Jhansi Ki Rani 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar gets the widows’ soldiers rescued from tunnel

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The Episode starts with Ross telling Janki that nobody can be saved from his eyes. He tells that he has seen widows in the tunnel and that’s why provoked Maharaj to get the tunnel closed. Janki asks what you will get now. Ross says he left the widows to traps Manu and says she will fall in the trap and Ross is never wrong. Kashi comes to her house. Gangadhar comes to her house. Kashi thinks why Maharaj stopped me and thinks he might ask me about Maharani. Tatya Guru comes near the tunnel and thinks he has to wait till they change soldiers. Manu is talking to her self and tells that if she is quiet then her women soldiers will die. Her inner self asks her not to tell Maharaj. Manu says I will be guilty if anything happens to them. Gangadhar comes to Manu and asks why you are worried. He says if you want then you can tell me. Manu says I don’t want to tell anything. Gangadhar says if you want to talk to me then can come to my room. He leaves. Manu thinks I have hidden a truth from you and hopes Tatya guru must have saved them.

Tatya guru comes to her and tells that Ross kept soldiers near the tunnel and says he didn’t change them also. Manu tells that she has decided to tell truth to Maharaj and says if they are not alive then for whose freedom she will fight for. Tatya Guru tells that she has to do many sacrifices in this freedom war. Manu says she won’t let widows die. Gangadhar asks Servant to tell Ross to meet him. Ross tells janki that when the tunnel is open then the widows will come out and many truths will be out also. Janki says Gangadhar and Manu will be separated. Ross says then I can concentrate on rail road project and he is pressurized by Saimen Frazer to transport labors and Manu is troubling him too. Janki asks him to take a sigh of relief and leaves. Gangadhar’s messager comes to Ross and says Maharaj called you in Palace with your soldiers. Ross says today is the lucky day.

Gangadhar thinks you would have told me Lakshmi bai, I gave you a chance, but you didn’t tell me. He thinks to go and meet her and thinks she has broken his trust and their relation. He comes to her room. Manu asks him to save his widows’ soldiers, and says I am ready to answer for your every question. She tells that she had planned to make that tunnel and says she hid from him about it due to her desh prem. She asks him to save her women sena and asks him to punish her, but first opened the way to the tunnel. Gangadhar’s anger melts and thinks shall I get angry on you or get happy for telling the truth. He asks why did you make the tunnel. Manu asks him to open the tunnel first. Gangadhar says what to tell Ross, I have to bend down infront of him because of you.

The widows are suffocating. One of them fell unconscious. Manu thinks to check why Ross came to meet Gangadhar. Ross asks Gangadhar why did you call me? Gangadhar says I have a doubt that someone is inside. Ross says I have checked property. Gangadhar says how you couldn’t see, I am surprised and asks him to open the way and save the people there. Ross asks who told you. Gangadhar looks at Manu and says it is my decision to open it. Ross asks who is stuck inside the tunnel. Janki smirks hearing. Gangadhar says widows are stuck inside. Ross asks just widows or someone else. Gangadhar asks what do you mean? Ross asks what they were doing in the tunnel. Gangadhar asks him to ask his soldiers to open the tunnel first. Ross says ok and walks out. Janki thinks it will be fun now.

Manu and Tatya Guru look from the place. Smith asks soldiers to open the way fast. Manjiri tells the widows that Maharani came to help them. Manu hopes everyone is safe. She tells Tatya guru that her decision to tell Maharaj will bring hurdles in her aim, but she has no other way.

Once the door is opened, the widows come out of the tunnel. The british soldiers take the unconscious widow on the stretcher. Manjiri looks at Manu. Manu thanks the God. Smith tells Ross that they have rescued all the widows. Gangadhar asks his soldier to get them treated. Manjiri and others come to Manu. Manjiri asks why did you save us? Manu says nothing is important than your lives. Ross asks Gangadhar who is making this tunnel. Gangadhar says even I am surprised. Ross says this country, Palace and people are yours and you have no idea about what is happening in your house. He says whoever had given you information must now and asks where this tunnel is going. Gangadhar says I will do enquiry and tell you. Ross says it is clear that the tunnel was going towards the rail road system and wants to destroy it. Gangadhar is shocked. Manu thinks Ross came to know about everything. Ross says I have to tell everything to my peer Saimen Frazer. Gangadhar apologizes to him and folds his hand. He says I will do enquiry and give you answers. Ross says I want answers very soon.

Manu thinks Maharaj has to bend down infront of Ross because of me. Gangadhar comes there angrily and asks if she was involved in the railway blast. Manu says yes, I did that blast. Gangadhar is shocked and thinks he has married a trouble.

Precap: Ross tells Gangadhar that Rani Lakshmi bai is behind the tunnel. Gangadhar shouts at him. Ross gets his stamp on some papers and tells that Rani Lakshmi bai to trial in court. Gangadhar is angry at Manu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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