Jhansi Ki Rani 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar and his Vahinis check on Manu’s activities

Jhansi Ki Rani 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tatya guru telling Manu about Ghouse khan who can bring explosives from british. He says he is very divine and a good fighter and defeats everyone. Manu asks really? Tatya says I didn’t see such warrior before in my life. He says he comes to the battle field with coffin on his head and makes his enemy wear it, this is his habit. He says if someone wins his heart then he can do anything for such person. A fb is shown, Ghouse Khan’s soldiers fight with britishers. The british soldiers are coming from the other direction. The man calls Ghouse Khan to change the direction of the Cannon. Ghouse Khan comes and changes the direction of the cannon, using the stones under it.

He blasts the soldiers with the cannon. Fb ends. Manu thinks she is feeling as if she has a relation

with him. Janki, Saku and laccho come to Gangadhar’s room. Janki says don’t know how to tell you, and says don’t know why Maharani go out to do which important work. Laccho Bai says when she saw Maharani, she couldn’t believe and rubbed her eyes again and again. Janki asks him to come out and see. Moropant tells Shiva and Bheema that Tatya Dikshit can help us meet Ghouse khan. They ask how will he help us without knowing our plan. Ross comes to the slaved men and asks how does you know that kaka? The captive men tell that he was tied between them. Ross says what do you think that he will bring help for you. He asks them to keep eye on each other and says whoever tries to free themselves will die dog’s death. He shoots at the men brutally. The injured man curses him that he will die a more dangerous death. Ross gets angry and shoots at them again.

Laccho Bai brings Gangadhar and others to the jungle and says Maharani came here. She talks that Janki looks innocent, but is clever. She says she doesn’t know what is she saying? Janki thinks you look foolishness from far and near. They search for Manu. Manu asks Tatya guru where they will meet Ghouse Khan. Tatya guru tells that Ghouse Khan is in Jhansi’s karagaar and serving punishment for hating britishers. He tells about the incident. Manu says he is like me. Tatya guru says yes. He asks her to go and says I will drop you outside. Manu comes out of the tunnel. Gangadhar asks them to wait outside and says I will see there.

Tatya Guru hears the sound and tells Manu that someone is outside, and asks her to be careful while going. Gangadhar looks at the bushes and goes. Manu comes out moving the bushes and doesn’t see Gangadhar. He tells that he came out on their sayings, but may be Rani Lakshmi bai is in her room and Laccho bai saw someone else. Laccho Bai says my eyes are good. Janki says what is the use of checking in her room, as Laccho saw her leaving. Laccho says she left secretly. Gangadhar says lets check in the room. They come to the Palace. Laccho Bai hears anklet sound. Janki asks if she is counting the stars or saw ghost. Laccho Bai says I am seeing this tree and says it takes the way to the balcony. Janki asks her to remember if she saw Maharani Lakshmi Bai only. Manu is in the palace and sees Gangadhar and his vahinis. She thinks how to go inside from the main door. She says if they see me then…

Precap: They come to Manu’s room and couldn’t find her. later Manu tries to help Gangadhar and gives him towel. Gangadhar says it is not your work. Janki says they will show place to Manu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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