Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 8th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 7 8th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

This Episode is the continuation of the Grand Premiere Night. Ranvir and Drashti welcome the audience to the show for some killer performances. Madhuri gives a dazzling performance to give the show as beautiful and rocking start. She boogies on the song Dhoom Machale……….. from the movie Dhoom3. Karan and Remo praise her performance and they lead her to her seat.

8. Shakti Mohan

Dance Form: Ballet
She dances with her choreographer Tushar on the song Teri Deewani……… (Kailash Kher – Saiyyan Album)
Remo: Welcome, you both are brilliant. Shakti is a trained dancer, I felt nice you did the purest form of Ballet, its tough to dance on points.
Madhuri: Shakti as marvelous, your body language and postures, were so nice. It was perfect, you killed it.
Karan: You took the standard high, fabulous, you are a big part of this show. Tushar is magnificent, a born dancer, a truly banging performance.
Scores: Remo 9, Madhuri 10, Karan 10. Total: 29.
Palak and Shakti have a comical dance faceoff.
Shakti makes a vote appeal to sms SHA to 56882.

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar and the gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha come on the show to promote their film Holiday. Aaj dil shairana………… plays……………… Akshay and Sonakshi enter on a bike. Everyone give them a warm welcome. Madhuri gives a tough task to Akshay asking him to earn the seat beside her. She challenges him to have lemon and keep a straight face, without changing expressions, he has to have 3 lemons. Akshay says how can I have 3 lemons, and starts with the biggest. He does the task keeping his expressions straight.

Madhuri says your second task is to dance with a non dancer, so choose anyone from audience and do dirty dance. Akshay chooses an old woman and dances with her. Madhuri says one of our contestant loves you and is a big fan of you, she is Puja. She asks him to make Puja’s day special. Akshay asks Puja to watch his film with him. Puja is bowled over and agrees. He asks what else do you want, ask anything. Akshay rides a scooty with Puja. Tu hi to hai………… plays…… Madhuri asks Akshay to come and take the seat beside her. Akshay challenges all the guys to run on the sliding surface. The guys do the challenge well and its turn for Palak.

9. Akshat Singh

Dance Form:
He dances with his choreographer Vaishnavi on the song Boss……. From the movie Boss.
He gets a standing ovation from everyone.
Akshay: He did very well. Will you do a film for us. Well done. This was extra ordinary.
Remo: Akshat was perfect and amazing, proper dance and clean steps, brilliant performance, Vaishnavi was fantastic.
Madhuri: No need of props, as you are never seen before, you are very quick like Govinda. Fantastic, you were superb. Vaishnavi well done.
Karan: You proved you are a kid, but you truly are a boss. I knew he has a talent which world will be mad seeing it. He is a unique kid. I can see you in finals of Jhalak. Well done.
Sonakshi: You were great.
Scores: Karan 10, Madhuri 9, Remo 9. Total 28.
Akshat requests Akshay to dance with him on the song of Boss. They dance together.
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Suresh brings some light moments on the show. Suresh and Remo has a faceoff in the song Badtameez Dil.

10. Sreesanth

Dance Form: Hip Hop
He dances with his choreographer Sneha on the song Zinda……… from the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.
Remo: Welcome. Amazing energy, what a dance, you are fantastic. This is it.
Madhuri: Welcome to Jhalak, you are aa surprise package of the show, you were brilliant, I really enjoyed it, you have just killed it, it’s a brilliant start, wish you all the best.
Karan: Outstanding, so much precision, well done.
Sonakshi: Wow Sreesanth, what a start, all the best.
Akshay: I liked the way you danced.
Akshay wishes Sreesanth to do bowling in dancing way and he will play with him. Everyone have a laugh seeing them play and dance.
Scores: Karan 9, Madhuri 9, Remo 9. Total 27.
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11. Purab Kohli

Dance Form: Freestyle
He dances with his choreographer Mohena on the song Suno Na Sangemarmaar……….. from the movie Youngistaan.
Remo: The act was good, I did not do this before on any reality show, very nicely done, good concept, Purab pulled it off very well. Fantastic act.
Madhuri: Welcome, I know it was difficult act. It was beautiful, visually stunning. Purab carried it beautifully. All the best.
Karan: Welcome, Purab tried a tough thing in first act, you maintained the balance well, did lip sync too, the concept was great.
Sonakshi: This was a tough act, and you made it effortless, fantastic.
Akshay: It was a good idea to do a gravity act, its never seen before.
Scores: Madhuri 8, Karan 8, Remo 8. Total 24.
Purab makes a vote appeal to sms PUR on 56882.
Sonakshi and Palak have a comic scene where Palak shows some defense arts taught by Akshay Kumar. Akshay and Sonakshi bid adieu from the show.

12. Andy

Dance Form: Gryokinosis/Contemporary
He dances with his choreographer Bhavini on the song Ilaahi Mere Jee Aaye……. From the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.
Remo: Welcome on Jhalak. It was your first act, concept was nice. But there coordination was not good. I want to see lot more from you.
Karan: Welcome Andy and Bhavini. I wanted to see much more dance. Your expressions were awesome, but you have to dance well to match up the standards.
Madhuri: Welcome, I like the concept. Andy was in his character of Elf. We expect much better from you.
Scores: Remo 6, Madhuri 7, Karan 7. Total 20.
Andy makes a vote appeal to sms AND to 56882.

13. Kritika Kamra

Dance Form: Freestyle
She dances with her choreographer Savio on the song Banke Tilti Dil Uda Kahin Door………… from the movie Chennai Express.
Remo: Welcome. It was never seen before but Kritika has to still do better and work hard.
Madhuri: Welcome to Jhalak. Kritika it was visually stunning, but you have to more hard, keep back straight while dancing, good debut.
Karan: You have wonderful and charming presence. Visually beautiful, this is an art to keep good timing. All the best.
Scores: Madhuri 8, Remo 7, Karan 7. Total 22.
Kritika makes a vote appeal to sms KRI to 56882.

Karan says there are more two dancing stars who can show you who can become the Bigg Boss of the show, we call them the challengers. They are the best dancers Salman Yusuff Khan and Lauren Gottlieb. They bring international dance like Salsa with Desi tadka with very fast movements.

They dance on the song Tamanche Pe Disco………. From the movie Bullet Raja. Madhuri says this is the challenge for the contestants for next week. On one style which they know and one they did not know. They have to mix two dance forms. Performer of the week is Shakti and Tushar. Ranvir and Shorey sign off the show.

The show gets an International judge next week.

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