Jhalli Anjali 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali imagines Angad coming and sitting beside her tell that he will never get out from her mind…Anjali opens her eyes but doesnt find anyone..She gets scared as her purse is missing..Anjali tells Thankgd her phone is not missing..Anjali comes out the old Drunk MAn holds his hand..Anjali shouts tells ..old man tells why did she spoiled Dhruv”s life…Anjali tells that Dhruv has sent people behind her…The man tells that He is Dhruv is father…Man tells he respect Women soo much that he even respected her dead women..The man tells that god will never leave her..as he is innocent..and goes away Taijii tells Taujii not to tell police as whole Ambala will come to know,,Door bell rings..Puneet opens the Door Anjali comes Taujii tells where was she…ANjali tells first she wantRs 300 as her purse is lost…Tauji gives her money..In next scene Taujii..Taijii and Puneet are sitting..Tauji asks for whom did Amisha stole the Money..Puneet replies Dhruv…Taujii says after this ther are some rules,,NO late night money ..and no one should get out of house after 8:00..and tells that Amisha should return puneet money by her pocket money…
Amisha tells her money is finishing indeed Dhruv is not her boyfrien all Incidents are happening with her..Anjali tells she is not alone..she is also suffering..anjali tells all necklace..purse is lost..Amisha asks whom,,Anjali tells he gone in the group to discuss her lovestory,,,AMisha tells it was waste to discuss about Angad….Anjali tells yes..Anjali tells that she met Dhruv father and he was drunk..Anjali tells that he said Dhruv is innocent…She tells that Dhruv”s father sayings touched her heart tell taht she will talk Maitreyi tommorrow Amisha tell ok…
Next day in college Anjali asks Maitreyi how her parents are aware that she was preganat..Maitreyi tells that they supported her..Maitreyi goes,,,Anjali stops and tells she want to talk about Dhruv..Maitreyi tellls she dont want to discuss about Dhruv..and goes…Two people come and tease Maitrey gives them a card and tells to become model wera small clothes,,MAitreyi tells get lost boys tells to do what she did with Dhruv,,,YUvraaj comes and beat the boys…and asks to tell sorry they tells sorry..Anajali tells really MAitreyi is in trouble..Vp tells Anjali to go and support..Maitreyi cries and tells that she never faced such things in life…Yuvraaj tells relax afterall she is getting money..Anjali hides and listens,,Maitreyi Tells yuvraaj that she will tell principal that she lied..and Dhruv and She never got physical,,Kiera comes and shouts at her..tells that if they trap she will also trap..Yuvraaj explain Maitrey tells her to relax as people will forget in few days and she will get scolarship in few days..Anjali tells how shameless is Maitrey did all for a Scholarship…Anjali gets worried and tells how she correct her mistake..Maitreyi goes with yuvraaj and kiera in Car..Anjali goes behind CAr VP comes in bike and pushes Anjali …Anjali falls and cries Vp asks what happend,,Anjali tells that she wrong with Dhruv and trouble happened,,tells Dhruv is suspended beacuse of her,,VP tells he know Dhruv”s house..Anjali goes to Dhruv”s house..Dhruv is Scolding her father tells why he talked to Anjali..HIs father tells to apply in another college..DHruv tells he will take his own decision everytime….Dhruv tells he is Angry because his father talked to ANjali..Dhruv:s father tells that he is worried because Dhruv:s 1 year is wasted…Dhruv tells what he did till as her mother died ailing,,He has to pay money 15lacs because of him,,,Dhruv tells he is suffering..Anjali sees all this and tells that she misunderstood his father took the money..Dhruv sees Anjali and shouts at her Anjali says sorry..Anjali tells she will correct the mistake,,Dhruv tries to beat Anjali but stops tell her to leave as he lost all his reputation ,,,studies because of her,,,Anjali goes…
in night Anjali calls preet tells all this…Preet tels that it is her problem that she misunderstood things..Amisha tells exactly,,tells she trapped Anjali,,Preet and Amisha scolds her,,,Anjali tells she already listened alot…Preet tells yuvraaj and kiera should be teached a lesson,,,Preet tells Anjali that she gifted Angad a gold locket by talin tuition for two months Angad sold that last week…Anjali gets shocked and tells what,,Amisha tells Preet what she have said now Anjali will again think about Angad,,Anjali says Angad go to hell..Anjali tells to give some idea…Anjali gets a idea,,tells that she will divide Yuvraaj and his group,,
Next day in college Anjali tells plan is onn,,she will shock the enemies..Prateek tels Yuvraaj that he is very happy because he gave him Anjali”s locket..Yuvraaj tells he is not a thief tells Anjali gave him,,Kiera tells Anjali is dumb,,YUvraaj tells she is “Jhalli Anjali”…Prateek gets shocked seein Amisha”s poster,,Amisha is modellin in the room the whole class cheers..Yuvraaj gets shocked…Amisha takes a mike and tells they are ready to make her CR,,,Tells al the classmates to give her Rose and support…all classmates gives Amisha roses,,Yuvraaj ,,Kiera and prateek see and gets shocked,,Amisha offers a rose to YUvraaj,,Yuvraaj tries to take but he get stem and thorns,,Amisha tells from nowonwards Thorns will be in his life as She will become the CR of college and goes away,,,Yuvraaj throws the stem,,Anjali gets happy

Precap:Amisha and Anjali fights in front of YUvraaj,,Amisha calls Anjali Loser,,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  2. Man i lv param singh & U r absolutly correct.sadda haq rocks

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