Jhansi Ki Rani 27th May 2019 Written Episode Update: The Court hearing begins on Maharani Lakshmi Bai

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The Episode starts with Rani Lakshmi Bai/Manu coming to the Court. She comes and sits. Janki thinks her head is shaking since Laccho made her eat cocaine pan. The man in the court asks others to go out from the room as the court proceeding is on Maharani. Gangadhar asks to start the proceeding. Ross tells that they have always stood by Jhansi and protected from all the enemies, but why are they stabbed on their back. He says since I saw the tunnel in the rail road direction, I was shocked. He says Ali Bahadur and Saku Bai’s grand son was suitable for the throne, but we chose you as Maharaj, and gives you handsome salary, but what we got in return, a betrayal. He says who was making this tunnel, my friend’s wife. He says he wants to start the case against the crowned queen of Jhansi and if she is proved guilty then the maharani position will be snatched from her, and then she will never be called as Jhansi ki Rani. Gangadhar says she is not proved guilty yet and asks him to prove first that Maharani made the tunnel. Ross says Maharani was seen in the tunnel and heard of plotting against us. Laccho Bai thinks how did he come to know everything. Janki laughs and asks her to see how Ross makes Manu see stars in day.

Ross tells that he has many witnesses, who will prove that Jhansi’s Maharani is behind the conspiracy. Gangadhar asks him to call witness. Ross says my first witness is Kashi. He calls Kashi. Robb brings her. Ross asks kashi to tell truth. Kashi cries and thinks of Robb threatening to kill her family, keeping them captive. She says Maharani was behind the tunnel while crying. Ross says Queen is guilty and asks Gangadhar to give her punishment. Manu says whatever is seen is not right. She says this is not right statement. Ross asks what do you mean? Tatya guru brings Kashi’s family there. Ross gets tensed and tells Gangadhar that he shall declare the punishment. Manu says Kashi will tell who are they? Ross asks why did they come? Manu says they came to give statement. Ross says they have no connection with the court hearing. Manu says they are parents of your strong witness. Maharaj asks Kashi’s parents to tell the truth without any hesitation. Kashi and her father tell Gangadhar that Robb came to their house and threatened to kill her parents and sisters if she don’t give statement against Maharani. Gangadhar asks how do you know? Manu says kashi came to meet me in the morning and was crying, when asked she told me everything.

A fb is shown, Kashi tells Manu that she is helpless to give the statement against her. Manu asks her to swear on her and says. Kashi tells about Robb threatening her. Manu tells her that she won’t let anything happen to her family. Fb ends. Gangadhar asks Ross what she is saying? Ross says I can’t understand. Manu says you was understanding her language sometime back. Ross scolds Robb for threatening Kashi’s family and asks him to go. Robb leaves. Ross apologizes to Gangadhar. Gangadhar gives him a warning. He asks Kashi’s parents to go without hesitation and says you are safe here. Gangadhar asks to continue with the proceedings. Ross tells that we can’t believe Kashi, but have to believe on her sayings. He says Kashi told that she used to wipe her footprints and says I want to match the footprints. Laccho Bai and Saku Bai go there. Manu says these footprint is bigger than mine. She keeps her foot on the foot prints, and says the footprint is bigger. She asks Saku bai, Laccho Bai and Janki Bai to match their footprints. Laccho footprint matches with the ground footprint. Manu says so Laccho Bai Aai Saheb made the tunnel.

Laccho Bai says she can’t even break supari with her velvety hands. Gangadhar says I don’t think she can do this. They go to court. Laccho Bai tells that she is good at spying. Saku Bai and Janki Bai taunt her. Laccho Bai says you shall praise me, rather than that you are taunting at me. Manu thinks it is good that Kashi told her about foot prints. Ross says if the queen is not proved guilty then she is not proved as innocent also. He calls Rani janki bai who had seen Maharani entering the tunnel. He thinks Rani Janki Bai will give the statement and then you will be ruined, how will you save your position.

Precap: Manu tells that they have the first right on their land and no foreigner can snatch their right. Gangadhar is about to give the verdict.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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