Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 7th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha wishing Adi to stop her. Adi says Ayesha and she stops turning to see him. Adi asks where are you going. Nani gets tensed. Ayesha says Arif’s house. He says but you said you won’t continue internship. She says Arif asked me to come and meet. He says I will drop you. She says no, I will go. He asks don’t you trust me. Nani says let her go. Adi says whats the problem, I will drop her. Nani asks won’t you come with me. Adi says come with me, lets go together. Ayesha saus fine. Nani thinks if Ayesha does any mistake today.

Ghalib shows Ayesha’s pic to people and asks them did you see this girl. A man tells him that she is Pankhudi. Ghalib says I m from Lucknow and came here to give her some items, can you take me her home. The man says yes, come with me. Adi tells Ayesha that Harish is giving you a car. She says so what, not a chartered plane. He asks what is Nani talking. She says don’t know. Nani calls Harish and says we are going together. Harish says I will guide Ayesha. She says fine. Harish says you have to be with Adi all the time. She says don’t worry, I will bring Adi on the spot, we have to execute our plan well.

Nafisa comes to Diwaan Mansion. She looks around. She looks into Rubel’s room and comes inside. She gets Rubel’s pic and smiles seeing it. Payal comes there and she hides the pic. Ayesha asks Adi to drop her on the way. Adi says fine, wherever you say, don’t worry, I will drop you on time. Payal confronts Nafisa and scolds her for getting in her bedroom. Nafisa says sorry and starts leaving. Payal stops her and asks did Rubel tell you to come with you to office daily. Nafisa says yes, you can ask him. Payal says that’s fine, you can go now. Nafisa smiles and leaves.

Ghalib comes to Pankhudi’s house and rings the bell. He sees the house and says it looks no one is at home, where did they go. He asks do you have their number. Adi stops the car. Ayesha says I will go now. Nani asks Adi to let her go. Harish keeps an eye on Adi. Nani says lets go Adi. Ayesha feels bad and stops Adi. She hugs him. Adi feels glad. Nani and Harish are surprised. She says I wanted to thank you. He says I will be glad if you thank me like this daily. He leaves with Nani. Harish meets Ayesha and takes her.

Adi and Nani come back. Harish hides again. Adi asks is our movie and dinner plan on. She signs yes. A guy comes and meets Ayesha. He says you were not coming today. She says I came to meet Arif. The man says Arif is not at home. Adi says then fine, meet him tomorrow, we should go now. Ayesha says Jackie, I know he is not at home, but he called me to come. Jackie says he did not tell me. Ayesha says I will meet him and come. She asks Adi to leave.

Adi says I will come to take you, call me. He leaves. Nani and Adi are on the way. Harish brings Ayesha to the spot. He tells the action masters to explain Ayesha. They say you have exchange the car. Harish says when Adi sees the car burning, and he will believe you are dead. Ayesha says but if any other car come in between. He says don’t worry, we have blocked the road taking shooting’s permission. Ayesha says I understood and will manage. Adi will be far from Pankhudi today. Harish hugs her thanking her.

Nani brings Adi on that road and thinks everything will be fine today finally. Rubel meets Nafisa in the office and tells her how positive is Payal being now. Nafisa says its very good thing. Rubel says yes, I want everything to be fine between me and Payal. Nafisa thinks to do something. The stunt man asks Ayesha to sit in the car. Ayesha leaves in the car which is actually damaged.

Adi sees Ayesha and shouts. Harish says before Adi gets more involved in this, we have to end this game. Adi meets with an accident instead of her. Ayesha shouts Adi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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