Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun Locks Devika In a Room

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesar shouts Devika is a servant and is not Varun’s fiance, asks Varun why did he get engaged to servant Devika. Heera also asks same. Devika says it is not Varun’s mistake, many times people get afraid of losing what they achieved with hard work and lie, Varun also did same and it is not his mistake, there is no doubt that Varun is a talented actor and can become future superstar and there is nothing wrong if he took dear one’s friend. Maheshwari with all guests claps and says this girl is Varun’s true friend and not servant, Varun is still her film’s hero and if anyone insult Devika as servant, Varun will lose film, now she will stay here till party ends and asks Varun to bring his fiance now. Varun thanks Dhani for her help, but his engagement ring’s

true owner is Dhani, takes ring from Devika and walks to bring Dhani.

Varun enters Dhani’s room and asks why did not she come down yet. She says he cannot see her face. He asks what happened, there should not hide anything from each other. She shows her black face. He is shocked and asks what happened. She says her face blackened due to face pack, how can she come down with this black face. Varun says engagement will happen today itself and takes her down wearing mask and announces this masquerade party and please welcome my fiance Dhani. Dhani praises him for his idea. Devika thinks Varun will give her ring to Dhani, how will she stop him.

Heera tells Kesar that once Varun marries Kesar, she will get Varun’s all wealth. She wants Varun’s memory back. Kesar says if his memory is back, he will remember Devika and reaccept her, then Devika will not give them a penny, she is determined like Devi. Heera says she also meant same, now she will go and get Varun and Heera engaged.

Devika walks to Varun and says Maheshwari is calling him. He walks to Maheshwari and asks if she called him. She says no,but what is he doing here. Varun goes to Devika, says he needs to talk, drags her to a room and warns to stay right here, she helped him but is trying to separate him from Dhani. He walks back to Dhani. Dhani nervously holds her dress and tells Kesar that she needs to correct her dress. Kesar switches off light. Devika exchanges herself with Dhani and stands with Varun. Dhani switches on lights. Devika’s mask falls off, but she corrects it soon.

Precap: Varun dances romantically with Devika. Heera asks how can they forgo such a big mistake. Varun opens Devika’s room and finds Dhani instead.

Update Credit to: MA

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