Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 21st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 21st July 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 21st July 2013 Written Update

Manish and Kapil continue their comedy skit while introducing the judges and talking about the previous night.

Kapil invites Arjun Rampal on stage who came to promote his film, D-Day, where he plays Rudra Pratap Singh.

Arjun: Says that Madhuri is still the most beautiful woman in the world, Remo toh chaa gaye and Karan ab aagaya tera Arjun.


Sid & Mohena

Preparation: Avi shows how Sonia had injured her heel and Mohena had to be paired up with Sid. Sid is finding it difficult since he had gotten the least marks but says he will put in his best.

Dance Form: Robotics

Song: Dum

Madhuri: This style was done very good today by Sid and it was one of his best performance on JDJ. Also, Mohena choreographed it very smartly. Liked the little interactions that were there. 9

Remo: Mohena cleverly choreographed it by not involving flexible movements. Some moves were nice but some portions were left stiff. And on one section Sid forgot but because it was Robotics not much was noticed. But from last time it was definitely very very good. 8

Karan: Today I got to know how choreography can change the performance. Kudos to Mohena who used Sid’s body language properly. Welcome back to the competition, it was the finest performance of Sid. 9

Arjun: Fantastic. This stiffness is a style that some men have. If I was there I would be stiff too but this stiffness was shown today in your dance and made it your advantage. That was intelligent and smart. Will have a great future on the show.

Arjun gets invited to show a bit of ”style” to Sid and they dance on Dhanno.
Remo also shakes a leg doing Robotics on Dum.

Total Marks: 26/30


Mika enters out of the blue singing a song. Manish introduces Mika Singh and says that he might be a potential contestant of JDJ.
Mika says that he was terrible when he was there 7 years ago and all he did was fight with the judges. Today he is here to support Shaan and wished that he could’ve been as good as him 7 years ago. He has sung a song in D-Day and sings a song for Madz. Takes a seat on the side.


Shaan & Marisha

Preparation: Shaan says that he is a master with disguising and being in costumes and he was even called a behrupiyaa last week. He will prepare his best and try to get 10s.

Dance Form: No specification but imitating snakes

Song: Roshni Se Bhare Bhare

Madhuri: Today you guys are snakes. Each time you guys come on the stage with something new and feel that something will go on. But each time you guys do it so well..precise movements. Loved the flow of the performance. Very very good. 9

Remo: The snake dance was really good. I have seen snake dance in real life and that visual I will never forget. They go on their tips of their tails when they dance, so the beginning gave me that feeling. The lifts were beautiful but were off-sync in the last moment. Beautiful. 9

Karan: No other contestant matches your coordination and precision. Two of you did really well. One of your most aesthetic performance. More power. 9

Mika: Shaan dada danced very well…what can I say…Sings Subah Hone Na De with Shaan.

Total Marks: 27/30


Lauren & Punit

Dance Form: Contemporary

Song: Pehli Baar Mohobbat Ki Hai

Madhuri: The first time I got tears in my eyes. Lauren is so delightful to watch, you could see her soul when she dances. Brilliant brilliant choreography by Punit. We could see the feeling and the purpose. The jodi is so good that we could see the chemistry. The flame doesn’t want that the “parvana” comes near but when he does , we know how the end is. Hats off. (Stands up) Lauren love you. A 10 is too less for you. Shama ne uss parvane ko maar dala par aap dono ne mujhe maar dala.

Karan: You know how you get speechless…thats how I was, speechless. I think what Madz did was bang on…so I will stand and give you the comments. This performance needs to be saluted. Its the best performance JDJ has ever seen, ever. Punit outstandingly choreographed. Lauren what a fantastic actress you are. To depict the emotions in this kind of dance is impossible and you did it with utmost brilliance. I would say that this is the dance, international can’t match what you did today. We are proud to judge the most important dance platform in this country thanks to people like you.

Remo: I would come there…As a choreographer I would do… BOWS DOWN. Today, Punit and Lauren you have inspired me today. I feel so proud that I have worked and know you today. Lauren thanks him.

