Jhalli Anjali 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali is in bus, waiting for Angad. She’s over excited wondering what could be the surprise. She’s doing embroidery. Her friend comes and asks if that’s for him. She says he’s preparing such a big surprise for her, can’t she do this much for him? Just then her friend shows her Angad taking a girl on his bike. Anjali gets mad. The bus starts. Angad’s bike has broken down. Anjali’s friend sits elsewhere. Angad comes and sits beside Anjali. He asks her how much she cursed that his bike broke down. She asks him not to talk to her. He says the girl vomits in bus and her mum requested him, that is why he gave her lift. She now starts talking with him and asks him about the surprise. He asks her to have patience and asks her to think how they will make their friend’s sangeet memorable, until then he takes a nap on her shoulder.

They arrive at the function. Angad is checking his phone. Anjali is watching him. His friend goes to him and asks what he’s checking so much on his phone. He says there is a surprise which he will give to all. He leaves. Anjali’s friend tells her not to think too much about him proposing her, he hadn’t said anything like that. Song plays and everyone dances. Anjali watches Angad and smiles. She imagines herself and him dancing romantically.

Angad goes to her and gets her on the dance floor. Anjali starts dancing like crazy. Everyone leaves the dance floor. All are surprised to see her dance like that. After her dance ends, no one claps. Aunties gossip that they couldn’t figure out if that was a girl or a boy. Anjali says it’s called HipHop dance. No other girl would know how to dance like that. A boy tells her that she was jumping up and down like a monkey. She asks him to shut as he wouldn’t even know how to spell HipHop. Angad supports Anjali and says whatever she did was best. Anjali gets happy. He starts clapping and rest follow him.

Angad takes Anjali to a room with him. He closes the door. She asks him why he brought her to the room. He says he wanted to ask her something. He asks if she felt bad after what happened outside. She says no. He says thank God, I thought your mood might be off and I can’t give you surprise when your mood is off. She asks what’s the surprise. He starts removing his shirt. Anjali thinks this is getting a bit more, she came prepared to hear I love you only. She asks him why he’s taking off his shirt. He says its a surprise. He shows a tattoo on his chest to her. Anjali gets surprised. He asks, isn’t it very macho? You’re surprised, right? Anjali asks was that the surprise? He says yes, you didn’t like it? She says it’s good, but I thought surprise was something else. He says, there’s another surprise. Smile comes back on her face.

They are outside. He puts a gol gappa in her mouth. She asks was that the surprise? He says there is another surprise. Anjali’s friend asks him why so many surprises. He says, Anjali is his best friend. Anjali’s friend tells him that he gets impress a lot from other girls, then what’s so special in Anjali? He takes different girls’ names and praise them in Gol Gappa terms, one being spicy, one being khati, etc. Anjali gets hurt with every name he takes. Anjali’s friend asks him, what about Anjali? He says, when your mouth starts burning after eating spicy Gol gappas, Anjali, like an empty puri, gives a relief. Anjail smiles. Her friend takes her on a side and says she is sure, he’s not going to say I love you or anything. Anjail still has hopes as she was the first one to see his tattoo and he gave her more importance than the other girls. She says he’s just creating a romantic environment, and once he proposes her, she will say yes right away. She watches Angad eating Gol Gappas and smiles.

Angad and his friends are drunk. Angad’s friend says marriage destroys their life, but Angad opposes it. He asks his friend to put a blindfold on his eyes. He then finds Anjali with closed eyes and announces to everyone, if he ever marries, then it will be Anjali. He removes the blindfold and tells his friend, he chose her with even closed eyes because she is his best friend. They are friends since the time they didn’t know how to spell friend. He agrees that her dressing style is not best, she is not glamorous, but she’s smart, she is the best. His friend asks her if it’s possible to leave all other girls for one girl? Angad says, for Anjali, he can leave all girls. Anjali is getting super happy. The bride comes there and asks Angad’s friend, whose leaving who? He says no one leaving anyone and takes her for dance.

Angad is finding his mobile. Anjali comes to him and says she picked it up when he was getting drunk. He says what would have happened to him, if she wasn’t there. He gets a call and gets some good news. He hugs Anjali and says she’s very lucky for him. Anjali happily hugs him back. A dupatta falls on them. Anjali has an eyelock with him. Both kiss.

Precap: Anjali proposes Angad.

Update Credit to: Tina

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