Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 17

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 17
Shivanya:I met Simar accidently.She was paralyzed.
Ritik was shocked:What?
Shi:She was a victim of brutal rape because of which she became paralyzed.In this state how can she cheat her husband?

Rit:I can’t understand anything.
Shi:Yes.Only Simar can clear our doubts.That’s why we came here.I hope Shiv Bhagwan will help us to unite Premji and Simar.
Shivanya was worried.
Ritik held her hand:Shivanya…I will always be with you to do this task.We will unite Prem and Simar.

Shivanya looked at him emotionally:I know that you will be always on my side Ritik.That’s why I called you for your help without which I won’t be able to do anything..

Suddenly A nurse came by.She was surprised to see Shivanya:Shivanya…you came?So happy to see you after a long time.
Shivanya smiled:How are you sister?
Nurse:I am fine.How are you?
Shi:I am alright.
Nurse:I am happy to see you with your husband.
Ritik Shivanya smiled.
Shi:Ritik..this is Avantika.She was the nurse who took care of me and Simar.
Avantika:There is a good news.Simar is out of paralysis.She is going to be discharged.
Shivanya was surprised:What?Really?
Shi:I want to meet her.
Avan:Sure.I will take you to her room.

Avantika took Shivanya to Simar’s room.
Seeing Shivanya,Simar got up from the bed.She was surprised:Shivanya!
Shivanya smiled emotionally:Simar..I am so happy to see you walk.
Simar smiled slightly,her face was pale.
Shivanya thought:Even after being healthy Simar is not happy.Because she lost her family. come you are here?
Shi:I came here with my husband Ritik to see you.

Sim:To see me?
Shi:Because we want to know why you left Premji and your daughter Anjali.
Simar was shocked:You know them?
Shi:Yes.But now only i realized that you were Premji’s wife.Tell me why you left them?
Simar was silent.
Shi:Did you send them any letter that you eloped wit your boy friend?
Simar wept.
Shi:Tell Simar.
Shivanya was shocked.
Shi:I know that you can never do that.Though our friendship is only a few days old I am sure that you can’t cheat anyone.What is the truth behind that letter?
Simar cried.
Shi:Tell Simar.

Simar cried:I was on the way to grocery shop.Some men kidnapped me and raped me brutally.They threw me at the ground.Mobs found them and they got arrested.They took me to the hospital too.But due to gang rape’s after effects my legs got paralyzed.My body was made dirty by those dirty men.And I became paralyzed too.I was not able to face my Premji.I did’nt want to go back to Premji and family with my useless body.I did’nt want them to see my condition.They won’t be able to bear it.So I wrote a letter that I am with my boy friend.I wrote that lie so that they will hate me and will never even try to find me.Then i made sister Avantika send that letter to Premji.

Shivanya felt sad:You think they will be happy without you?Because of your lie they are still suffering.Premji hates you,but still he can’t forget you.Because he still loves you.So though he says he hates you still he keeps a room to preserve your photos and your other belongings.Anjali is still craving for her mother.Though you lied with a good intention your tore them into pieces,they are more sad now.

Shi:I understand your condition.You thought they will move on and will get a better life in your absence.But the truth is that it never happened.Still they are in pain.Your decision was wrong Simar.
Ritik rang up Prem:Prem..come to City hospital soon.
Rit:Come here.It’s urgent.After coming here I will say why.
Ritik cut the call.

Prem:Ritik has called us to city hospital.Guess it’s something serious.
Nach:I also think so.
Ragini:I hope everything is normal.
Nach:We all will go to City Hospital.
They all went there with Anjali.They saw Ritik waiting outside.
Prem:Ritik..why did you call us here?
Ragini:Who is there in this hospital?

They were shocked.
Rag:Why did you call us here for Simar?She is the one who betrayed all of us.
Ritik:She did’nt betray anyone.In fact she left you all for your better life.
Nach:Tell clearly Ritik.
Ritik told them the truth.They were shocked.They were in tears.
Ragini fell on Nachiket’s chest and much did we blame without knowing the truth?It’s our fault.We should have at least thought that our perfect bahu Simar can never betray us.She used to love us.How did we forget all this? one moment our hatred covered our love for her.That was our blunder.
Ragini:We thought leaving all of us suffer Simar was leading a happy life.But actually poor Simar suffered more than us.

