Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun And Dhani’s Wedding Rituals Start

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Daksh lies Varun that Devika is greedy for money and he did not marry Devika seeing her greedy nature. Devika takes him aside and asks why did he lie. He says he has a reason for it and he can explain. She says he can neither explain nor she can understand, he broke her her hope to get Varun and asks to go away and never show hs face. Draksh hopes to tell his helplessness and leaves.

Varun enters and throws money on Devika. He asks if how did her words were proven wrong, if she wanted to manipulate Daksh and deal with him. Daksh tells Heera that he did his job and proved Devika wrong, pleads to free his sister Astha. Heera says Kesar had told that he loves his sister a lot, so she used his weakness, once Varun and Dhani’s marriage is over, she will free his sister, else he may inform truth to Varun. Devika asks Varun though he may have lost his memory, does he think she can stoop so low. He shouts now she will see his and Dhani’s wedding in sometime. Devika cries that everything happened because of Daksh, why did he do this..

Daksh warns Heera that god is watching everyone and they have to pay for their sins in this world itself. Heera says she has seen 2 generations and god did not punish her, why will he now. Daksh says god’s lashes don’t have sound, when it falls she will feel it. She says let us see and walks away. Daksh apologizes Devika for ruining her life.

Varun gets ready in sherwani for wedding and reminisces Devika’s confrontation. Basanti walks in and asks if he is ready. He asks if he is doing right. She says marrying Dhani is the best decision of his life. Varan walks down. Basanti thinks once Devika is gone, her secret that Varun is Maheshwari’s son and she is Maheshwaari’s maid.

Varun walks down to mantap. Devika loks at him sadly. Heera sees Devi’s photo in mantap. Kesar gets tensed and says it is abshagun. A man calls Heera and informs that he is one whom she ordered to kill Devi 20 years ago, he wants to tell a big secret before he dies. Basanti exchanges photo with god’s photo. Devika thinks how can she see her Piya getting married to someone else. Pandit asks to call bride. Kesari brings Dhani. Dhani sits next to Varrun in mantap. Pandit asks someone to do gathbandhan. Dhani says Varun he told Devika will do their gatbandhan. Varun says Devika will do their gatbandhan and asks Devika if she forgot her promise, come and do gatbandhan now. Devika reminisces promising Varun that she will decorate his mantap and do his gathbandhan. She walks towards mantap.

Precap: Devika says she did gatbandhan now and its strength depends on his and Dhani’s love. She finds DNA report and finds she is Devi and Adhiraj Rajawat’s daughter. Varun stops between pheras.

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  1. What now!!! She has found out she is Adhraj daughter Soo!!! It will still drag on no matter what all these damn series are the same reincarnation or loss of memory need we go far one is right here Varun lol.

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