Main Bhi Ardhangini 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav misses Chitra

Main Bhi Ardhangini 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari thinking of Chitra. Vaidehi likes the fragrance and comes to meet Madhav. He sees Chitra in her on smelling the fragrance. He hugs her and says I had been waiting for you, I love you Chitra. Vaidehi gets away and says sorry, I should have not applied this perfume. He says don’t apply this perfume again, go home, I will have food, you can go out and wait if you want. She gets allergic to the perfume. She turns dizzy. Tantric asks Nilambari to tell her about Chitra, what’s the entire truth, how did Chitra lie. Nilambari recalls Chitra and says she died because of the fire. Vaidehi gets Dadi’s call and says I m fine. Dadi says I m worried for your allergy, drink plenty of water. Vaidehi goes to drink water and drops the water barrels. She faints.

Madhav thinks of Vaidehi and thinks what do I do of her. Chitra comes to Madhav and asks him to go to Vaidehi, she needs him. She drops the glass. He goes out to get water. He sees Vaidehi lying unconscious on the floor. He sprinkles water and asks are you fine, what happened. Nilambari recalls giving the house keys to Chitra. Chitra says but this isn’t needed. Nilambari says I want you to rule on this house, but I have a condition. Chitra says I just came into this house. Nilambari says you have to know this, Madhav’s mum died and named entire property to Madhav’s wife before her death. Chitra says I don’t want his property, I want to lead a happy married life, I want love from Madhav and you all. Nilambari says I know, you have to promise me… Madhav comes and says you maybe talking about me.

Nilambari asks Chitra not to tell anything to him. She blesses them and goes. Madhav gets Vaidehi treated by doctor. She says I m fine. He says tell me if there is any problem, I m scared seeing you. Vaidehi says I m absolutely fine, I have allergy with that perfume, I should have not applied it. He asks why did you apply then. She says you won’t understand. He says I will understand, why did you do this. Chitra says for you, she can do anything for you, you aren’t able to see her true love. Vaidehi says you were talking about Chitra right. He says we are not writing diary. She says I will remember it, tell me. He recalls his wedding night with Chitra. Its morning, Madhav teases her.

She gets emotional and says I was scared that if I love someone, he will lose me. He promises that he will never leave her. He swears on her mangalsutra. She hugs him.

Madhav and Vaidehi dance. Nilambari says you don’t care for Madhav, you didn’t give me Chitra’s mangalsutra. Nilambari challenges Chitra’s spirit. Chitra gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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