Shakti 27th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Suomya reaches Kinner’s Sammelan (festival)

Shakti 27th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suomya was badly hurt when Harman angrily tells her not to take advantage of being a kinner. She says she must have committed a lot of mistakes, but never took advantage of being a kinner. Harman says his family accepted her and never says a word to her; but she is always stubborn. Suomya joins her hands, thanks Harman for accepting them; but she would never try to rule anyone. Harman tells Suomya to stay away from his mother then.
Sindhu brings food for Ankush. She goes to take the plate to Suomya. Shanno forbids Sindhu to interfere. Ankush was also of the view that they must help handle the situation. Shanno advices them to let everyone handle their matters. She takes Suomya’s plate from Sindhu.
Harman was massaging Preeto’s legs. Harak Singh asks Harman why he looks tensed. Harman replies he is tensed because of Preeto. Harak Singh sends him to the room. Harman comes to his room, Suomya and Soham weren’t in the room. He comes downstairs, worried for Suomya.
Suomya had left Singh house.
Preeto weakly calls Harman. He goes to her room. Ravi goes looking for Suomya. Harman thinks about Suomya while he massages Preeto’s feet and gives her a pain killer.
Suomya reaches kinner house. Malika was worried and asks about Harman. Suomya doesn’t reply, and instead goes into the room.
Ravi comes to Preeto’s room that Suomya is nowhere. Harman takes her outside and says she left home. Harak Singh and Ravi send Harman to look for Suomya. Shanno stops Harman, she says what Suomya did was alright. Preeto is getting well. Harman says Suomya was annoyed of his words. Shanno says Suomya must have gone to kinner’s house only, he must give Suomya a few days and she will return. Harak tells Shanno not to interfere in the matter, Harman can handle it. Harman gets a call from Malika that Suomya is locked in a room. Harman says she is extremely stubborn, and left home over a simple argument. Malika tells Harman not to come right now, Suomya will be fine in a few days. They all turn around to see Preeto standing at the door.
Harman comes to the room, upset that Suomya left. He falls asleep. The next morning, Harman comes downstairs and asks Ravi if Suomya returned. Preeto was annoyed and goes to the room, denying to go to hospital. Harman dials Suomya’s number. Shanno cuts the call, she says Suomya will soon be fine and return home. Right now, he must give time to Preeto as Preeto needs her. Harman agrees to Shanno and says she would take Preeto to hospital.
The kinners had made arrangements for Sammelan. Malika tells them to leave, she needs to speak to Suomya first. Suomya comes outside and says she is a kinner and will be a part of all their festivals. The mates convince Suomya to go to her in laws; Suomya replies her Astitva doesn’t change. Her fellows convince Malika to let Suomya arrive.
The Sammelan got a media coverage. The kinners were excited that it’s for the first time that their festival got a recognition. Many give credit to Suomya for taking their voice to the society and world and fighting a case. Suomya reach the Sammelan with Malika and her group. Media personnel give coverage to Suomya. One of the fellow kinners cheerfully requests to welcome Suomya with clapping. She has given them a way out to the society. Suomya speaks that their hopes are all false, the walls between these worlds would never break. She doesn’t want anyone to try and go out in that other world.

PRECAP: Suomya was ready to become a Guru Maa, her power is her Astitva. The villagers come to Singh house and say it’s good they have sent Suomya back home, she is being made a Guru Maa of kinners today.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This time without anyone knowing,not even malika saumya has sacrificed her life for preeto.and this sacrifice makers have made saumya do it this time.this is the second time Harman saumyas life is been destroyed by preeto completely.because this time preeto is not going to accept saumya for sure after that incident.makers made preeto negative completely.preeto cannot stay with saumya in one house.and seeing saumya in front,preeto ki health kharab ho rahi hain.and Harman loves saumya more than himself,so he will never listen to her for allowing her to leave,so saumya has only one way where Harman will have to hate her.and Harman loves preeto also very if saumya hurts preeto Harman will definetly she choose to do this.last time also because of preetos pressure saumya took the step of becoming gurumaa in her kinner community but Harman took the oath that he will also take the life of a saint but almighty didn’t let it happen.but this time makers turned almighty also wrong for their show to go on.this time nobody was able to stop saumya from becoming guruma & leaving Harman for finally this time preeto did it by throwing out saumya forever from harmans life.saumya ne preeto ko apni maa nimi ki jaga de she cared for her & sacrificed her life for shakti always negativity wins,so this time also shanno & preeto win the saumya has closed every door for Harman & the love story ends here saumya turned gurumaa.makers are also a common public so even they are also not in favour of a man & kinner being a couple.very disappointing show.but very surprising Harman saumya ki Jodi toh mata rani ne janam janam ke liye jod di thi.use makers ne kaise jhoota sabit kar diya?they married so many times in front of the world.during the case time also Harman married saumya in front of the villagers.when both were thrown after killed by veeran,varun,balwinder they survived together in same hospital.when saumya lost her memory preeto & family with Harman got saumya memory back.when Harman was going to marry jasleen preeto did not let it happen & they met together.its countless for their relationship.but this time it happened so easily.because makers do not want to continue shakti to a love story saga.they want to continue this show as a kinner full & final in one short they made saumya kinner community gurumaa.makers did not give Harmans character time to stop saumya from becoming Harman lost saumya forever.the end of haya only negativity & kinner fights.

