirts. the actress has the cameras, well trained to hide her lack of grace. And Dasi. Dasi has a complete elder moment and actually believes that Aliyah is a human being. She’s clearly unaware of this creature’s history. I would imagine that the writers (they are told what to write) were allowed to let us see abhigya … a momentary jolt of abhigya so that now they feel free to focus on the awful dusripidi . Meera wore a bra today that had a blue print on it. The bra looked like it was the older woman type of bra and boy have they worked hard at smoothing out all the hard edges and planes on her face. Was it Korean face strips? Botox? Supremely good makeup technique? The problem is that we have seen her real face. Those images are not going to be forgotten easily. We know her ‘beauty’ is all fake and that she walks around in underwear. Do all Nanny’s in India stay even after the child is in college? How does that work in India? Does that mean that the Nanny for Ekta Kapoor’s baby is now a member of the family? Will the Nanny have a dress code or does Ekta Kapoor prefer her women to roam around half dressed? More parties on the way. I don’t want to blame the writers as they are told what to write.

    1. Aki, this is a very interesting comment, I couldn’t have highlighted the few nuances like you’ve done.. How true, which nanny still stays with her subject after she’s turned adult? For certain Rhea is still wearing pampers? And what is the purpose of Mira’s presence there, she wasn’t effective in moulding Rhea into a decent non spoilt woman!! Aliya was all Rhea needed, of a human being is good to the core, no amount of manipulation and dirt could change that person, isn’t that why we have met people in life who are really God sent and we feel sorry that they allow others to trample and use them to their benefit but still that good human being just does what he’s born like, to be GOOD ? So, Rhea is Abhi’s seed for sure, just as bad minded as he is, always blaming Pragya for everything that happened..Rhea will change when the writers think the time is right, doesn’t necessarily mean a human like her ever changes..

  4. I feel.pity fr sriti dr she got fame only frm this serial but her career has been vanished like anything nowadays,all ladies are given imp whereas sriti is alone treated older one don’t know whether it’s been done without her knowledge since she doesn’t speak about anything or she wants her fans to feel.pity for her because till.now her fans are crying and became very sad seeing her costumes and role being butcheed like anything and started abhi as if he was good .On one side .mughda is been trolled to the extent when her and shabir scene comes she looks him like a lost lover have u eve seen any mother and daughter in same age pffscree both sriti and mughda are 31 dr shame ful .Have u ver seen anywhere legally wedded bahu of the mansion is some where else sperated for the work doen by taliya .Criminals are toll.npw in that mansion but this lady bahu of the house is outside somewhere .She has been degraded ti the core .now saw meera being dressed naked nothing is 8n her body dr just remember how pathetic leena dressing was been alwz naked and roaming like that this lady is doing shit really i want sriti to quit the show ,i think she doesn’t have interests any more in the shoe because from starting of this leap till now there are many vidoes of pragya since alwz she is in vacation .from the leap starting itself she is in vacation . she is alone treated as shit among very female in this series even new comers bitcu meera and others are provided good clothes and everything and given imp but h dont know this lady is alone like this and some other and youtube news said that sriti rejected all the offers given by ekta till now so ekta hates srii it was said in some channel don’t know true or lies . .Ekta partiality is on top of it we can see partiality for sriti alone in this series .Her fans are till crying now for her role and costumes even disha is provided with new office and dress what even y can’t they treat everyone good shit realy can’t tolerate anymore

    1. Hullo Ishu! We know we both agree. but what I find interesting is that Sriti Jha was given offers by Ekta Kapoor? What and which offers? Where they the same kind of ‘offers’ like she gave to Arjit Taneja? Offers that would help to ruin her career after what’s going to be left of it after this monstrosity, that her role in KKB has become? I’m sure that the Mugda person is a very nice person. However she is not able to replace or even come close to the grace that Sriti Jha has naturally. that’s what Ekta Kapoor has to destroy.
      Miss Ekta appears to hate anything and anyone that might show herself to be just mediocre and born with a lot of money to hide her mediocrity. She sure is working hard to that end.

    2. Don’t know what to say dr feel pathetic dr and also het short film was successful i think where recently srtki acted with it was produced by supriya mam they said that it for best film yesterday it was reported .To highlight that b*t*h prachit they have to deep drown sriti as pragya and but my doubt is when they can ruin pragya life like those with het pathetic giant daughters y can’t they deep drown disha also for het alone they are giving her imp and so. Called het useless bhai is thiming and consoling het about life as if he was there for pragya .Where did sunny gone y didn’t they highlight story with sunny why disha ha sto come again so they will drag with disha and purab story i think it’s waste for sriti to continue here after any way .How so u say she us failed and pathetic did she have any vidoes posted line that since I m not in insta.

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