Mere Sai 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aslam Gets Married, Anta And Banta Plan To Harm The Guests

Mere Sai 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai is making food for Aslam’s marriage and talks to the bird. He tells Jhipri that he will bring more wood, and asks birds to stay there as Dawat will start in sometime. Anta and Banta feel the smell and thinks it is so good. They think to eat food and ask for laddo, but nobody gives them. Villagers gossip that they are unfaithful to Kulkarni. Kashiram recalls Anta beating him and throwing his stuff in well. He asks them to have sweets and give cow dung cakes. Anta and Banta ask what is this misbehavior. Kashiram asks them to go and says we haven’t forgotten what you had done. Aslam’s father in law Abdul comes to Shirdi and meets Sai. Aslam’s would be wife Nusrath greets Sai. Sai says she is simple, innocent, lovely like Aslam and has respect for everyone. He says they shall go for Nikah.

is at Chivu’s house and tells that there is no luxuries here and no place to sit. Aslam and Nusrath’s marriage happens as Qazi solemnized their wedding.

Chivu tells Kulkarni that’s why she doesn’t want to stay here and tells that she has to make food here. She says once her husband asked her to draw cow’s milk. She tells that her inlaws are thinking that she came to stay with Vishwanath, but she will not stay here. Kulkarni asks her to stay with Vishwanath and says we have no other place to go and asks her to understand his situation. He says if anyone comes to know that we have escaped from Shirdi then it will go from my hand. Chivu says why did you let Rukmini go to her Mayka. Kulkarni says he let Rukmini go as Ganesh works with Governor saheb. He says he wants Ganesh to make his situation better. Chivu says we can go there. Kulkarni says I can send her, but I can’t go until her father apologize to me with folded hands. My swabhimaan doesn’t let me go. Chivu says her Swabhimaan is in risk because of him.

Anta and Banta drops snake in the sewiyan. Qazi saheb asks Nusrat if she agrees for marriage. Nusrath says qubool hai. Qazi Saheb then asks Aslam. Aslam says qubool hai….Everyone congratulate each other happily. Sai smiles. Aslam and Nusrath see each other in mirror. Sai blesses Aslam and Nusrath and congratulates them. He requests everyone to come to Dwarka Maai and says Dawat is organized there. Banta drops the snake in kheer and they run.

Everyone is about to eat the kheer. Aslam and Nusrath are about to feed kheer to each other. Sai looks on shocked hearing birds chirping sound.

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