Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 20th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 20th July 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 20th July 2013 Written Update

The show starts off with KJo and Remo acting like Princes and wooing Madhuri. Manish and Kapil enter, introduce the judges and the theme: Nautanki.

Announce that Sid and Mukti’s partners have been changed as the previous ones have been injured.
Manish talks about the wildcards. Mantra who has been in a below average category with 22 marks while Karan and Mukti have been average with 24 marks. Mukti answers that the people must have voted for her and gives her a chance. Karan seemed nervous and says that he is nervous because anything could happen and there was an “adbhud” scoreboard. Karanvir says that if I have to do “jaan ke liye dance” then “ab toh aadat si mujhko aise jeene mein”. Anyhow, Manish says that he is safe today! Drashti is asked if Sana seems like competition which she replies by saying that everyone is competition but she will give her best and see what happens. Manish announces that Sana is going ahead in the competition. Lauren, Shaan, Shonali and Sumanth, Drashti, Sid, and Mukti are all safe. Karan Patel and Mantra are in danger.


Taiyari Jeet Ki

Manish: There are only 8 weeks left for the grand finale and we could see that last week there were marks as low as 20 being given out. Judges are clearly having more expectations so the contestants need to buck up now.


Remo: 7 weeks have been past so now bad performances will be stated as bad now. Last week there had been acts that weren’t up to the level of JDJ and I had pulled out marks like 6s. Hopefully I won’t have to pull out such low marks this week.
Drashti: Remo sir had been very strict last week with the technicalities.
Mukti: Judges have shown that come on pull up your socks and start dancing.
Madhuri: We are going to be very strict since JDJ has come to the point where they should do the best performance they can.
Karanvir: Its all about who gets the votes and who is popular on television
Mantra: Sid comes to me and says that he is very happy that you got less marks but Sid’s fans have been saving him and how many weeks he gets saved will be seen now
Sid: Now we have to up our tempo any kind of mediocre performance will not do so need your luck


Drashti & Salman

A jhalak into DD’s life is shown and her family is present. She talks about her family who has been the support. Her mom and dadi are really proud of her.

Dance Form: Afro

Song: A. R Rehman (not sure exactly as it was a mix)

Madhuri: This is a very unique dance that I have seen and the costumes were really good. Some of the lifts and choreography were really good. Maar Dala. 10

Remo: Costume drama and nautanki special was shown from the beginning pose. Everything was good with the feel and the way body needs to be moved with the Afro. This is it. 10

Karan: Haven’t seen such a dance but have a good energy level. The toes being pointed marks a good dancer which she has now become. Batameez performance. 10

Total Marks: 30/30

Manish and Kapil ask Drashti if she carries stardom attitude at home. She replies by saying that she isn’t like that for example if she goes to her masi’s house then she does dishes etc.
Then they ask her about arranged marriage or love marriage and give out options from the contestants. DD says Shaan jaisa. Shaan says that he is sarvagun sampoon?


Karan & Sneha

Kapil: There is one celebrity here who at home is known as “babulal” but here he is “KVB”…a nautanki man.
Manish: From the last weeks he has gone crazy for getting average marks dressing up as man but this week…he won’t say.

Dance Form: Lavni

Song: Lagli kunachi hichki

Karan: I am doubting Karanvir for being so involved in this character. The performance was great due to the grace, expressions etc. Today you won’t be getting an 8 today. 9

Remo: The fight you were having with marks and yourself, you have broken through. Really good expressions throughout and did lavni well (which most girls have trouble with). The best performance till now. 9

Madhuri: Did very well because lavni is about sensuality, expressions and beauty. Kavya (KVB) did it so well because it didn’t seem like a man was doing it. Your best performance til now…outstanding performance. 9

KVB and Madz do a bit of expressions of lavni on the same song. Karan gives a competiton for Manish and Kapil to impress Kavya (KVB) and the reward is to go out with Lauren or else go with KVB. Manish gets a kiss from Lauren. Karan says both lose and KVB says that he doesn’t want them.

Total Marks: 27/30


Sonali & Sumanth

Manish: Our next celeb has only said Thank you mam, ki, Thank you sir on this stage.
Kapil’: Agree, Rekhaji had just phoned me—-
Manish: WTH…when do they people call you?
Kapil: When you eat all my lines up. Anyway, today these cheeki cheekiyah jaise bache are coming like Mickey Mouse.

Dance Form: Garba ()& Hip-Hop

Song: Anjaana Anjaani

Karan: What kind of mouses these are I don’t know. Where they were getting their energy from I don’t know. It was an absolutely batameez performance. 10

Remo: The performance was really good but the first part where she looked like she lacked confidence. But the hip-hop locking and popping with the folk dances were really good. In one act they have done limited lifts but they were unique and I haven’t seen them before. Very nice. 9

Madhuri: You both were so good, looked like two mice were running here and there. The style and performance was great. I’d take these two mice home. Maar Dala. 10

Call Sid up to the stage. Sonali teaches a step or two to Sid since she likes him so much. He ends up doing barbell curls with Sonali.

Total Marks: 29/30

P.S: Is Sonali the celebrity and Sumanth just a partner? Because it seems like it.


DD and Sana band bajao Kapil and Manish about their clothes, hair and they way they butter the judges. They ask Manish and Kapil to dance like contestants. They do some rather funny steps on hookah bar. Punit enters doing Maar dala steps.

Remo: Negative 10

Madz: Negative Ninety-Eight

Karan: I believe in charity and the two of you are one find of charitable cases

Mukti & Shushank

Manish: The next celeb is sometimes like Madz with the duppata or sometimes is like Sridevi
Kapil: Yes, yes…she takes the avatar of the well known people so she coming like Shiv who is trying to destroy Jhalander.

Dance Form: Tandav

Song: Classical something

Remo: This act belongs to Mukti. The body language and expressions were beautiful and amazing. Saw expressions from anger to soft one. This is it. 10

Madhuri: The story of mahadev that you portrayed was really well done. Even for a minute I didn’t feel like a girl was doing this because of the strength that you had. You really put Shushank on your head and don’t know how you did it. Maar Daala. Perfect. 10

Karan: Today we say your caliber clearly today. There was strength in you and the way you lifted Shushank you won me over. Welcome to JDJ…absolutely batameez performance. 10

Total Marks: 30/30

Kapil asks for a boon from Mukti to which she says that the double will be given to Manish. First he asks for a palace, so Manish gets two. Then he says break one of my eyes.


Jaan Ke Liye Dance

Karan Patel dances to Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.
Mantra dances to Maston ka Jhund

Karan Patel is safe and Mantra is eliminated.


Shaan sings for Pran. Everyone salutes Pranji for his work and dedication to the industry. (Hope he rests in peace).

Precap: Rishi Kapoor is the guest with Arjun Rampal! Everyone dances to Om Shanti Om. Lauren and Punit dance to Pehli Baar Mohobbat Ki Hai to which Karan gives a standing ovation and Remo bows down to Punit. Mika comes to promotes Shaan. Sana and Sushant do an imitation of Karz. while Sid does robotics.

Update Credit to: 3raser

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