Jhansi Ki Rani 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Manu stops Shiva and Bheema’s death punishment

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The Episode starts with Manu telling Ross that she wants to meet the krantikari. Ross asks why? Manu says I have the right now and says I don’t need to answer you. Ross thinks there is surely some connection between Manu and the krantikari, and thinks he is never less. He says ofcourse we shall abide your order and asks her to hurry up as there is less time left to hang them. He says they have many sins, give them sometime to repent. Manu thinks time is less, but not for their death, but to save them. Ross asks her to proceed. Manu comes inside and think she still remember how Shiva Bhao and Bheema Bhao used to teach her sword art always and she used to tie them Rakhi every year. A fb is shown while she reminisces it. She asks them how did this happen and says why didn’t you tell me that you are krantikari. Shiva says we were secretly doing the work. Bheema says we have failed. Manu says I will talk to maharaj and says first I want to listen to you. Shiva says we tried to kill Maharaj, but…Manu gets angry and says punishment is only hang punishment for you both.

Janki comes to manu’s room and asks Kashi about her. Kashi says she doesn’t know where is she? Janki pulls her ears. Bheema tells that they thought that Gangadhar is guilty, and that’s why tried to kill him, but their krantikari Bhai stopped them and told the truth. Manu says what is the difference between you and britishers. He says you tried to kill someone. Bheema and Shiva tell that they thought Maharaj wrong and feeling bad. He says we came to know that it was britishers’ trick that Jhansi’s people are in such condition. Soldier tells Manu that the time is up and says they have to make arrangements to hang them. Manu comes back to Palace. Janki says you have to understand the responsibility of a queen, She says I regard you as my daughter and says these bangles are looking good on you. She asks her to tell if she needs anything. Manu is silent. Janki suspects her.

Ross tells Gangadhar that he has beefed up the security and says Bharat will attack you again, but not this time. Janki says you have made strong security arrangements and thanks him. She gets happy and thinks she trusts just herself in betrayal game. Manu comes there and tells Gangadhar that she wants to talk to him. Moropant, Tatya and other krantikari plan to free Shiva and Bheema. A messenger of Gangadhar announce that Gangadhar stopped the verdict of hang punishment for the krantikaris and case will begin. Moropant and others hear. He says he knows why Gangadhar changed his decision. A fb is shown, Manu talks to Gangadhar and tells him that she feels people get justice in Jhansi, but….Gangadhar asks her to say clearly. Manu says it is not easy to give them death punishment without hearing their story.

Ross gets angry and says you… Gangadhar looks at him. Ross says they were krantikari. Janki says they tried to kill Maharaj and asks him not to change his decision. Manu says we shall know why did they try to kill maharaj and tells about Maharaj’s duties. Ross says would be Maharani is not understanding the gravity of the situation. Gangadhar says I have given a gift to you and want to give one gift to would be maharani also. Manu smiles. Fb ends. Moropant and Tatya feel proud of Manu. Moropant tells that they shall be present in the darbar as anything can happen there. We will carry the weapons secretly. Ross asks jack to kill the krantikaris if Gangadhar changes his decision. Jack says I can’t take weapon inside. Ross asks him to take it hiding and kill them. Manu prays for Shiva and Bheema’s freedom. Moropant comes and asks her if she convinced maharaj to stop their hang punishment. He says your silence told all and says I don’t know what your efforts will result, but I bless you that you efforts shall be successful. He gets teary eyes and cries turning his face. Manu says Baba and wipes his tears, and asks what happened? Moropant thinks if you get unsuccessful that your baba might go away from you.

Precap: Ross tells Maharaj that the krantikaris are dangerous. Gangadhar asks who is fighting their case. Manu comes and says she will fight the case on their behalf. Jhansi ki Rani plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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