Should Pakhi forgive Anshuman for doubting her purity

Anshuman and Pakhi were very much in love. Pakhi pulled his leg by telling him about her fake Chittor boyfriend Rohan. Anshuman understood she is joking. Tanya came to know about it and planted Prithvi as Rohan in their lives. Prithvi aka Rohan met Pakhi many times infront of Anshuman. Anshuman saw him at his home many times in his absence. Prithvi left a fake pregnancy report of Pakhi at his home.

Anshuman got it and like a big fool believed in it, more than his love. Anshuman came to admit his feelings to Pakhi but stopped seeing the report. He thinks Pakhi is really having an affair with that guy and she got pregnant with his child, as Anshuman and Pakhi did not consummate their marriage till now.

Anshuman confronts Pakhi about it throwing the report on her face. Pakhi has no answer as she is in shock seeing how can her husband doubt on her purity. Anshuman insults her calling her characterless, by being his wife and being a mum of someone else’s child. Anshuman asks her to leave from his house.

Pakhi comes back to her home town Chittor and stays with her family. She does not tell them about her tiff with Anshuman. Anshuman realizes his mistake knowing the truth that Tanya is the mastermind behind this fake Rohan. He rushes to Chittor to apologize to Pakhi. He says sorry for hundred times but she is adamant as she is unable to forget his bitter words.

Pakhi’s family comes to know that Anshuman kicked her out of the house doubting on her character. They get angry and beat him up. Pakhi stops her family from hurting Anshuman saying he is her husband and no one can interfere in their personal problem. Does this mean Pakhi has forgiven Anshuman? Let us know what you think.

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