  2. I am surprised Saumya didnt leave this house earlier. Since the day she has come, she has suffered so many insults, humiliation amd torture bcoz of her identity. She almost died once. Lost her first adopted baby. Lost her mother. All bcoz of the people in this house. Her mother died bcoz of preeto. I dont understand how soumya could repeatedly forgive these people and accept them. She got respect and peace and love only when she stayed with the other kinners. Even harman had tortured her so much that one time soumya mistakenly did some puja and became a widow.
    But this time i feel a little fault was of soumay’s too. When preeto told her to send the saint guy away, soumya replied ‘what will people say’. Thats the worst thing to have replied. In recent times preeto had fought so much against such people just for soumya. And when preeto was hurtimg, all soumya wanted was forgiveness for herself. I get she is afraid to lose love again, but she did not try to umderstand or empathize with preeto at all. Even after the death soumya just said i am sorry forgive me please. The entire time she was just focussed on being accepted again rather than what preeto was facimg.
    But then how preeto reacted hurt soumya too much. Preeto could have said anything but she made it a kinner issue. No wonder soumya is saying that the world will never truly accept them. One thing will go wrong and they will get insulted again. And in some respect she is right. But i wish she had stayed instead of leaving. At least for her son. After so much, even attending school, giving up now looks like an extreme decision. She will be guruma? What happened to her school and exams then? The track was finally getting positive with positive forward movement for soumya. And harman too. Then this happened
    The thing i feel worst abt this track is how they show rituals to be so baad. This show is set in punjab? I dont know, but will someone really force a woman to do widpw rituals bcoz her first husband died? Again and again this serial shows such a bad face of society and then changes track without payoff. I still remember the time when harak singh brought the dancer woman to his house and got cheated big time. He threw preeto out of house. But no punishment no nothing. Just one episode and preeto forgave everything. Shanno and her husband almost killed harman soumya. Why are they still roaming free? Soumya never got back her first child. So many injustice and unfairness in this show. Its supposed to be about soumyas empowerment. But the show just keeps going in circles.

  3. Why she has to go back to kinnars ,why cant she live a normal life as last time she used to make toys or she can work in some day care to earn money for her.

  4. For four years we saw this idiot serial. But the pshyco makers made us mad at a minute. Is it four years for her to become her guruamma? First of all what is to be done by doing this. Vivian will continue to act or not in this show? Because Shakthi of shakti is Vivian and only watch for him in this mad track. Tell someone here if you know?

  5. In the selfish journey from innocence to empowerment sowmya spoiled harman’s life . She is very very selfish nurd. She thinks herself as a superpower. But she is a idiot in decision making. She always uses Harman’s love. He have done lot of things by risking life. But she instead hurt him always. She didnt deserve Harman. What preeto did intially is ri8 . Harman must have left her in kinner place that is the ri8 place for this admant nurd. She might ne responsible daughter but she is not at all a responsible wife and bahu and maa too in future. If soham hurt she will leave him too. She is a weak one. She wont be a inspiration. Instead of making soumya character as heroine they have made anyother strong kinner character as herione. What nimmi did is very worst thing that ruined the life of a lovely guy like Harman. Go to hell selfish soumya…

  6. whenever harman gets angry on saumya woh sirf ekhi step utha tha hain.ek usko jhod deta hain,doosra divorce deta hain & third thing he decides to marry other girl.
    this is his permanent torture for saumya in shakti.always makers make him do this only.he never finds out what wrong he has done,how he would have hurted somone.and who all were involved in creating misunderstanding between them.everytime he is a loose his mother.preeto also behave like a childish person who never listen to others.disgusting.this is not the solution for every problem

    1. Soumya only tortures harman. She only forced harman to marry surbhi. Only for her harman put off his marriage earlier. And in the situation u mentioned she only reacted against Harman’s advice. He and preeto adiviced her not to attend that kinner fuction but she acted against it stubbornly by taking the advice of shannao, and karrena whom she now very well they are bad. Then y she did that. Can she obey harman once. She is a stubborn one always wants her decision should be accepted. She never understands harman. She never respect him at alll. But she wants him in worst situation to safeguard herself. She is a stupid. She cannt be a guru maa to..she will ruin all the kinner community.

  7. yes you are right sarita now again in singh house there will be mehndi,haldi function.pooja before harmans marriage ceremony.then barat ,suhagrat of harman.every rituals

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