Arjun: Comes up and hugs Lauren. After the Charlie Chaplin I was a big fan but after this one, I’m in love with you. That was insane and Punit, the most amazing choreography I have ever seen. This is what you call dancing.

Lauren: I am an artist and being a part of this show has given me so much. And looking to my left here this amazing person (PUNIT) has made me a better artist and person so thank you so much for your friendship.

The judges give them the whole dabba of marks. Total = 3000 points

Total Marks: 30/30


Karan Patel & Sharmishta

Preparation: Doesn’t know what to do because most has been done and says its enough of simple acts. Hopefully this time it won’t be simple for the judges.

Dance Form: Paso Doble

Song: Remix of ABCD theme with something else
They really need to start putting in the song titles…I can’t even guess anymore

Remo: The concept was really interesting with the chess board and paso doble. Dancing was good since Karan was aggressive and strong. Though concept wasn’t clear. Attempt was good but still need more. 7

Madhuri: Karan put in all his efforts and he is a really good actor. But paso doble might have not been the style…want to see you do something fantastic as you are good dancer. 8

Karan: Saw effort but saw jerkiness in the performance. There is a need to prove yourself but don’t let go of the calmness. Sure you can do way better than this. 8

Total Marks: 23/30


Manish welcomes the first teenage heartthrob of India, the legend Rishi Kapoor.

Rishiji: I have seen your last show in New York, everyone is fabulous. All of you are doing good work. Fellow colleagues, looking very well Karan, Madhuri and Remo. Arjun please come up. This is the first time I am working with Arjun and he has previously worked with Ranbir in Rajneeti. We talked last night that just like you made a good movie, Rajneeti, I hope that our jodi is as successful.
Arjun: Thank you Rishiji and its an honour to work with this man.


Sana & Tushar

Preparation: Sana doing her nautanki and being filmy. She is excited about dance and shows how she does steps everywhere she goes. After teaching one step she adds two steps more. Tushar claims its going to be an advantage this week since Sana is a nautanki.

Dance Form: Freestyle

Song: Ek Haseena Thi (Karz)

Rishi: Coincidentally this song was picturized in the studio beside this one. Sana was there in SOTY, both of you were really good. I was going to ask how you managed to change those clothes. Sana says that she wore 5 layers that she kept on taking off.

Madhuri: Very good story telling, dance and choreography. Tushar is always good and Sana is terrific with the expressions. The changes were really good. Loved it. 9

Karan: I don’t know how you did that especially the white outfit. Love it when you bring a screenplay into dance. Outstanding dance, superb concept. So proud of you. 9

Remo: A good concept and the timing was good and smart with the changes. Have to work with the pirouettes but otherwise this was a good performance. 9

Arjun: Mind blowing. It’s my lucky day that I am seeing such performances today in JDJ. Tushar is mind blowing trained dancer but Sana is brilliant with the confidence she dances.

Total Marks: 27/30


Sana: There is a tribute that we all have organized for you, hope you enjoy it.

Rishi: Wow! That’s very kind and sweet of you to do that. I’d be happy to watch

Sid & Drashti dance to Ek mein aur ek tu. Shaan & Sana dance to Khulam khula pyaar karenge hum dono. Sonali & Sumanth dance to Paisa. Karan Patel & Lauren and Mukti & Karanvir dance to Aa dil kya. Everyone dances to Om shanti om.

Rishi: I was emotional and I was transported back to decades back. Thank you so much to everyone. If I was the judge all of you would be winners. Speaking of judges, I am sitting beside Madhuri and Karan. I did 3 1/2 movies with Madz and we never did any hit films but she did the biggest hit with Ranbir. Then Karan, I met him when he was 11. He was gollu then. After he told me to be the evil guy in Agneepath and I said where do I look so bad? It is nothing that I did but the two Karans who did.

Karan: He will always be my favourite actor. I always wanted to wear those Rishi Kapoor sweaters when small. I never knew I would be able to direct him. I had 3 wishes: 1) Make Lataji sing 2) Make a movie for my father 3) Direct Rishiji

Rishi Kapoor and Arjun dance and take their leave.

Madhuri dances to Ghagra. Next week’s challeng: ITEM SONGS!

Update Credit to: 3raser

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