Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nanda Maasi Released From Jail

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma with Kanak reaches accident spot and loading most injured patient on his mobile ambulance bike asks ambulance driver to bring other 2 injured patients to hospital. Ambulance driver tries to force Uma to send injured patient also in ambulance. Uma says he can reach via bike ambulance faster and asks to bring other 2 patients soon. Driver thinks he will take patients late to earn big commission. Uma reaches hospital soon. Doctor treats patient on time and saves his life. Ambulance driver reaches late. Uma scolds him for coming late. Driver holds Uma’s collar and alleges him. Doctor comes out. Driver alleges Uma for bringing severely injured patient on his bike and reaching everywhere with his bike. Doctor looks at Uma and his bike ambulance carefully and praises his service. He scolds driver for bringing patients late and orders his team to spread news about Uma’s bike ambulance everywhere. Other 2 patient’s families thank Uma for saving their children’s lives. Uma and Kanak head back towards home.

Uma and Kanak reach home. Mausaji sees his mental assylum file on table and calls everyone. He asks Uma if they are spying on him, says he wanted to tell about him, but Uma got a call and left. He starts that after Nanda Maasi disowned him, he was shattered and went to MP where he opened a tea shop. He found a girl there and married her, but his wife and child died after delivery, so he was shattered again and did not know where to go, so he came to Uma, asks if he did right. Uma says yes. Kanak thinks his story is so perfect, it looks cooked up. She needs to check. She calls her friend who stays in that village and enquires about phupaji. She then tells Aditya that her friend told there are stories about a mad tea seller. Aditya says he needs to be careful about pagal pitaji/PP then. Kanak suggests him to take Mausaji for shopping and find out details from him.

Aditya takes Mausaji for shopping. In jail, Nand Maasi is freed after finishing her term and comes out of jail. Aditya sees Maasi in market and gets emotional. Mausaji and Maasi stand shocked seeing each other..

Uma and Kanak tell Mausaji that they will not let Nanda Maasi inside house. Maasi smiles at Mausaji and says her planed worked and she sent him here to get her in, without that she cannot complete her plan.

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  1. Oh god so many villains came to our kanuma life……oh plz director give us positivity in the show not so much negativity as I always said b4 we r already living a stressful life..we watch tv for entertainment not take more stress…..now please dnt aditya turn into negative character bcs he looks so cute doing funny things…..if u wanna bring more villains into kanuma life then do one thing dnt separate them …..whatever the circumstances comes they just fight back together n win at last..

  2. Guys where have you all been I know you are all busy but please find some time and comments on our page our page has the lowest comments others comments regularly I know you guys must be busy but I missed all your comments have you guys stop watching . Please be active and let talk about our show

  3. Not again. I thought we were done with maasisa and her stories. I am afraid this might start the end of this show.

  4. Masisa re-entry is good but she is devious as always Had all this planned out to take revenge from KanUma again How conveniently Masa is gone away Bet all Aditya,The dad & Masisa are together Can’t they afford their own place as Aditya bribed MM & got money from her I personally would like to more of KanUma story develop Seems Masisa made friends with all inmates guess they will help her achieve her plan too Maybe they will move in KanUma house too ????

  5. Woww exciting track ahead now two tracks has opened one dealing with exploitation of multi speciality hospital how needy people are getting exploited by these big sharks in medical field. How a precious life is being valued for price fixed by these big hospital even a small injury ends up with a big surgery just for minting money starting from the lower level of medical department till the highest level everywhere corruption commission only money plays a major role a human life is nothing for them medical has become a big business now. This track is wonderful eye opener for many those who trust doctors as God. Some doctors are really genuine but there are some black sheep too who are doing not as service motivated but for personal gains.Now another track is opened massisa reentry into kanUm life so kanum going to face a big obstacle as Diya aur bhati supporting each other sooner or later kanUm going to win this too with their strong love and pure hearts. Mausaji is been sent by massisa and bigger conspiracy is being planned already to make kanUm life hell. But KanUm already faced a tsunami (Meera) this will be nothing for them. Let’s keep watching and enjoy our show guys

  6. we don’t want kanum to be separated and should understand each other.

  7. maasi freed so soon??

  8. Amazed at maasi intro?? (felt like watching Rajni film badhsha?)
    Y CVS are in hurry to hand over another plan to Maasi…..hope her new plan is not another cheez?
    Kanum are together ❤ so no problem and wish adi stay with kanum.
    CVS can intro a girl in adi’s life in a way to change his grey character to positive..love his innocent looks n concentrate on kanum n some family moments instead of planning n plotting

  9. Itni new entry dikha rahe ho wt abt old cast bring rani n golu n vansh back in the show to teach payal lesson n she (rani) should support sarswati……we want separate story of rathi pariwar. …tbhi toh show ki trp increase hogi….I think writer n director r puzzle hw to handle storyline. …..we also want to see kanuma love plus professional story n hw cud we forget our cute devil adi…..uski life mein bhi koi live partner le ke aayo palumi ko bana do usko life partner or u can hv new actress like chahatt khanna, dimple jhangiani, shivani tomar if guys u know any sweet girl which suit with our adi then please share here….

  10. Life partner

  11. What about hunar hali, chhavi pandey disja parmar for our aditya

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