Nach held her:Ragini..we can’t change our past.But as Simar is our daughter too we need to soothe her and bring back to life.

Rag:We need to correct our mistakes.
Prem was numb.His tears rolled down his cheeks.
Prem burst into tears and hugged his parents.
Ritik:You all should not be weak.You all should be strong to give strength to Simar.I will look after Anjali for some time.You all go inside.
Nachiket and Ragini went to Simar’s room.Simar saw them and wept:Papa…Maa..
Nachiket:You are calling us papa Maa.Then why did you hide from us when you were in trouble?

Simar wept.
Ragini hugged her:I am sorry beta for doubting your loyalty.
Simar:No Maa.It was mI who made you all against me.
Simar’s eyes searched for Prem unknowingly.Nachiket and Ragini understood that and they left the room with Shivanya.
Ragini:Shivanya..thank you so much for uniting us with Simar.
Shi:Simar is still not calm aunty.She needs love and care from you all to heal the wounds.
Rag:We will give you so much of love and care that she will be completely alright like before.
Prem entered the room.Prem Simar met.Their eyes were full of tears.Silence prevailed in the room.

Finally Prem broke the silence:Simar!
They lost their control and embraced each other crying.
P:I am sorry for not understanding you.But why did you leave me?
Sim:I am sorry for leaving you Premji.But I thought that it would be better as I became impure.

Prem:Never say that you are impure.No one is pure like my Simar.What happened was not your fault.Then why are you blaming yourself?When you left us you did’nt even think once what will be our condition without you?
Simar wept:Premji..I was not even in my senses after that painful day.I lost all my self respect and confidence too.I thought you will get a better person than a rape victim and handicap like me.
P:Do you really think that I can get a better wife than you?Do you really think that our Anju will get a better mother than you?

Simar wept silently.
P:Whatever you say I will not let you leave us again.
Prem held her hand:I will never leave your hand again.Promise me that you will not repeat your mistake.
Simar nodded tearfully.
They embraced again.
Simar:Premji..where is Anjali?My eyes were thirsting to see her.
Ragini took Anjali from Ritik and brought her there.Anjali was excited to see Simar:Maa!
Sim:Anjali beta..
Simar carried Anjali in her arms.
Anjali hugged her:Maa..

Anj:I knew that one day my Maa will return.

Ragini:Right..we all were sure that you won’t return.But Anjali was sure that you will return.Her faith won.
Simar kissed Anjali emotionally:Yes..your maa is back and will never leave you and go again.
Prem:Simar..come back with us.
Sim:Yes Premji.Where else will I go?

Prem was so happy that he held Simar and Anjali closer.

Everybody around them became emotional and happy seeing it.

Simar was welcomed home grandly by all.
Khannas organized a party to celebrate Simar’s come back.
All were enjoying the party.Ritik kept the phone on the table and went to the washroom closer to Shivanya’s room.His phone started ringing.Shivanya saw it. She took the phone and went in search of Ritik.She could’nt find him.
Shi:Will attend the call and tell that person to call later.
She looked at the mobile screen:Shesha!
She was stunned.

Shivanya remembered Shesha’s love for Ritik before marriage.
Shi:Why is Shesha calling Ritik now?
The call got disconnected.Shivanya was shocked to see 20 missed calls of Shesha.
Shi:Why is Shesha calling Ritik like this?Anything urgent?
Again Shesha started calling.Shivanya picked up the call.
Shesha:Ritik..where have you gone on week days too?You know that I need your care now as I am pregnant with your baby.
Shivanya was shocked.
Ritik came:Shivanya!

Shivanya kept the call on speaker.
Shesha:Ritik..why are you not responding?Did you forget that your baby is in my womb?
Ritik was numb.Shivanya’s tears rolled down her cheeks.
Shi:What is all this Ritik?Shesha pregnant with your baby?Is it true?

Ritik was upset.He started sweating as he has been caught red handed by Shivanya.Finally the day he feared of has arrived.

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