Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika insults Varun’s mother

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alek comes to Devika’s room and grabs her, he says you wanted to tell Varun? semms like you are in love. Devika says you cant force me like this. Alek says you wrote letter to your husband with these hands? I will cut them, he takes scissor and says I will cut your fingers.. Devika takes deep breath. Alek says God has taken time to make you, I cant damage you, I have to take you to my bed without damaging. Alek burns her letter, he shouts at her to collect the ashes of letter, she does, he asks her to rub it in her hands, he asks her to go and blacken Varun’s mother’s face, he says when you do it then Varun will hate you and leave you, then you will be mine, go and do what I said otherwise I know other ways to deal with you too. He leaves.

Devika comes to family who are busy eating, she turns to leave but Alek comes there and asks her to sit with them. Alek asks where is Varun’s mother? Varun says she is in washroom, she is till and cant come. Devika recalls flashback how she thought she cant do it, Varun loves her mother a lot. Flashback shows Devika coming to Varun’s mom and says I have made something for you, go to kitchen and taste it. Flashback ends. Devika thinks thank God I made her drink juice in kitchen so she will be ill a little and wont come here. Varun’s mom comes there and says juice didnt suit me, Devika give me food. Alek says someone has insulted Devika, Naina says who did it? Alek says she is my sister, no brother can bear insult, Devika do what you want otherwise I will do what I can, he shows her phone. Devika panics and says to Varun’s mom that I do a lot for you but you see mistakes in me only, you told everyone that I made juice for you but who will tell them that you raised hand on me? Mom says she is lying. Varun says enough. he says to Devika that my mom wont do something like that. Alek says so Devika is lying? Naina says not at all. Naina says Devika can do what she want if she has been abused. Devika puts black ash on Varun’s mom’s face. Varun is angry and raises hand but stops himself, he says I cant stoop to your level, he leaves with his mom. Lajjo says Devika you behave like this with your mother in law? she leaves. Devika runs away, Alek smirks. Maasa thinks this Alek is upto something, I have to find out.

Alek comes to Devika and says you acted to nicely, he says you are clever to make them go away.

Varun cleans his mother’s face. Dhani comes there and says is his mother fine? he nods. Dhani says Devika.. Varun says dont take her name, I dont want to hear anything about her. Alek hears it and thinks this emotional drama will be good for me. Someone drags him from there.

Scene 2
Alek is locked in store room, he opens his eyes to see Maasa there. He says you brought me here? you must have been deceit queen in your life. Maasa says what game are you playing? Alek says oh I am so scared. Maasa says I have seen the world, you can fool them with your words but not me, enough with your rubbish, what do you want? how much money you want? Alek says I like your style, let me tell you my worth.. dont try to do this act again with me, it wont be nice for you, I am warning you, he leaves. Maasa thinks I have to do something, I cant lose my property because of him, he doesnt know me, I am the person who killed her son for money.. then she can do anything with you, this cheap guy cant let my property leave me.

PRECAP- Alek says to Devika that you will get drunk and dance infront of everyone in sultry style without any care.
Devika dances infront of family. She seductively dances around Alek. All are stunned.
Varun says I will go Alek’s house and unmask his face. Varun jumps into Alek’s house, he frees Jiya from there and runs with her but Alek’s goons stop them,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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