Savitri Devi 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer gets a hint about the truth

Savitri Devi 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling Sanchi that he will not let her go until she tells him truth. Sanchi asks why is he doing this and says there is no truth. Just then rain starts. Veer asks her to tell the truth. He pulls her closer. Sanchi moves back. Veer tells Sanchi that he has noticed that she is afraid with Dr. Kabir and asks her to tell what is the truth. Sanchi asks him not to make fake story and says why will I get scared with my husband. Veer thinks your eyes are clearly saying that you are hiding something from me. Sanchi sneezes. They come to the house. Veer looks at it and says it is like antique shop. Sanchi asks him to be serious and asks him to search mechanic to repair the car else they have to stay night outside. An old lady comes there. Veer asks can we stay here in the night. Lady asks them to sit and asks Sanchi to tell what he is asking. She says he will not be at peace until you tell him. Veer asks quite a gift and says how do you know that I am asking her something. Sanchi asks her not to interfere between them and accuses Veer for knowing the lady and bringing her intentionally.

Veer tells her that he didn’t know the lady before and asks Sanchi why she is so tensed. He thinks to take lady’s help. Dadi tells Savitri about Roop serial. Dr. Kabir searches Sanchi and comes there with Sunny’s help. He checks in the car, but they are not there. He says where did you go? Veer comes to the lady and asks can you read someone’s mind. He tells her that a man is troubling her and he can’t see her in trouble. Woman says I can’t do this, but can make such situation in which she will tell truth to you. She makes jadi buti syrup and says once you both drink it, your souls will unite and then you can ask her whatever you want. She mixes jadi buti/herbs in tea, and asks Sanchi to drink it. She gives tea to both.

Dr. Kabir sees old lady’s house and is coming there. Sanchi refuses to drink the tea. Veer asks her not to be rude and says she is a nice lady, she kept us at her house and made tea for us. He asks her to drink tea else she will get unwell. They drink tea. Sanchi gets drowsy. He asks her what is the matter? Sanchi says why don’t you understand that I can’t tell you. She says you don’t know Dr. Kabir, he is not the same. Veer asks her not to worry and says I will handle her. Sanchi asks him to hear and tells that Sunny…..Dr. Kabir comes to that house and looks at Sanchi and Veer. Dr. Kabir shouts and asks what is happening here. He takes water and sprinkle on their faces. They come out of trance. Dr. kabir holds Sanchi’s hand and asks her to come. Veer asks Sanchi to tell. Dr. Kabir asks him not to interfere. Veer challenges him that he got the hint and will find out the truth.

Sunny tells Sanchi that he told truth to Veer. Veer blames Dr. Kabir for ruining his life and leaves from the house to kill him holding the revolver, although Sanchi tries to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. RuCh23

    Seriously what rubbish is this?

    1. Anee

      Seriously Ru it is disgusting… means Logic naam ka LLLL bhi nahiiiii hai is show main…. main toh apna sir patak patak ke thak chukii hun iss show ke writers ka talent (Haaal) dekh kar..

  2. Hogaye kabir ka raaz bahar I m sure nw sanveer is back in mo rahe and kabir to be dear to be jailed

    1. nope, Veer will be get shot, Sanch will plead Kabir to opetate him and in return accept him as a husband. And will be kanchi

  3. Anee

    I was thinking that how does they convinced to actors for such a foolish storyline. I Mean Story ko kaise describe kartey honge.

  4. Kanchi ki deewani

    Guys Kanchi get married again.Kabir fills Sanchi’s maang.

  5. Good news for all kanchians. I don’t know how long it will go but yes sanchi will accept Kabir as her husband and Kabir will fill her hairline with sindoor and will make her to wear nupital chain in front of God. And yes both Vikram and swarda said that Kabir’s character will turn positive again. So all the kanchians and Kabir fans our positive doctor Kabir will be back soon.

    1. really a very good news

  6. i will start watching the serial again…kanchi

  7. Stupid story.. One girl two husband

    1. Let me tell u in this show only one husband 2 wife is that good

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